The Dismal Descent Guide (PoT Chapter 10)

The Dismal Descent (PoT 10) is another super tricky Peaks of Time map that requires a lot of works from players.

It’s also extremely harder if there isn’t any guide around. Huge thanks to Chen#1218 for sharing this awesome AFK Arena guide on Discord!

The Dismal Descent Guide

    1. In the beginning, you will be surrounded by teleporter tiles. Go first to the red sun.the dismal descent map afk arena
    2. You will be taken to a new area. Fight the camps found there all the way to the left until you defeat them all and see another blue moon teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    3. Enter the blue moon Teleporter and fight the small camp of Lightbearers in front of you. Ignore the large camp there for now.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    4. After defeating the small camp, go straight towards the red moon teleporter.
    5. You will be taken to a new area with two small camps of Hypgoeans and Maulers. Defeat the top small camp first, then the second camp. After that, enter the lone green moon teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    6. You will be taken back to the very first area where you started. Enter the red sun teleporter again.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    7. This time, go North and enter the yellow moon teleporter.
    8. You will be brought to a new area in a single file of enemy camps. Defeat them all until you reach the green moon teleporter and enter it.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    9. You will be taken back to the first area again. Go to the blue sun teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    10. You will be taken to a new area with 3 camps. Defeat them all, then enter the lone green moon teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    11. Again, you will be taken back to the first area. This time, go to the yellow sun teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    12. You will be taken to a new area with 3 camps and 2 teleporters. Fight the Wilder camp and defeat them. This is a hard battle, so do your best. Refer to the guide below on how to deal with them.
    13. Ignore the other two camps for now. Enter the blue moon teleporter from here.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    14. You will be taken in a new area once more. Defeat the small camp in this area, then enter the red sun teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    15. Defeat the 3 camps in this area, then head towards the green sun teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    16. There are more camps in this area. Defeat them and then head to the green moon teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    17. Back to the initial area, head again to the yellow sun teleporter.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    18. Defeat the two camps here, and then proceed to the blue moon teleporter again.
    19. Head to the red moon teleporter this time, and then defeat the single line of camps from here. Enter the green moon teleporter.
    20. Back to the initial area, head again to the yellow sun teleporter, then to blue moon, then to red sun, then to green sun, then to another green sun.
    21. There are two camps here. Defeat both, and then head towards the green moon teleporter.
    22. Usual formula: yellow sunblue moonred sungreen sun.
    23. Now go towards the yellow sun teleporter, then be faced with camps. Defeat the two camps.
    24. Defeat the camps in line on the west next.
    25. Head back east then defeat the Graveborn camp here. This team is tough as well.
    26. After defeating the Graveborn camp, head all the way to the left and enter the green sun teleporter.
    27. Back to the usual: yellow sunblue moonred sungreen sun.
    28. After doing the usual, enter the blue moon teleporter. You will be faced by a tough mauler camp here. Defeat them then enter the lone green moon teleporter there.
    29. After going back to the initial area again, go back to the red sun teleporter again.
      the dismal descent map afk arena
    30. Go back to the blue moon Teleporter, then defeat the strong camp here. Enter the green sun teleporter right after, then follow the path towards the green moon.
    31. At this point, there is only one area that you have not visited yet. Be sure to press all green moon teleporters so that you can reach the final area.
    32. After pressing all of the green moon teleporters, step on any green moon teleporter and then you will be sent to the final area.
    33. Defeat all the camps here in the single line. Take note that there are several strong camps here.

After defeating all of them you have now completed this adventure!

The best rewards you can get in Peaks of Time The Dismal Descent
The best rewards you can get in Peaks of Time The Dismal Descent

How to Deal with Strong Camps in The Dismal Descent

Lvl. 200 Lightbearer Camp

  • Use Graveborns in your team to have a bonus damage against them.
  • Have Nemora in your team and manually heal your team when the need arises.
  • If you have Shemira, she may be able to tank Hogan’s attacks given her ultimate is ready at the start of the battle.
  • Lyca may also help with the energy and haste buff she gives to the whole team.

Sample Team:

dismal descent sample team

Lv. 200 Wilder Camp

  • Use your best team to deal with them.
  • If you have Brutus, then use him as well in front of Ogi.
  • Lyca will help to even the haste with the enemy team and your team.
  • Be sure to have your heroes’ ultimate ready when starting this battle.

Lv. 230 Graveborn Camp with Fawkes

  • Use two damage carries.
  • Have Nemora on manual to time your heals.
  • Be sure to have all your heroes’ ultimate be ready at the start of this battle.
  • Be sure to maximize formation bonus. At least 4-1 formation is required or else your team will die immediately.
  • Put your Crowd Control skills in front of Silvina to prevent her from nuking your mage.
  • Do not rely on Haste. Fawkes can instantly remove buffs.

Lv. 220 Mauler Camp

  • Use Brutus in position 1: Enemy Saveas will nuke down any hero in this position, and Brutus is the only hero who can take the hits from him.
  • Place a disabler in Position 3. Good hero choices are Nemora and Arden.
  • At least form a 3-1-1 formation for the bonus, which means the other three heroes must belong to the same faction.
  • 2 damage nukers and 1 tank is ideal.

Lv. 220 Graveborn Hypogean Camp

  • Just use your best team to deal with this camp.
  • With enough relics, this enemy camp can easily be taken down.

Lv. 220 Skreg Team

  • This is the toughest team in The Dismal Descent.
  • You may need to sacrifice 2 heroes to beat this camp.
  • Use your best heroes. Have Nemora on manual to heal damage caused by the enemies.
  • Use pure damage. Lyca’s haste can also be useful, if and only if she deals a lot of damage too.
  • Shemira and other heroes that has a big amount of sustain is recommended.
  • Vurk is also recommended due to his piercing ultimate.
  • Have at least 3-2 formation.

Lv. 220 Lightbearer Camp

  • Use Graveborn heroes to quickly dispose of them.
  • If you have Shemira, simply make a 5 formation bonus of Graveborn heroes and Shemira will dispose this team, given at this point when fighting this camp, you already have all the relics you need.

Lv. 240 Athalia and Co

  • This is the final battle. Use your best heroes.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your heroes die. Be sure to reset if you are losing.
  • Put a tank in position 5 so that enemy Athalia will not make a free kill.
  • Disables will help in this battle.

SOURCEChen#1218 (Discord)
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Thank you !

Headless Cerberus

OMG I was almost giving up of all my peaks of time’s maps lol thank you for this amazing work!


This map doesnt help when the enemies are utterly unbeatable.
This is the chapter 14 Peak I am currently on chapter 19 and I don’t stand a chance against these enemies


Step 26, “After defeating the Graveborn camp, head all the way to the left and enter the green sun teleporter.” should say “green moon” instead


How do I get to the final area? All the green moons take me back to the center.


Wait nevermind, I just needed to keep reading. Thanks!


freaking Lv. 230 Graveborn Camp with Fawkes wiped me -_-


It’s a very nice and helpful guide. One question though. Step 18 says to go to the “blue moon teleporter” but the yellow line indicates the green moon teleporter. Which one is correct?


would it be benefit if pick same bonus chest after I have defeated a camp, like I get 3 same bonus during the map ex ” damaged recived -10%”. Would it give me a total -30% damaged recived??


okay i am puzzled i followed the guide but misstepped once if i use a green moon 2 times do i need to restart cause the step “every green moon ” should get me to the final area is not working since i assume press all green moons means using them once? so if i used one two times do i need to restart?


You dont need to. It is only important to use all of them. As many times as you wish.


thats strange then cause i 100% used all but dont get taken to the last area


Okay after restart and doing exactly the same except misstepping the one time it worked … XD so it most likely just bugged


You have to beat every camp to get to The last part. Even The 2 big boss camp. Only if The whole map is completely cleared and each green moon was used, just after that any green moon will teleport you to The very last part. After I clear The whole map i go again every possible path to make sure everything is stepped and cleared and then i am randomly teleported to The very last Area


Okay i dunno where the error was i had “everything ” cleared up i followed the guide i just missstepped once and thought okay cant be that bad and redid that step in the guide and then just followed to end but didnt get teleported in that one even after going the guide route about 3 times. After restart it worked first try so probably bugged out


I totally don’t get this. Why are the power levels of the enemy’s so high it makes no sense I can fight five level 200 enemies and they’re the exact same enemies and their power level is like 800 900k. Instead I fight 5 level 180 guys here and the power level 600 k and that’s normal but then I go fight Five 200-level Guys and the power level is 1700 k or 5 level 220 guys and the power level is 3700 k?!!!! I guess I’m Giving Up on peeks of time because I will never ever be able… Read more »


I tried this with my standard Belinda/Rowan/Fawkes/Rosaline/Lucius Leg+ team, at level 158, and I made it far enough to open 6 of the standard chests. However, it does give me the impression I’ll need to ascend at least a couple of them to Mythic before I can clear the whole thing. Perhaps they’ll all need to be Mythic, or at least I’ll need to have all 161+ heroes on my Podium.


I tried again after getting my team to Mythic Belinda/Rowan, Leg+ Fawkes, Leg Rosaline/Lucius with a Mythic Nemora/Brutus I can sub in as necessary. This time around I was able to clear most of the remaining standard chests, but hit a wall on the 220/230 boss camps. Curious to see what it will take, since I am reasonably close on getting Rosaline to Leg+, and I am pretty sure I can beat the 220 camp I am on once Belinda’s ultimate is strong enough to one shot.


Starting with this map it is actually close to impossible to finish it completely the chapter you unlock it, assuming you are pushing levels. I remember I started this with a level 180 Shemira and I hit a wall when it came to the bosses. The enemy camps are incredibly overpowered so don’t freak out if the regular tricks no longer work here, it’s normal. This guide is perfect at covering the order in which you need to kill the opponents. Collect as many chests as you can to complete 60% of the map and move on to the next.… Read more »


This is very hard. Thank you for your effort anyway.


Step 31. At this point, there is only one area that you have not visited yet. Be sure to press all green moon teleporters so that you can reach the final area. Yes but I am at the beginning and there are only suns. How to be sure what path to follow?
PS: I figured it out myself, I just wandering everywhere till I step the last green moon. Thank you for the super guide my friend.

Last edited 1 month ago by Aceman