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Estrilda – Knight Of Valor

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lightbearer faction Lightbearersstrength Strengthascended AscendedFrontAtk Supp / Bruiser / Control
Belinda Lyca Thane Divers


Estrilda is a frontliner who lacks tankiness but makes up for it in supportive capabilities and damage. She has CC, buffs her allies’s damage & defense, and contributes backline damage as well.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Grace Dura's Blade Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Attack Rate Buff
  • Energy Restoration
  • Damage Reduction Buff
  • Knock Back &  Knock Down at first attack


  • Not tanky
  • Low Energy Gain [due to skills with long animations]

General Strategy for Estrilda

Estrilda is best used with a dive heavy team due to her posessing 2 AoE Buff-type skills (Skill 3 – Inspire and Skill 4 – Ridicule) that boost allies’ offensive power and durability. This is also because Estrilda herself is fragile so having allies that will take damage for her early on will help her survive longer, allowing her to Provide more utility as a support and Tank. Estrilda’ Ultimate is a very long duration stun, having Estrilda survive and get it to activate is a big advantage. However, with her fragility, this can be hard to achieve.

Lvl 61+: Estrilda’s 4th skill (Ridicule) knocks the enemy frontliner back far enough so that Belinda’s 2nd skill (Divine Retribution) can hit the backline as well.

Lvl 121+: Estrilda’s ability to grant allies energy is good for allies who rely on their ultimate to be useful.

Estrilda’s 2nd skill (Royal Charge) does damage to the enemy backline, which works well with Assassins.

Thane: is a great ally for Estrilda to have due to him being a Diver that dives behind the enemy frontline. This means that when Estrilda casts her Skill 3 – Inspire, Thane will be caught inside the Area of Effect even if Thane is at the opposite location of Estrilda (Examples: [Estrilda pos 1, Thane pos 5] & [Estrilda pos 2, Thane pos 3]). This strategy essentially turns Estrilda’s skill from a 4 man buff into a 5 man buff, fullly taking advantage of Estrilda’s skill effects. Estrilda’s buffs also grant Thane Energy, allowing him to use his ultimate sooner and avoid lethal damage.

Thane lvl 141+: Alternatively, Thane is also a good hero to place behind Estrilda when Thane is above lvl 141 because at this point, Thane will have high energy gain thus will utilize his ultimate very soon. This allows Thane to tank the next few hits after the first for Estrilda, then cast his ultimate for Estrilda to resume tanking again. With the enemy’s damage output alternating between Thane and Estrilda, the combo grants you a relatively durable frontline even when you are using Estrilda. (yes, she’s really fragile)

Guild Hunt Strategy

Position 4

When Estrilda is placed at position 4, she is able to hit all allies with her Skill 3 AoE, Inspire, which includes allies at position 1 and 5, which are furthest from the Guild Boss.

After 141

Estrilda becomes an extremely powerful support for team compositions that utilize multiple damage dealers that employ the Double Ult Strategy. against Wrizz At lvl 141, Estrilda’s 3rd skill – Inspire grants allies 200 energy when it is cast. This is more than enough to allow most heroes to utilize their ultimate ability a few seconds before Wrizz uses his ultimate ability, this allows allies to use up their Energy Before Wrizz casts his ultimate and fully recover 1000 Energy for an instant recast of their ultimate ability. However, becareful when utilizing this strategy with allies that provide Shields with their ultimate ability (Like Luscius and Nemora) because allies do not gain energy when taking shield damage. This can delay their ultimate and lose the double ult efficiency. To know you are efficient with Ultimates, try to count the number of Ultimates your heroes cast. If they cast at last 7 ultimates, they successfully have played the double ult strategy.

Before 141

Estrilda is best utilized wth multiple heroes who deal high basic attack damage. With Estrilda buffing their attack speed, Estrilda gets to amplify allies’ damage and energy gain. However, Estrilda’s fragility makes her not as ideal as she is a fragile frontline so she can have weak survivability and other ranged supports may perform better. However, this can be remedied by playing multiple melee heroes, allowing them to take Wrizz’s single target damage for Estrilda.

Vs. Soren

Against Soren, Estrilda is a less effective support due to her having a faction disadvantage against Soren. This makes her already low HP work even more against her and Soren’s charms can deny Estrilda the ability to cast Inspire on her allies, making her lose her utility entirely. While Estrilda is one of the best support against Wrizz, she is less effective against Soren.

Luscius + Nemora Synergy vs Soren

This combination grants your whole team nearly full immunity against ALL of Soren’s Charms depending on how strong both Luscius and Nemora’s shields are. With these 3 heroes, any damage dealer can work against Soren as they will have exceptional surivability and immunity against Soren’s Charm.

  • Lvl Requirement: Nemora lvl 141+, Estrilda lvl 121+
  • Positioning: 1 – Luscius, 2 – Damage, 3 – Nemora, 4 – Estriilda, 5 – Damage. Having Estrilda at Position 4 means Estrilda’s Inspire affects all allied heroes.

Ira, Belinda & Isabella

Despite Inspire granting bonus Attack Rate and Energy after lvl 121, it is not enough for Ira and Belinda to be able to utilize the Double Ult strategy. This is due to their Attack Rate being too low. So it is better to rely on the Energy Artifact over Estrilda to be able to join the Double Ult strat. This is likely true for all heroes who do not rely on Attack Rate for energy gain as well (like Isabella & Shemira).


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