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Nemora – Nature’s Heart

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wilders WildersIntelligenceIntelligenceascended AscendedAnyDef Supp / Tank / Control
Tanks (esp. Lucius)


Basically the Mythic tier Angelo as in Skreg’s pretty much Angelo levels of useless. Like if Angelo turned into a rodent and his cat turned into a fat ass reptile, you’d pretty much end up with Skreg LMAO

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Best healing
  • Charm


  • Low damage output

General Strategy for Nemora

  • If you find Nemora sitting at full health while her allies die, without enough energy to cast her ultimate, you can try putting Nemora as a frontliner to increase her energy gain through taking damage. Ideally, put a melee Tank/Bruiser behind her who will take some of the enemy attention away from her as Nemora may not survive a full-fledged assault.
  • Nemora generally charms the closest enemy, so position her accordingly to hit priority targets.

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