Signature Items Tier List, Priority & Upgrade Costs

Here is the complete list of all Signature Items in AFK Arena!

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afk arena belinda signature item
Belinda’s Signature Item

What are Signature Items?

Once your heroes have reached the Mythic tier, you will be able to unlock their “Signature Items”. All Legendary Tier Heroes do not have signature items.

These special items will increase their stats as well as grant them some special abilities. Additionally, Signature Items also have their own Attributes [Dynamic]

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Attributes [Dynamic] are calculated based on the hero’s base stats. The base stats are the original stats of the Hero while not having effects from any item/artifact/union.

Upgrading signature items increase their attributes as well as the buffs they offer.

Primordial Emblems in AFK Arena
Primordial Emblems in AFK Arena

How to Unlock Signature Items?

Using Primordial Emblems is the only way to unlock Signature Items.

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You need 20 Primordial Emblems to unlock a Signature Item.

How to obtain Primordial Emblems?

  • AFK Campaigns Chapter 17+ drops primordial emblems
  • AFK Campaigns Chapter 18+ drops amplifying emblems
  • AFK Campaigns Chapter 19+ drops  
  • High King’s Tower Floors
  • Events
  • Lab Store
  • Summoning Epic Heroes in The Noble Tavern.
    30 Epic Cards = 20xprimordial emblems + 30xamplifying emblems

How to upgrade Signature Items?

  • You can upgrade the Signature Item’s grade to +10 by using primordial emblems Primordial Emblems.
  • Upgrading Signature Item’s grade from +11 to +20 requires amplifying emblems Amplifying Emblems.
  • From +20 to +30, it requires faction-specific emblems (below). Celestial & Hypogean heroes can take it up to +40.


Signature Item Upgrade Costs

Level Cost Level Cost Level Cost Level Cost
1 10 11 10 21 10 31 50
2 10 12 10 22 20 32 50
3 10 13 15 23 20 33 50
4 10 14 15 24 20 34 60
5 15 15 20 25 30 35 70
6 20 16 25 26 30 36 80
7 20 17 25 27 40 37 90
8 25 18 30 28 40 38 120
9 30 19 40 29 40 39 180
10 50 20 50 30 50 40 300
Total 200primordial emblems Total 240 amplifying emblems Total 300 Total 1050

Signature Item Tier List


  • This signature item tier list is mainly for the overall game progression.
  • Being a signature item priority list, this list not only considers the strength of a Signature Item (SI), but also the usability of the hero possessing it. PvE progression (Campaign and Towers), general PvP (Treasure Scramble, Heroes of Esperia), in Cursed Realm rounds and Twisted Realm, and in other relevant game modes like Temporal Rift, Abyssal Expedition and Hunting Fields.

Last updated: May 30, 2024.


ScarletRakuafk arena silasalnakhazardAlbedo

B+30krenGranitMishkaAstarvDesiradaimonizoldTreznorAwakened PhoenixLucretiaqueen
C+20ThalialarotheowynFaneAudraePrince of PersiaMelusinajoker
E+30MorrowEluardPeggyAnokialarosoliseZikisLeofricmortasEzioPrince of PersiaLeonardo

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Signature Item Upgrade Priority

These are the strongest and most relevant signatures to acquire first. Following this priority list should make things much easier!

  1. Ivan +30: he is one of the strongest supports in the game and his level 30 signature is the strongest part of his kit.
  2. Daemia +20: she is the strongest celestial hero in the game and her level 20 signature is essential to make her a top-tier hero.
  3. Rowan +30: it is one of the most impactful level 30 signature for new players. It gives a huge amount of energy to your allies.
  4. Raku Raku +30: he is one of the strongest damage dealers in the game, but he can only reach his true potential after you unlock his level 30 signature.
  5. Scarlet Scarlet +30: she is a game changing hero for Twisted Realm, and her level 30 signature is a great buff to her damage.
  6. daimon Daimon +20: his level 20 signature is what makes him so strong during early game.
  7. Joan of Arc +20: she is great support hero and her level 20 signature is essential to increase her survivability.
  8. Albedo Albedo +30: it is by far the most important level 30 signature of a dimensional hero. It gives huge buffs to other dimensionals. After getting Albedo’s SI30, you can starting working on Merlin and Ainz level 30 signatures.
  9. Palmer +20: it is a very impactful buff to your allies’ damage.
  10. afk arena silas Silas +30: it gives a 20% bonus to your allies’ attack rating when they have more than 50% of their health. And your team will be above 50% health most of the time with a strong healer like Silas on your team.

If you already have those ten signatures, here are some more suggestions of great signatures and why are they so good:

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  • Liberta +30: he is a top-tier support and dps, you should upgrade his signature to level 30 as soon as you get his mythic ascension.
  • khazard Khazard +30: his only purpose in the game is the effect of his level 30 signature. You’ll literaly never need a Khazard above mythic ascension. This signature is a very strong buff to your allies’ CC skills.
  • alna Alna +30: her 9/9 furniture is broken, but her +30 signature is also essential. It allows her to activate her invincibility again when her health is below 50% for the first time.
  • Lucretia Lucretia +30: she should be your highest priority for stargazing. She has one of the most relevant level 30 signatures in the game.
  • Elijah & Lailah +20: very important buff to increase Twins’ survivability.
  • Raine +10: great energy buff to your carry.
  • Oden Oden +30: you can start investing in your level 20 signature, it’s already a very impactful investment. But eventually you’ll want to invest in his level 30 signature because he is one of the strongest graveborns in the game.
  • Merlin Merlin +30: it is the second most relevant level 30 signature of a dimensional hero. It is a huge upgrade to your team’s survivability.
  • Emilia +30: she is one of the strongest dimensionals and her level 30 signature is an important part of her kit.
  • Haelus Haelus +30: it is a very impactful debuff to your enemies’ energy regeneration rate.
  • Granit Granit +30: like Khazard, Granit is also a hero who doesn’t need to be above mythic ascension to function very well at any level deficit. This signature allows him to petrify nearby enemies when he dies.
  • mortas Mortas +20: another hero who doesn’t need to be above mythic ascension. His level 20 signature is great because it gives AoE damage to normal attacks buffed by his Greed skill.
  • Pippa +20: her level 20 signature is one of the best parts of her kit. It gives immunity to a teleported ally. That’s useful for Campaign and Tower.
  • Ferael +20: very strong graveborn that starts unlocking his true potential after getting his level 20 signature, which is a great debuff skill to enemies’ attack rating and health recovery rate.
  • Eironn +30: it doubles the freeze time of enemies affected by his ultimate.
  • Lyca +20: very relevant damage buff to your allies.
  • Thoran +30: he can’t be killed for the first two times that he enters the focusing phase of his ultimate skill. This is essential to make Thoran Cheese comp in many situations. Thoran Cheese is the strongest PvE comp at very high level deficits, but it is bad at lower deficits, so it might not be a very relevant investment for some players.
  • Skriath +30: it is a huge buff to his own damage potential and it also makes Queen comps much more consistent on PvE.
  • Rem,  Tamrus, Anasta +20: these are all very strong heroes that you will want to invest in their level 30 signatures, but they also work very well with level 20 signatures. So you can invest in their SI20 first while working on the more relevant SI30s.
  • Mishka Mishka, Grezhul, kren Kren +20: these heroes have great level 20 signatures. Their level 30 signatures are also useful, but less useful than all other SI30 mentioned above.

Note: to see more details about the PvE comps mentioned on Thoran and Skriath descriptions above. Check the “Thoran Cheese” and “Five-pull comp” sections on the AFK Arena Tier List page.

If you have most of the signatures mentioned above, check the tier list below to see which relevant signatures you should invest next.

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