Kalene – The Bloody Feast

Kalene – The Bloody Feast

Faction Graveborn
Type Intelligence
Class Mage
Role Continuous Damage

Kalene – The Bloody Feast’s Skill


When enemies are near to Kalene, she commands her Necrohounds to attack, dealing 280% of her Attack Rating as damage to nearby enemies, that knocks them for 2 seconds.

Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 300%.
Lvl 3: Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds.
Lvl 4: Damage is increased to 320%.

Eternal Lifeblood

Passive. At the start of the battle, Kalene increases her own maz health by 40%, maintaining the current percentage of health she already has, after which she loses 2% of her max health every second. When actively used,
Kalene continuously casts spells, using blood as a medium to torture the current Blood Sacrifice for 4 seconds, causing them to lose health equal to 125% of Kalene’s Attack Rating every second, but will not result in their
death. While torturing her victim, the damage Kalene receives is reduced by 60%, and if she successfully tortures her victim for 4 seconds, she recovers 50% of her max health. Kalene cannot use her Ultimate while this skill is in use.

Lvl 2: Kalene’s received damage is reduced by 70% while torturing her victim.
Lvl 3: The additional health Kalene receives at the start of battle is increased to 60%.
Lvl 4: Allied heroes deal 50% more damage to the tortured enemy.

Ephemeral Spirits

Passive. Each time a new Blood Sacrifice appears, the Necrohound forms an Ephemeral Spirit. The Spirit possesses 120% of Kalene’s Attack Rating, and cannot be attacked. Each time the Spirit deals damage, 30% of the dealt damage is converted into health for Kalene. If the Spirit is attacking the Blood Sacrifice, 100% of the dealt damage is converted into health for Kalene. A maximum of 4 Ephemeral Spirits can exist on the battlefield. When actively used, Kalene commands the Ephemeral Spirits to charge towards the enemy currently farthest away from themselves, dealing damage equal to 300% of
her Attack Rating to the target, terrifying them for 2 seconds.

Lvl 2: Ephemeral Spirits possess 140% of Kalene’s Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: Actively dealt damage is increased to 340%.
Lvl 4: Enemy is terrified for 4 seconds.

Blood Ritual

Passive. At the start of battle, the enemy with the lowest Defense is chosen to become a Blood Sacrifice. Once the current blood sacrifice dies, Kalene selects a new victim, giving priority to heroes. When actively used, Kalene manifests a Blood Alter silencing all enemies that are within it. After 3 seconds, the Blood Ritual is completed, and Kalene deals 400% Attack Rating damage to all enemies within the alter. If the Blood Sacrifice is still alive, all enemies within the alter will receive additional damage max health, but the damage value cannot exceed 300% of Kalene’s Attack Rating.

Lvl 2: Ritual Damage is increased to 450% Kalene‘s Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: If the Blood Sacrifice is additional damage equal to 10% of their max health, but the damage value cannot exceed 600% of Kalene’s Attack Rating.

Signature Item: Necrohound

Signature Item Skill: Blood Feast

Kalene recovers 2% health per second while torturing her victim.

[+10 Unlocks] Kalene recovers 2.5% health per second while torturing her victim.
[+20 Unlocks] Kalene is immune to Control Effects while torturing her Blood
[+30 Unlocks] While torturing the Blood Sacrifice, if they are a boss, they, shall
additionally lose health equal to 125% of Kalene’s Attack Rating every second. If the Blood Sacrifice is not a boss, Kalene will immediately butcher them when their health falls below 10%.

Furniture Ability: Blood of the Many

3/3 Ability: While Kalene’s Ultimate skill is in effect, enemies within the Altar are dealt 240% of Kalene’s Attack Rating as damage per second.

9/9 Ability: When the current Blood Sacrifice’s health falls 50% or they have survived more than 6 seconds, Kalene may choose another Blood Sacrifice, so that there are up to 2 Blood Sacrifices on the battlefield.

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Eternal Engraving

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