Far Frontier Guide (PoT Chapter 6)

far frontier afk arena

Far Frontier Map

The main objective of this Peaks of Time Map is the Chieft Enemies #12 #7 #13 and #17 camp. Once you beat all of them, you will win this map immediately.

However, it’s actually a trap. If you go to any of them at the beginning, the enemies you face will be extremely strong and you simply just cannot beat it. And you will have to restart the chapter again.

Start getting mercenaries. Do not pick randomly, of course. Pick the ones that have the best synergy. You can get 3 free heroes in total here. If you don’t see any great mercenary, restart the chapter then try again.

It’s better to start slowly from the #1 camp and other weak camps. Build up your team, get more Relics to strengthen your team.

Defeat the #2 and #3 camps shows you a path to the village. Get to the village and defeat the #7 camp. This will weaken the enemy power.

enemy provisions
The enemies get weakened after you defeat the #7 camp

Keep collect as many Relics as you can from weak camps.

Once you have defeated the Chief Enemies, you will receive another Artifact, the Dura’s Drape

duras drape

A powerful defensive artifact which can be used on your front-line Hero.

Watch the video below for more details:

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I wouldn’t say you cannot beat this map if you spring the trap. It’s just going to depend a great deal on which relics you’ve gathered and your team (how many light bearers you have). I focused my relics on damage, crit, vanguard’s flags, poison, thunder burst, eagle strike, hp regen, pearls oath, hunters grasp, and lightbearers buffs (increased attack, defense, whole team, 100% factional bonus). With my frontline fighters buffed (in this case Belinda and Brutus – both legendary plus levels 140 and 138, respectively) and regaining energy faster, I could do more ultimates. The rest of my team… Read more »


I too killed off all the extra enemies and cleared all the camps but for some reason I cannot pass the barrier on the bottom right so there is loot and one more enemy there I can’t get to. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something that unblocks the camp below the barrier on the bottom?

Richy Rich

Once you beat the 3 beginning camps, talk to the village (it’s blended in with the rocks) and then the path you’re talking about opens up!


If you still haven’t figured it, You gotta talk to something in the wall near number 2.