The Savage Wastes Map & Guide (PoT Chapter 11)

The Savage Wastes chapter (PoT 11) is not a very tricky one in AFK Arena Peaks of Time. However, it’s super annoying.

The Savage Wastes Map in Peaks of Time - AFK Arena
The Savage Wastes Map

Every time you complete a battle, all of your Heroes will lose not only HP but also Energy by a certain percentage. Thus, healers and Fountains are extremely important here on this map. As long as your team has a decent heal after each battle, you won’t have too much trouble here.

The map above gives you a general idea to get to the final crystal chest on the map.

Simply you want to play around a bit to strengthen your team. You also want to trigger the #28 button first then get to the #31 later, the final gate leading to the ultimate chest.

Before You Explore The Savage Wastes:

  • After each battle, the amount of HP your Heroes is taken should be a half.
  • The Watering Holes can recover 100% HP of your Heroes.
  • The Watering Holes can also revive all of the dead Heroes.
  • The Relics that recover HP after fights do not work in this chapter.


You will get a super powerful artifact called Dura’s Blade for all of the hard works you have done!

The Savage Wastes Rewards

duras blade afk arena


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