Stargazing Priorities, Droprates & Probabilities

In this guide, we are going to show you how basically Stargazing works in AFK Arena, the drop rates of the rewards, and the heroes you should focus on first in the Stagazing Room!

Follow our tips clearly to grow your account a lot faster.

stargazering room afk arena

The Noble Tavern

The Stargazing Room is located in The Noble Tavern building.

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After Campaign Chapter 15 or after unlocking VIP level 13, you will see a new tab in the Tavern called The Stargazing Room.

Stargazing Room: Basic Information

  • Players can use either Star Cards or Diamonds to do the Stargaze.
  • Rewards contain Heroes, Diamonds, Artifact Fragments, Mythic Gears, and other valuable items.
  • There is a small chance of getting an incredible amount of Diamonds when stargazing.
  • The prize Heroes can be changed via the button at the top right.

Stargazing Room Droprates / Probabilities

Rewards Drop rates
Hero 2%
Note: it’s proven that there is a pity timer, so you can’t spend more than 32,500 diamonds or 65 cards by using single pulls (or 35,000 diamonds or 70 cards by using 10x pulls) without getting a single copy.
30,000 gem Diamonds 0.01%
mythic item Mythic Item x1 0.84%
artifact fragment Artifact Fragment x1 24.5%
rare enhancement token Rare Enhancement Token x1 = 1,000 Enhancement Points 4.5%
Arena Ticket Arena Ticket x2 5.01%
elite hero card Elite Hero Card x1 3.2%
rare hero card Rare Hero Card x1 9%
Large Crate of Gold x2 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero EXP x1 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero’s Essence x2 4.5%
Small Pile of Gold x5 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero EXP x2 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero’s Essence x5 9.36%
common enchancement tokens Common Enhancement Tokens x50 9.36%

Stargazing Priority Guide

Looking for the best heroes to stargazer in AFK Arena? This quick guide will show you how to do it properly!

This is the best place to ascend Celestial and Hypogean heroes. Do NOT wishlist Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders or Graveborns on Stargazing.

Extremely high priority

These are the highest priorities and the most impactiful investments you can make on Stargazing. Focus on them before moving to the next tier.

  1. Elite or Elite+ Elijah & Lailah (1 or 2 copies): the Twins are great for Guild Hunt, Twisted Realm, Abyssal Expedition and Hunting Fields even at Elite ascension. You need Elite+ ascension to use heroes on Abyssal Expedition and Hunting Fields, so if there is an Abyssal Expedition coming out soon, it is highly recommend to get your second Twins copy.
  2. Elite Mehira (1 copy): she is amazing for Campaign and Towers even at Elite ascension. This is a very small and very impactiful investment. She has a good survivability and her ultimate is one of the strongest for PvE.
  3. 1 star on Daemia (16 copies): she is the strongest celepogean in the game because she is very strong on all game modes. Her e30 is really strong, so it is recommended to ascend her to 1 star.
  4. Lucretia 1 star on Lucretia (16 copies): she is a very strong carry and certainly the first hypogean you should have at Ascended ascension. She can be useful on all game modes, but her strongest game mode is PvE (campaign/towers). Engraving her is a good buff to her damage and survivability, so you’ll need 1 star on her.
  5. alna Ascended Alna (14 copies): at this point, you are probably getting copies of her on Challenger store, but Alna is such an important hero that getting some extra copies on her on Stargazing to ascend her even faster is worth it. She is essential to push Campaign at high level deficits and she is also essential to build some strong comps on PvP. Optional: 1 star on Alna can be a good investment to upgrade her haste by engraving her. Engraving her is a very late game investment though, so you can just ascend her with 0 stars and get star later.

Very high priority

After finishing the list above, these are the heroes you should get next:

  1. 1 star on Liberta (16 copies): he is a very strong support/carry that can be useful on all game modes. He is particularly top-tier on PvP, Cursed Realm and Nightmare Corridor.
  2. 1 star on Veithael (16 copies): he is a very relevant celepogean on literally all game modes, but his strongest game mode is Cursed Realm. Getting one star on him is important because his level 30 engraving is pretty strong.
  3. Zolrath (14 copies): at this point, you are probably getting copies of him on Challenger store, but Zolrath is such an important hero that getting some extra copies on him on Starging to ascend him even faster is worth it. It is also important to get a star to engrave him, but it is better to do that on Challenger store. Athalia, Ezizh, Orthros and Flora will not be mentioned on this guide because you should ascend them using only Challenger coins.
  4. Haelus 1 star on Haelus (16 copies): he is one of the most important supports in the game and he really needs his engraving level 60. He is useful on all game modes.
  5. khazard Mythic Khazard (8 copies): he is very important for PvE and it can also be useful in some Cursed Realm rounds. His signature level 30 is everything you need, so you don’t him higher than mythic ascension.

High priority

After finishing the list above, these are the heroes you should get next:

  1. Ascended Elijah & Lailah (+12 copies, 14 copies in total): Elite Twins is useful, but they die very easily. Ascending them will improve their survivability a lot. Optional: 1 star on Twins is great to upgrade their haste by engraving them.
  2. 1 star on Lucilla (16 copies): she is very strong on several game modes and she works incredibly well alongside Liberta.
  3. 1 star on Canisa & Ruke (16 copies): they’re also very relevant on all game modes. They can be very useful even without any engraving, but their level 60 engraving is a nice upgrade to make them even more powerful. 

Medium priority

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Talene and Mehira are interchangeable with each other on the list below. It depends on what you need most.

  1.  1 star on Olgath (16 copies): he is great on several game modes: Cursed Realm, Nightmare corridor, Hypogean tower and PvP.
  2. Ascended Talene (14 copies): she is useful on Cursed Realm, Celestial tower and PvP. She can be a decent hero for Celestial tower at Elite ascension, but she needs to be ascended to be useful on the other game modes. Optional: 1 star on Talene is great to improve her damage, that’s particularly very important on Cursed Realm.
  3. Mythic Mehira (+7 copies, 8 copies in total): even though she is great even at Elite ascension, you will eventually need her signature level 30. Notes: Ascended Mehira is required for some stages on very late game, it will take a long time until you really need her higher than mythic and you can use a mercenary on stages where you need a stronger Mehira.
  4. Framton 1 star on Framton (16 copies): he is useful on basically all game modes. He is not a super strong hero, but he is quite useful everywhere. His star is important because his level 30 engraving is important to make him useful and his level 60 engraving is useful to make him even better.
  5. 1 star on Tarnos (16 copies): he is very strong on PvP and Celestial tower. His star is important because his level 60 engraving is pretty useful.

Low priority

Those four heroes mentioned below are pretty good, but they are replaceable.

  1. Morael Ascended Morael (14 copies): she is a relevant hero for some Cursed Realm rounds and she is situational on Celestial tower. Optional: 1 star on Morael is great to upgrade her insight by engraving her.
  2. Zaphrael Ascended Zaphrael (14 copies): he works even at Elite ascension for Campaign, but he needs to be ascended to be useful on PvP. Optional: 1 star on Zaphrael is great to upgrade his insight by engraving him.

Very low priority

At this point, you basically have already built all important celepogeans. The next three celepogeans are very niche heroes. They can be useful, but you will be fine without them.

  1. Audrae 1 star on Audrae (16 copies): she is a good damage dealer for Celestial tower and she used to be meta on PvP, but she has been falling off from the meta. At this point, you will probably already have many good celestial heroes, so you will be fine without her on Celestial tower.
  2. Vyloris 1 star on Vyloris (16 copies): niche hero for Cursed Realm and PvP. Her level 60 engraving is very important to her, so if you’re going to ascend her, get 1 star on her.
  3. Mezoth Ascended Mezoth (14 copies): very niche hero for some PvP comps.
  4. Ascended Titus (14 copies): slightly less strong than Mezoth on PvP, but slightly more useful than him on faction tower.

Extremely low priority

These are the worst celepogeans in the game. They are basically useless in the current meta.

  1. Zikis Zikis: he was meta on PvP a long time ago, but he is not good anywhere right now.
  2. Leofric Leofric: he is undoubtedly the least useful celepogean in the game.


Best Tips for Stargazing

Using Stargazing Cards

If you seriously want to put money in AFK Arena, putting your luck in Stargazing is definitely worth a try. You will eventually get the Heroes you want, Mythic gears and even 30,000 Diamonds batch.

Just remember to wait till you see the Hero you really need shows up on the prize list even when the Hero droprate is only 2%.

Using Diamonds to Stargaze

For Free-to-Play Players and New Players, it’s best to spend all of the Diamonds you have on summoning Heroes in The Noble Tavern.

The rewards in Stargazing Room seems very amazing to new players, you actually get a lot more benefits from buying 10xcommon hero scroll Summon Scrolls at the beginning.

Once you have decent knowledge regarding the game, and you maybe want to test your luck, give it a try once and you will eventually see if it actually gives you any real profit or not.

As mentioned above, it usually requires up to 20,000 Diamonds, around 70 common hero scroll Summon Scrolls, to pull out the selected Heroes from the Stargazing Pool. So, If you do not like gambling, getting 70 common hero scroll Summon Scrolls is a much safer bet because you will have the chance of getting the Heroes you want, and tons of fodders for them.

However, if you are in the late stage of the game, after chapter 27+, when you have around 20 or more ascended Heroes in your team, you will want to start stargazing.

Ascending weak heroes really only gets you 5 more levels for the resonating crystal, and while this can be useful, there aren’t many F2P players who reach their level cap anyways.

It’s better off to spend those gems trying to get Celestial/Hypogean heroes (Talene, Mehira, Twins, Khazard, etc.) than to get more fodder material. It just doesn’t make sense to do gem summons at this point of the game.

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