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afk arena weekly quests
AFK Arena Weekly Quests

Below is the complete list of the Weekly Quests, or Weeklies, in AFK Arena.

Every week, you are able to do 10 Weeklies to get the Rewards for yourself and gain your Guild some Activity Points, which are used to unlock the Guild Hunting Bosses.

Weeklies reset at 00:00 UTC Monday every week.

Weekly Quests (Weeklies)

Daily Quests Activity Points
Get 5 Victories in Arena of Heroes 10 activity point
Enhance Any Gear 3 Times 10 activity point
Start 3 Team Bounty Quests 10 activity point
Defeat the First Boss in Arcane Labyrinth Twice 10 activity point
Make 5 Purchase in the Stores 10 activity point
Purchase Equipment in Guild Store once 10 activity point
Purchase any item/hero in Labyrinth store once 10 activity point
Defeat the Second Boss in Arcane Labyrinth Once 20 activity point
Ascend 1 Hero At The Temple of Ascension 20 activity point
Summon 10 Heroes in the Tavern 20 activity point

Weekly Rewards

Activities points are accumulated by completing quests. Activity points allow you to unlock loot crates in the quest menu.

Activity Points 20 40 60 80 100
Rewards 200,000 gold Gold

1xdura tears Dura’s Tear

30xcommon enchancement tokens Common Enhancement Tokens 1xdura tears Dura’s Tear

60xrare hero soulstone Rare Hero Soulstones

10xelite hero soulstone Elite Hero Soulstones 400 gem Diamonds

1xdura tears Dura’s Tear


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