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There are a lot of interesting features in AFK Arena. However, not all of they are unlocked right at the beginning of the game.

Some features require you to go to the certain stages of the game to unlock, however you can unlock them quickly at the early game by upgrading your VIP Rank. But, there are also some features that can only be unlocked by having VIP Rank.

function unlocks afk arena

AFK Arena Feature/Function Unlocks Guide

Shared by pasclarky

FeatureStageVIP Rank
The Notable Tavern1-12
Temple of Ascension1-12
Barracks Store1-12
Rickety Cart1-12
Arcane Labyrinth2-4
Labyrinth Store2-4
King’s Tower2-12
Guild Store2-20
Arena of Heroes2-28
Progression Reward Purchases2-28
Bounty Board3-12
Battle Speed x23-362
Fast Reward3-36
Resonating Crystal4-36
Wall of Legends4-36
Artifact Equipment6-4
Peaks of Time6-4
Legends’ Challenger Tournament9-20
Challenger Store9-20
Legendary Gear from Stages11-18
Artifact Upgrades13-40
Factional Towers14-40
Mythic Gear from Stages16-11
Quick Battle6
Arena Battle Skip6
Bounty Board Autofill6
Stargazer Reminder13

If you can get to VIP Rank #2 at the early game, which costs only around $5, you will be able to get the x2 Battle Speed, which is super helpful at helping you complete missions a lot faster.

The Quick Battle / Arena Battle Skip feature is also another crucial feature you want to aim for If you want to spend some money onto the game.

Good luck and happy AFK!

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