Arcane Labyrinth, Dismal Mode & Lab Path (Map)

Latest Arcane Labyrinth Map (Lab Path)


 Credits: Joejoe930117

afk arena dismal mode

Available after completing Chapter 26 of the campaign and completing the Labyrinth’s Normal Mode 30 times.

Dismal Labyrinth – New Mode

Unlocked after Chapter 26 & 30 Normal Labyrinth Runs

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Faction Limit

Players can only use some certain factions in the Dismal Maze. For me in the first try, it’s limited to only Celestial, Dimensional, Wilder, and Graveborn heroes).

Debuffs / Buffs

Each layer of the labyrinth gives a new buff/debuff to the enemy team.

new relics

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  • Relics only drop from certain enemies.
  • Defeating one enemy only drops 1 relic and players are able to see the relics before actually defeating the enemies. Not like the normal labyrinth, you cannot choose 1 from 3 relics here.
  • You can choose the optimal path to get the best possible relics.
  • Only the boss drops 3 random relics. Relics are all gold relics and there are some new relics, I will try to update them asap here.
  • Tasi’s Wings is one of the best relics right now. It stuns the enemy team for 4 seconds after your team ults.

dismal maze new labyrinth afk arena

Multiple Stage Battles

Some of the camps on the third floor require multi-stage battle.

There is currently a bug (or not) where you can use the Dura’s Tear to revive the heroes used from the previous battles.

dismal mode labyrinth

Dura’s Tears

You can only use no more than 3 Tears per Cycle (2 days).

Cycle Time:

One cycle is 48 hours like normal.

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Restricted Factions and Debuffs are reset every 4 rounds (8 days).

Bonus Rewards

If you skip a lab cycle, you will be able to get more rewards in the next run but no more than 180% bonus rewards.

Enemy Camps

Camps give Gold, EXP, and a chest. Big Camps give you more boosters from the chests.

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Tips & Tricks for Dismal Mode

  1. As with normal labyrinth, you can use mercenaries to help round your roster of 5 out if you are short.
  2. A lot of the relics use placeholder images so be sure to check their effects even if you think you know what it is.
  3. Skipping fights (i.e. picking alternatives like fountains) loses you some rewards but you would still get way more than doing normal labs. As such, lazy players can complete Dismal lab a lot faster and still get more rewards.
  4. Lazier players can even opt to do Dismal lab every 4 days for 90% of the rewards. That said, this will hurt your labyrinth token income and not recommended unless you really don’t have time.
  5. While it is generally easier to path towards the middle since it gives you the most options of going either left or right, sometimes camps can have a huge power disparity which makes picking one over the other a lot better.
  6. There are no noticeable price differences between the roamers in either labyrinth.
  7. With the release of Dismal lab, there is 1 new quest for 3000 tokens which helps a little if you are looking forward to the dimensional exchange so I recommend not turning it in.
  8. I get this question quite often but I have no idea how the 180% reward bonus would work with double labyrinth since neither test nor main server has had it after the release of Dismal. That said, I do plan on testing this out.
  9. As with normal labyrinth, save energy by turning off auto towards the end of fights so they carry over into next one.
  10. For the 180% reward bonus, alternating Dismal – Normal – Dismal doesn’t work, only Dismal – None/Skip – Dismal

Dismal Labyrinth’s Details

A guide by Whitesushii


Dura’s Tears

dura tears

In Dismal Lab, players are limited to only 3 Dura’s Tears per run.

This, coupled with the fact that the overall difficulty of the runs are higher and the player has less usable heroes (3 banned factions) means that it is possible for the player to run out of usable heroes and get stuck.

This is not a problem in the normal labyrinth where you not only rarely find yourself in need of them, but you have unlimited uses.

As you can see from the image, I’m a bit of a pleb myself and had to use one to finish my run.

dismal labyrinth afk arena 3

Now that isn’t the only problem since Dura’s Tears on its own is a scarce commodity if you actually use it. The player gains access to 3 dura tears per week from weekly chests, which means you are only allowed a maximum of 1 tear per lab or you risk yourself running out.


Normal = 22; Dismal = 8.

While most Labyrinth enemies aren’t that hard, you do occasionally get formations like the one below or worse with a Flora tossed into it.

dismal labyrinth afk arena

Normally, these teams aren’t that bad since normal lab allows you to stack offensive relics that can quickly dispose of such enemies.

In Dismal, however, this is rather challenging as you not only have less power from relics overall, the low relic count also means a greater chance of simply not getting the offensive relics to deal with these.

This is made worse by the negative modifiers, which make the teams tankier which I will discuss late below.

That being said, the mode does give some stronger relics not typically found in normal Labyrinth like the ones below:

dismal labyrinth afk arena 2

Negative Modifiers

Every 4 lab cycles or 8 days, the Dismal labyrinth gets a new set of modifiers similar to the ones found in Trials of God (unlocked after chapter 27-60).

From what I see, there aren’t any direct overlaps to the ToG modifiers but there are some similarities and these are comparable to some of the low-level ones.

Dismal mode Negative Modifiers

One of the most challenging aspects of it comes with its potential synergy with certain specific labyrinth teams, making them extremely hard to defeat.

Furthermore, inexperienced players may have trouble judging the strength of certain modifiers and throw themselves into an impossible run.

For example, this week’s modifiers are very demanding on the player having some form of healer in their team and if the banned factions were just slightly worse (i.e. no Celestial/Lightbearer/Wilder), most players will struggle to put healers on their team

permitted factions

Banned Factions

At first, I thought this was really bad for new players but upon playing found it to be equally bad for veteran players alike.

Newer players typically only have 1 or at most 2 rounded teams.

With 3 factions banned, it is highly likely that 1 team becomes completely un-usable and with some bad luck on the faction rotation, perhaps even both teams.

Without good teams and a harder variant of the regular labyrinth, it is obvious why this may pose a problem.

If you are one of those doing this week’s labyrinth and not really feeling the pain, that’s because we have Wilders and Celepogeans which are amazing factions on their own. Now imagine if Light-bears/Wilders/Celepogeans were banned for a certain cycle .

That being said, you can sort of overcome this a little with a mecenary and by skipping the multi-fight camps.

Now for veteran players, even though you have more top tier list heroes to use, the enemies are also stronger. There are certain fights which demand synergy from your team but you can’t get that synergy since a piece might be missing.

For example, I found that to be Skriath/Safiya which greatly affected my ability to burst tanky enemies.

Just to sum up what you have already read, most players should find the labyrinth harder, more time consuming and also potentially unbeatable. In other words, there’s significant risk and with risk we always ask ourselves if the reward is worth it.

I went ahead and found that out of the 28 camps if you were pathing for maximum rewards, 11 can be skipped leaving you with only 17 fights. Out of this 11 fights, you will be missing out on roughly 4 smol, 3 medium and 4 large camps.

Even after missing out this much, the player is still expected to break even on gold rewards (-0.11%) while being very positive exp wise (+229.65%) after factoring in hour chests with Labyrinth tokens remaining the same.

As such, you don’t have to feel bad about doing Dismal lab and having to skip fights although not being able to complete it is a different story.

Large Camps

Some of you might be reading the previous section and wondering why I failed to mention this camp. In a dismal labyrinth run, the player comes across at least 4 of these, all found on the 3rd floor.

They give a bit more base reward (about —1000 more gold & experience) but are a lot harder due to it being multiple fights.

That being said, there is a catch to these which you might have noticed from the third image that you can abandon these.

afk arena pc download

Since these fights don’t give relics nor labyrinth tokens, the only thing you lose out on are some resources which while substantial (the hour chests), isn’t going to affect the difficulty much since playing Dismal and skipping every large fight will still give you more rewards than running normal labyrinth


  • Gold +15.3%
  • EXP + 15.7%
  • COIN + 6.4%

The values were taken comparing the same account (same progression) doing both Labyrinths while trying to maximize rewards (picking more camps and bigger camps whenever possible).

The average of Labyrinth Tokens for each run came out to approximately 6676 in normal and 7105 in Dismal, factoring in Wrizz RNG.

When not counting Wrizz, this number changes to 5676 and 6090 respectively.

Players doing Dismal may also notice how they get 1015 coins instead of 1000 after each floor. This is due to the fact that the game gives you 700 Labyrinth Tokens which is boosted to 1015 with +45% Field of Stars bonus.

Chests (Hours)

  Smol Medium Large Boss
Gold 4-6 6-8 10-12 12
EXP 6 6 8-12 10
Dust 4-6 8 10 8
Quantity 10 4 4 3

Dismal Labyrinth camps come in varying sizes and with each, different quantities of chests will drop.

The above table shows you the range of hours (chest quantity * reward hours) each camp can give you as well as the quantity of each camp you are likely to come across in each run.

It is very possible that this table isn’t completely given how we are only 4 days into the new Labyrinth mode and I may very well have missed a particular chest.

That said, with these numbers and the assumption that all 3 rewards have an equal chance to drop, it is estimated that the player will obtain 52.67 hours of gold, 48.67 hours of exp and 48.67 hours of dust respectively


  • Gold +108.5%
  • EXP +657.6%
  • Dust + 2366
  • Coin +6.4%

If we add the estimated chest rewards on top of the base rewards from the Labyrinth run itself, we get the incredible values you see above.

After triple checking my math, Dismal Labyrinth indeed gives up to double the gold, 7x the exp as well as what is approximately 4 days worth of dust buying from the store. This makes running the mode incredibly worthwhile if you can do it.

Some of you might wonder about the rewards after each floor and as far as I’m aware, there isn’t any substantial differences from normal lab.

DISMAL MAZE MECHANICS AND TIPS - Dismal Mode Arcane Labyrinth Guide  [AFK ARENA]

What is Arcane Labyrinth?

The Arcane Labyrinth is one of the most interesting game-mode in AFK Arena. Your goal here is to defeat the boss of each stage floor in order to get the rewards. There are 3 floors in total. The difficulty increases when players get to the next floor/stage.

While participating in this mode, players need to battle with the enemies to unlock helping Heroes, items (Labyrinth Relics), rewards and to progress further in the Labyrinth.

AFK Arena Arcane Labyrinth

  • The Arcane Labyrinth gets reset every 2 days. All of the rewards, items, monsters and buildings will be reset.
  • In the Labyrinth, players can only access to the grids next to them.
  • Be careful before you make a move because the previous grids will get destroyed.
  • After defeating the Labyrinth Defenders (Bosses), you will be rewarded the Labyrinth Tokens, which are for purchasing items/Heroes in the Labyrinth Store.
  • After defeating the enemies within the Labyrinth, you will be able to pick one from three Labyrinth Relics showing on the screen, which offers unique properties that help you process to the next stages of the Labyrinth easier.
  • The Labyrinth Relics can only be used in the Arcane Labyrinth mode.
  • The helping Heroes can only be used in the Arcane Labyrinth mode.
  • After a battle, whether you are totally defeated or the time runs out, all of the heroes you used will be removed from the Arcane Labyrinth.
  • You can use Dura’s Tear to bring dead heroes back alive.

How is the difficulty of Arcane Labyrinth determined?

Basically, when you power up your Heroes, the difficulty of the Arcane Labyrinth also gets increased.

The difficulty of the Labyrinth is based on the possible highest power lineup you “could” get. This is why even when you try to reset your Heroes or unequip your gears, the difficulty of the Labyrinth doesn’t change.

Basic Tips for Labyrinth

Here are some basic tips that could help you go a bit further If you are getting stuck in the Arcane Labyrinth:

  • When you think you are about to lose → tap at the pause button → Exit Battle → Repeat to see If you are able to beat the enemies.
  • Avoid using x2 Speed in floor 3 because you might not be able to exit the battle before you lose. Your Heroes will be returned to the states before
  • Focus on the Red Flags in order to get the Elite/Legendary Relics. Pick the best paths to those Red Flags to make sure your team have enough HP as well as still be able to grab some other Relics on the way.
  • Shemira is the best Hero for this game-mode.

Collecting some support Heroes at the beginning is a must If you don’t have too many Heroes in your bag. This helps you find the strong Heroes to build up the missing parts you are looking for.

If you assure that you have enough Heroes to cover you till the end of the journey, focus on defeating the Flags to get Relic buffs, which is a lot more crucial.

Remember to take the Relics that give buffs to the Heroes you own. Focus on taking Relics for your main carry/damage dealer, or the Factions that have 3+ Heroes in your team. They are the cores that help you get out of the Labyrinth.

The hardest time for most players to beat the Labyrinth is when you have a carry at level 160+ while the other Heroes are under level 141. The enemies’ power will be most likely based on your average power, which means most of your lower level Heroes will get eliminated pretty quickly. The difference between Heroes lvl. 160 vs lvl.141 is very huge.

Actually, defeating Arcane Labyrinth is not hard. It is only hard when you don’t know the proper ways to solve the maze.

Note: After the latest update, purchasing Mythic Gears in the Arcane Labyrinth is not always guaranteed. Instead, now you can also see Hero’s Essence, Enhancement Tokens, and other items.

afk arena relics
Labyrinth Relics

What are the Labyrinth Relics?

After defeating every grid of enemies, you will be able to pick 1 from 3 relics showing on the screen.

There are different kinds of Relics with different properties. They boost your power based on their properties, helping you progress within the Labyrinth easier.

Once you picked the relics, they will be automatically equipped. You don’t have do to anything else to activate them.

All of the Relics will get removed once the Labyrinth is over.

To see all of the Relics in the game, check out the article Complete Labyrinth Relics List!

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dura tears

What is the Dura’s Tear?

Dura’s Tear is a special item which can only be used within the Arcane Labyrinth.

Once you activated this item, it will immediately revive all of the dead heroes in your team, as well as will give all of the alive Heroes to full HP/Energy.

The easiest way to earn Dura’s Tear is to complete the Weekly Quests.

If you are pretty sure that you can beat the current enemies with the dead Heroes in your team, don’t hesitate to use the Dura’s Tear to revive them.

Finishing the event to get the rewards is a lot more important than saving the Dura’s Tear for nothing.

Labyrinth Store AFK Arena
Labyrinth Store

What are the Rewards?

Players can receive so many rewards by defeating the enemies in Arcane Labyrinth, including Gold, Diamonds and especially the labyrinth token Labyrinth Tokens, which can be used to purchase many items, including specific Heroes

To read more about the Stores in-game, check out the article Stores – The Complete Guide!

wrizz labyrinth afk arena

Advanced Guide: How to defeat Wrizz in Hard Mode?

Guide by BuckTheWorld81

A lot of players finding it hard to beat the Wrizz in Arcane Labyrinth Hard Mode so I’ve decided to write a small guide for this specific topic.

People usually skip the Wrizz because they do not want to lose out on rewards, because they think that their teams are not strong enough. This is such a huge mistake. Basically, you are always able to defeat the Wrizz regardless of your team power, and eventually defeat the entire Arcane Labyrinth. I have been fighting the Wrizz for 6-7 months now and haven’t lost to him any time. Just need to take the tips in this guide and you will be golden!

Best Tips to defeat Wrizz in Labyrinth

  • Your ability to defeat the Wrizz is not based on the Heroes you have. Most importantly, you want to understand what Relics you should use and what Heroes are the best for those Relics. With a proper combination of Relics, you can take out the Wrizz before he casts the Ultimate.
  • Firebringer/Icebringer/Sunstone/Moonstone are the ultimate Relics you want to have. Besides, increase your DEF, ATK, CRT and DMG whenever possible. Also, do your best to increase the attack rating of the main carry.
  • Shemira: If you are not using Shemira, you are simply making your life a lot harder. She absolutely dominates in Labyrinth. A Shemira with her ultimate ready at the beginning of a battle is indeed a nightmare to the enemies.
  • Use the first few fights in the Labyrinth to fill up the Ultimates of your top 10 Heroes, even the Heroes you won’t use. Having loads of ready ultimates allows you to never touch the Dura’s Tear, and of course, helps your important matches become a lot easier.
  • Turn off the Auto mode. Use your Ultimates at the starting of the next matches, then turn off the Auto mode again after that. Your goal is to have full HP and full Ultimates if possible at the end of each battle.
  • If you get interrupted by CC skills, restart the battle.
  • Your Lab Path should follow this priority order Red Flag → Brown Flag → Hero → Fountain. Most of the time, you don’t need the Fountain If you have a healer with ultimate ready all the time. Stay away from the Shops unless they lead to more Red Flags. Always aim for Flags to max out the number of Lab coins you could earn.
  • If you have to choose between 4Red/4Brown and 5Red/0Brown/3Hero, 4Red/4Brown is better most of the time. You will have the chance to get more Relics, especially the top 4 Relics mentioned before: Firebringer/Icebringer/Sunstone/Moonstone
  • Check out Heroes in the chest before making any move. Aim for the Heroes you really want. If you can do well without taking that Hero, simply skip it.
  • Normally, at the end of the first floor, you will understand what you need to beat Wrizz. If you don’t get too many great relics, you will have to work with what you have. Focus on something you can exploit.For example, If you have the relic that boosts 10% DEF for every Lightbearer Hero in the battle, you should consider building a Lightbearer If possible.
    • Can you get 5 Hero faction bonus?
    • Do you have a strong Belinda that can carry the team?
    • Is your Lucius strong enough?
    • Do you have Rosaline?
    • etc.
  • Poison is not as strong as before. However, it’s still very good in Labyrinth. If you can get the Relic that deals poison from normal attacks or the one that allows Kaz to deal poison, you can exploit the Poison. Just stacks as much defense as possible and you can simply wait till the Wrizz life drains out because of the Poison effect.
  • Wilder Trio: Excellent combo that can easily get yo to Wrizz. But, they are pretty terrible against Wrizz. Recommend not using this combo (Nemora, Tasi, Lyca, Seirus) against Wrizz).
  • Thoran is a very nuisance when you are fighting him in the Labyrinth however he could be very useful in some situations. When fighting teams that have Thoran, I usually throw either my own Thoran or any fodder Hero who will die immediately. The only point here is to make his Taint skill useless. Your goal is to get your Heroes full HP all the time.
    On the other side, I use Thoran to counter some annoying enemies which are Nara and Athalia. Their skills will not matter much as they are just getting distracted by a Hero which will be right back.
  • Great Heroes to get: Lucius, Mehira, Rowan, Athalia, Twins, Rosaline, Tasi (non-Wrizz fights), Nemora (non-Wrizz fights). If you are able to get them without missing any Red Flag, they are worth it!

Underrated Relics against Wrizz

  • Death’s Bite/Poisonous Embrace: Poison is great vs Wrizz as mentioned earlier.
  • Eagle Strike/Blessed Hammer/Thunderburst: These relics give free damage on top of all damage going towards Wrizz. You just cannot go wrong with them.
  • The Devoted Whisper – 25% attack buff for every Graveborn. This is great to make the most of your Shemira and stack your weak/unleveled Graveborn Heroes with her. 125% attack bonus in total is an absolutely crazy buff and can easily help you take out the Wrizz quickly.
  • Blinding Brilliance: Adding 20% extra attack for all Heroes is always sweet. You also want to add Belinda into your team formation because of this. If your Shemira is well buffed, Wrizz will cry.
  • Status of Retribution – Raises the team stats every time one of the allies dies. Combining with the strategy for The Devoted Whisper mentioned above, this will even make your Shemira a lot stronger!
  • Arcane Spellbook – Always a great buff for Shemira and Belinda.
  • Hunter’s Grasp – Boosts your damage when the enemies have more HP than yours. And you know what? Wrizz has a ton of HP!
  • Tome of Necromancy – More energy for Shemira! (Dang!)
  • Voodoo Doll – x2 damage against a random enemy for 15 seconds. Against Wrizz? He will take them all!
  • Idol of Savagery – If you are following this guide properly, you will almost always have your Heroes at full health. This relic gives your Heroes extra damage if they start the battle at over 95% health. And… Shemira’s ultimate can deal tons of damage while also restoring her HP at the end.
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