Audrae – The Chaotic Star

Audrae - The Chaostic Star

Audrae – The Chaotic Star

FactionCelestial Celestial
TypeAgility Agility
ClassRanger Ranger

Audrae’s Skills

Cosmic Shower

Audrae fires a cosmic quiver into the sky, transforming the whole battlefield into a cosmic state. While the battlefield is in a cosmic state, up to 2 enemies are struck by falling meteorites every 2 seconds, with each meteorite dealing damage equal to 160% of Audrae’s Attack Rating. Falling meteorites shall prioritize enemies. After 9 seconds, a meteor shower rains down on the battlefield, dealing damage equal to 220% of Audrae ‘s Attack Rating 3 times to all enemies, after which the cosmic state ends. If “Cosmic Shower” is used again while the battlefield is already in a cosmic state, the meteor shower of the previous “Cosmic Shower” will be initiated early.

Lvl 2: The damage dealt by each meteorite is increased to 190% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: The damage of each meteor shower attack is increased to 260% of Audrae’s Attack Rating

Cosmic Assault

Audrae leaps into the air and fires 5 cosmic quivers in quick succession. Each quiver deals 180% of her Attack Rating as damage to the enemy targets. This attack prioritizes enemy heroes that have yet to be attacked first. Once Audrae returns back to the ground, each enemy struck by a cosmic quiver is dealt an additional 240% of Audrae’s Attack Rating as damage, and are stunned for 2 seconds. Audrae is immune to damage and Control Effects while using this skill.

Lvl 2: The damage of each quiver is increased to 200% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds. Lvl 4: The damage of each quiver is increased to 220% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.

Core’s Protection

Passive. Audrae’s Normal Attacks prioritize the enemy farthest away from her on the battlefield, with the damage of the attacks increasing the farther away they are. Damage can be increased by a maximum of 100% .. When an enemy is close to Audrae, she will spin her Star Core to push nearby enemies onto the other half of the battlefield, and deal 240% of her Attack Rating as damage to them. This effect may only be triggered once every 15 seconds.

Lvl 2: Maximum damage is increased to 120%.
Lvl 3: Effect may be triggered once every 10 seconds.
Lvl 4: The damage of Audrae’s other skills also increases based on the enemy’s distance, with the damage increasing the farther away the enemy is. Damage can be increased by a maximum of 50%.

Focus Fire

Audrae locks onto an enemy target with her Normal Attacks. and begins focusing her energy. Damage dealt is based on the amount of time Audrae focuses her energy for, with a maximum of 4 instances of damage possible, and each instance of damage dealt to the enemy will be 100% / 120% / 140% / 180% of Audrae’s Attack Rating. While Audrae is focusing her energy, she is immune the first Control Effect she receives. While focusing her energy, if the Immune Control Effect is triggered or Audrae receives a total amount of damage that exceeds 20% of her max health, she will cease focusing and immediately fire her cosmic quiver.

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Lvl 2: Based on the amount of time focused, each instance of damage dealt to the enemy is increased to 110% / 130% / 150% / 190% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: Based on the amount of time focused, each instance of damage dealt to the enemy is increased to 120% / 140% / 160% / 200% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
Lvl 4: Each instance of damage, also reduces the enemy’s Defense Rating by 7% for 6 seconds. This effect may be stacked up to 4 times.

Signature Item: Stellar Bow and Arrow

Signature Item Skill: Astral Enclosure

Enemies that receive damage from “Cosmic Shower” have their Received Healing reduced by 50 points for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

  • [+10 Unlocks] The time interval for falling meteorites caused by “Cosmic Shower” is reduced to 1.5 seconds
  • [+20 Unlocks] Enemies that suffer damage from the meteor showers of “Cosmic Shower” lose 20 Crit Damage Resistance points for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
  • [+30 Unlocks] The cosmic battlefield state of “Cosmic Shower” causes an! additional 1 meteorites to fall each time it is used.

Furniture Ability: Astral Force

3/9 Ability: While focusing the energy of her Normal Attacks when using “Focus Fire”, excluding the target Audrae has locked onto, all the damage she receives from other enemies is reduced by 50%.

9/9 Ability: The damage value of the fourth instance of the skill “Focus Fire” is increased to 360% of Audrae’s Attack Rating, dealing AoE damage to the target it hits.

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Eternal Engraving

[Engraving Lvl 30] Enhance the skill Core’s Protection, The damage of Audrae’s other skills also increases based on the enemy’s distance, with the damage increasing the farther away the enemy is. Damage can be increased by a maximum of 50%.

[Engraving Lvl 60] Enhance the skill Focus Fire, Each instance of damage also reduces the enemy’s Defense Rating by 7% for 6 seconds. This effect may be stacked up to 4 times.


When Audrae’s will was still her own, the Zohra Nebula was on the brink of annihilation. At that time, a voice from far away sounded by her ear, calling to her: “ Audrae, it is time to wake up.”.
Opening her azure eyes, she found herself hurtling, together with the blazing black stars all around, towards the chaotic, dark, and twisted abyss. She raised her head and, seeking the source of the voice, found herself being watched by eyes identical to her own. Thus Audrae knew it to be her sister, Morael, born in the same nebula as herself.

If Morael represents order, control and correction, then Audrae in turn symbolizes all that is free, uninhibited and exploratory. Audrae was possessed of a natural fascination with mysteries unknown. Even in the midst of frenetic activity to save the Zohra Nebula, she was wont to drift off in a trance, oft forgetting her purpose or the task at hand. Long disapproving of her sister’s behavior, Morael was able to correct the trajectory of the Zohra Nebula, allowing it to withstand the pull of the dark abyss. Audrae, however, would often flit about the celestial expanse, coming and going as she pleased. Her travels would even lead her, misguided, to that dark realm, whence she sought the truth concealed in darkness. Audrae, however, cared naught for all that, and never took her sister’s criticism to heart. She was part of the Zohra Nebula’ s innate will to survive, so her very existence must therefore have meaning. If the root cause of the Zohra Nebula’s destruction could not be found, then even if disaster was temporarily averted, there was no guarantee that such a threat would not arise again in the future.
Even in the midst of such conflict, this final farewell could not be prevented. Audrae, racing excitedly back from outside the nebula’s boundary, had wished to share with Morael all she had seen and pondered. However, for the first time ever she witnessed an expression of powerlessness on the face of her sister, she who had always been in total control. Silently, they watched as the dark abyss inexorably swallowed the very thing to which they owed their existence.
The nebula faced its own demise with a struggling, reluctant whimper. Audrae, already affected by Morael’s low spirits as they bore witness to the chilling finality, found herself shaken by such a scene. This was the first time in her existence that she had directly sensed the impermanence of the universe.
The essence of the nebula that still lingered was transformed into the Heart of Zohra. This granted Morael the extraordinary ability to construct a solar force field, and became the terminal proof that the Zohra Nebula had once existed. The flickering, dying light that the star cluster emitted at the end became the core impetus behind the Cosmic Shower. This fell into Audrae’s hands, thereby entrusting her with all the hope and power that had once been the nebula’s.
Although she no longer had to bear the burden of responsibility for the nebula’s future, Audrae nonetheless had a vague awareness that she could not simply stop there.
What was that powerful force that destroyed the Zohra Nebula? Where might that dark abyss, which had so voraciously swallowed up their whole nebula, eventually lead? Were there other existences, analogous to their own, elsewhere in the vastness of the universe?
These questions kept nagging Audrae, rendering her restless and irritable. Morael, however, could not understand her sister’s preoccupation with such queries. As the entity responsible for order, she always admonished Audrae to simply follow the rules as she did. In truth, she held that Audrae’s inaction was ultimately to blame for the final fate of the Zohra Nebula.
“Audrae, your recklessness will bring nothing but disaster.”
“But things change all the time, Morael. Perhaps randomness and disorder are the true nature of the universe.”
With that, Audrae bid farewell to her sister, who was so stubbornly disapproving of it all, and decided to seek her own answers.
No longer bound by order, she was free to follow her own instincts. She explored star after star, planet after planet, roaming the universe wheresoever the solar winds blew her. She passed by deserted and overgrown planets, and discovered an existence similar to her own, deep in one of the furthest corners of the universe. She transformed the power entrusted to her into a stellar bow and arrow, with which she fought against the malicious darkness.
She loved her adventures, never feeling alone nor scared of the unknown. No one can say how long it took but, eventually, she touched upon a tiny corner of fundamental truth about the universe.
It was a shadowy abyss, where order had been thrown out of balance and evil festered. Dead planets loomed within, perhaps even the nebula which once had been her home.
This was the place known as the Void Realm. Here were the forces of destruction, chaos and disorder continually engendered by a dormant, hidden will. These negative forces spread, affecting the outside world, and might one day reduce the entire universe to empty nothingness…
Morael was lost in contemplation as she listened to her long-lost sister recount all she had seen and experienced. There was also no denying how she shone like the very stars themselves, having broken free of the rules and order she had once imposed on her.
Moreover, that small corner of truth at which she had peeked was the same as the answer Morael herself had found in Esperia.
“Pure order or disorder is not the guiding principle.” Audrae extended her hand to her sister as she spoke, “Perhaps we should work together, and seek where the truth ends.”
Morael gazed at the outstretched hand, and sighed deeply.
“Unimpeded exploration may bring us one step closer to the truth.”

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