Skreg – The Cunning

Faction: MaulerMauler
 Type: Strength Strength
 Class: TankTank
 Role: TankTank
 Rarity: Ascended Ascended

Skreg Skills

Unlock Level (Hero)NameIconDescription
1Beast of BurdenBeast of BurdenSkreg’s iron-jaw steed cannot be knocked backwards. When this ability is used, Skreg rides his iron-jaw, which uses 80 energy per second up until all if his energy is exhausted. While Skreg is riding his iron-jaw he is immune to control abilities and his attack is increased by 30%, Skreg’s normal attacks will also deal damage twice and knock down enemy targets.
11Brute ForceBrute ForceThe iron-jaw assists Skreg in attacking his enemies by smashing them backwards into the air, dealing a small amount of damage to them. If the enemy is successfully knocked into the air, Skreg will initiate a three-stage attack against them which deals 140% damage per attack to the enemy.
21Brute ForceBrute ForceSkreg beats his drum and rides his iron-jaw into nearby enemies, dealing 110% damage multiple times to hem, also causing them to be knocked back.
41IronskinIronskinEnemies deal less damage to Skreg the closer they get to him. Damage reduction is at its maximum when enemies are within Skreg’s striking range. Damage received can be reduced by up to 40%.
61StampedeStampede Every 8 seconds an iron-jaw appears and charges towards the enemy closest to Skreg’s allies’ side of the battlefield, knocking them and any other enemies in its path, dealing 150% damage to them.
81Beast of BurdenBeast of BurdenEnergy expediture reduced to 60 per second.
101Brute ForceBrute ForceDamage increased by up to 150%
121IronskinIronskinDamage reduction is increased by up to 50%
141StampedeStampede Damage increased by up to 165%
161Beast of BurdenBeast of BurdenDamage increased to 50%
181Brute ForceBrute ForceDamage increased by up to 160%
201IronskinIronskinDamage reduction is increased by up to 60%
221StampedeStampede Damage increased by up to 180%

Signature Item

Item: Long Fang

Long Fang

A cavalry spear crafted from the jaw of a demon lord. Inflicts wicked wounds.

Skill: Beast Rider

Beast Rider

The ability “Beast of Burden” will no longer drain energy for the first 5 seconds after each time it is used

  • [+10 Unlocks] Energy that is recovered when injured is increased by 25%
  • [+20 Unlocks]Energy that is recovered when injured is increased by 50%
  • [+30 Unlocks] Only requires 300 energy to activate ultimate ability for the first time

Furniture Set Bonuses 

Vanguards of Pain

  • [3/9 Mythic Pieces] All allied heroes with the enemy half of the battlefield have their Attack Ratings increased by 20% and also receive 25% less damage from enemy attacks.
  • [9/9 Mythic Pieces] Allied heroes recover 100 energy points after every 3 seconds in the enemy’s half of the battlefield.
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