Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian

Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian is the Dimensional Hero coming to the AFK Arena world right after Ukyo. Both Nakororo and Ukyo are the two characters from SNK x AFK Arena crossover and they are all limited heroes.


Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian

Faction: DimensionalDimensional
 Type: AgilityAgility
 Class: AgilityAgility
 Role: Burst DamageBurst Damage
 Rarity: AscendedAscended

Nakoruru Skills

Skill Description

running chest jab

Running Chest Jab


Nakoruru knocks a single enemy target onto the ground, removing all of their defensive shield effects as a result and then proceeds to stab the enemy, dealing 460% damage the target.

Lv.2: Damage is increased to 490
Lv.3: Damage is increased to 520

kamui rimuse

Kamui Rimuse

Nakoruru attacks any enemies that are within range of her 3 times. Each attack deals 190% damage to the targets and also interrupts their current actions.

Lv.2: Damage is increased to 200
Lv.3: 40% of the damage caused by this ability will be recovered as Nakoruru’s health.
Lv.4: Damage is increased to 210

kamui mutsube

Kamui Mutsube

Nakoruru is carried by Mamahaha towards the weakest enemy target. Once close enough, Nakoruru pounces on the enemy target, dealing 280% damage to them. This ability may be used up to two times per battle; once when Nakoruru’s health falls below 70% for the first time and again when it falls below 40% for the first time. While being carried by Mamahaha, Nakoruru cannot be attacked and will recover 400% worth of her Attack Rating as health.

Lv.2: Damage is increased to 300
Lv.3: Damage is increased to 320

Shichikapu Amu

Mamahaha swoops down and attacks a backline enemy as they are preparing to use an ability excludes ultimate abilities), dealing 220% damage to them, causing them to be stunned for 2 seconds. This ability can be activated once every 6 seconds.

Lv.2: Ability is activated once every 5 seconds.
Lv.3: Ability is activated once every 4 seconds.

Signature Item


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Stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds and sends them hurtling into the air whenever a Normal Attack deals a Critical Damage.

  • +10 Unlocks: Frequency of Normal Attacks is raised by 20% in battle.
  • +20 Unlocks: Frequency of Normal Attacks is raised by 40% in battle.
  • +30 Unlocks: Stun effect lasts for 3 seconds.

Furniture Set Bonuses

Nature’s Hand

  • [3/9 Mythic Pieces] Nakoruru’s “Kamui Mutsube” ability is triggered each time she collectively loses 30% of her max health. This ability can be used up to 5 times per battle.
  • [9/9 Mythic Pieces] Nakoruru’s “Kamui Mutsube” ability is triggered each time she collectively loses 30% of her max health. This ability can be used up to 3 times per battle.

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Nakoruru’s Story

As a witch of the forest, Nakoruru possessed a natural affinity for the birds and beasts that resided within it. In her eyes they were more than just animals, they were companions. With this natural gift, she knew it was her mission to keep order within the forest, to carry out her father’s last request; to protect the woodlands from the demonic creatures that wished to devour it. As she aged, so did Nakoruru’s acuity. She was by now well attuned to nature. The premonitions she had when she slept seemed to grow increasingly more frequent as she aged. She could sense the pain of a forest not unlike her own. Its wails of anguish shook her to her very core. Each time she had a premonition, the despair of those within it would seemingly grow in intensity. She could not turn a deaf ear to these people. She and her guardian eagle Mamahaha, her lifelong companion, would seek out this other realm. She would venture into Esperia. Stood within an unfamiliar glade, she soon realized that this was the source of the anguish. It was large and lush, yet she could see without question that the entirety of the glade was being corroded by something vile. A malignant energy was devouring the forest’s life force, turning it to rot. The atrocities that had struck her own home were now again clear before her eyes. She realized the same aberrations that had invaded her home were now here in this unfamiliar realm. She didn’t hesitate for a second. She vowed to help the forest’s inhabitants, who called themselves ‘Wilders ‘, to overcome the malevolent plague that had infected their home. The inhabitants of this forest, which they called simply The Dark Forest welcomed her with open arms. This would be Nakoruru’s new home, for now. Nakoruru felt at ease amongst these folk, and now that the forest had been ridden of the evil scourge that had afflicted it, a familiar fragrance had returned. The scent of nature filled her with hope and joy. She would protect this new home with her life. One must always fight for their home.

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