Stargazing Priorities, Droprates & Probabilities

In this guide, we are going to show you how basically Stargazing works in AFK Arena, the drop rates of the rewards, and the heroes you should focus on first in the Stagazing Room!

Follow our tips clearly to grow your account a lot faster.

stargazering room afk arena

The Noble Tavern

The Stargazing Room is located in The Noble Tavern building.

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After Campaign Chapter 15 or after unlocking VIP level 13, you will see a new tab in the Tavern called The Stargazing Room.

Stargazing Room: Basic Information

  • Players can use either Star Cards or Diamonds to do the Stargaze.
  • Rewards contain Heroes, Diamonds, Artifact Fragments, Mythic Gears, and other valuable items.
  • There is a small chance of getting an incredible amount of Diamonds when stargazing.
  • The prize Heroes can be changed via the button at the top right.

Stargazing Room Droprates / Probabilities

Rewards Droprates
Hero 2% (It’s proven that you could need to spend up to 25,000 Diamonds to get the Hero)
30,000 gem Diamonds 0.01% (Many players have obtained 30k Diamonds already. Yes, this is not a lie.)
mythic item Mythic Item x1 0.84%
artifact fragment Artifact Fragment x1 24.5%
rare enhancement token Rare Enhancement Token x1 = 1,000 Enhancement Points 4.5%
Arena Ticket Arena Ticket x2 5.01%
elite hero card Elite Hero Card x1 3.2%
rare hero card Rare Hero Card x1 9%
Large Crate of Gold x2 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero EXP x1 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero’s Essence x2 4.5%
Small Pile of Gold x5 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero EXP x2 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero’s Essence x5 9.36%
common enchancement tokens Common Enhancement Tokens x50 9.36%

Stargazing Priority Guide

A guide by Linker

Looking for the best heroes to stargazer in AFK Arena? This quick guide will show you how to do it properly!

Chapter Hero to Stargazer
20 → 28
  1. Elite+ Twins
  2. mortas Elite+ Mortas
  3. Ascended Twins
28 → 34
  1. Elite Mehira
  2. Lucretia Ascended Lucretia
  3. alna Ascended Alna
34 → 37
  1. khazard Mythic Khazard
  2. Ascended Zorath
  3. Haelus Ascended Haleus
  4. mortas Mythic Mortas
  5. Mythic Mehira
End game
  1. Ascended Mehira
  2. mortas Ascended Mortas
  3. Morael Ascended Morael
  4. Zaphrael Ascended Zaphrael
  5. Ascended Orthos
  6. Mezoth Ascended Mezoth

I don’t recommend getting stars for these heroes as it’s more effective to get the Signature Items to beyond 30+ than getting stars.

Chapter 20 → 31-4

1. Talene to Elite:

She is definitely the best elite hero in AFK Arena. Perfect in all PvP & PvE contents. Great ROI you can get!

2. Twins to Elite

Boosts Guild Boss damage, 2 in 1; Twisted Realm relevant. You want to get her to Elite+ so they are more reliable in Abyssal Expedition.

3. alna Alna to Elite

Alna is kinda situational. She is a great buffer with 7 seconds of immunity. She is great to use in mid-game with carries like izold Izold or daimon Daimon but less well with the others. 

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4. Twins to Ascended

The only reason you want to do this is due to the God Comp.

Next, spend all of the rest of your resources on Ezizh, Rowan, Saurus, and Tasi. This comp is one of the best and you can get it by just stargazing the Twins to Ascend.

This is the most consistent AFK Arena team formation right now and Twins is definitely the core of it.

Great for also Twisted Realm and Abyssal Expedition.

Chapter 31-4 → 33-32

  1. Lucretia Lucretia to Ascend

Similar to Twins, she can make the whole team becomes crazy just on her own.

She might not take that much in terms of allies but you do need to invest on her. The Signature Item +30 is a must but once you have had it, the campaign will be pretty easy for you. With just a few retries, you will find it’s super easy to win a lot of campaign chapters even when the level deficit is incredible high.

She is incredibly good against burst comp in the campaigns when your god comp getting troubles.

2. Mehira to Elite

This is just a small investment but super important because she can scale off very well based on the enemies.

In a lot of battles, you will find that Mehira is the main reason why you win the battle.

Her charm can easily win the Tasi’s ultimate because it forces the enemies to damage each other, giving you an advantage against some very aggressive comps.

3. Talene to Ascended

With other heroes being ready, it’s now the time to invest in the best AFK Arena hero, Talene. She literally does great in all modes of the game.

4. Mehira to Ascended

Mythic is crucial because of her Signature Item and some extra stats. Getting her to Ascended allows you to boost her scaling to the next level with the furniture ability. The ascended Mehira will bring your god comp to the level that you can never imagine. 

Chapter 33-32 → 36

1. Zolrath to Ascended

You should have the cores of the game now. You are understanding almost everything in the game, which is really about SI + Furniture rather than just heroes. 

It’s time to shine with the Time Lord who has the arguably best 3/9 Furniture in the game, Zolrath!

He will help you get through the campaign comps you will suffer against, and also allow you to complete with the top PvP formations in the game. He is the core of burst.

If you prefer stalling, you might consider getting Orthos first.

2. Orthos to A

Orthos, the living clock, is very flexible from Celes/Graveborn to Eironn burst team. He will never get you disappointed. He can fit well in almost all teams with the ability of freezing time to carry you to the victory.

Excellent for stalling in PvP matches and works super well with Zolrath in Campaign. These are one of the best combos in the game right now. 

3. alna Alna to Ascended

Although Alna is the new hero, her first impression is very good. Don’t hesitate to get her to Ascended if you have got the resources. She gives the allies immunity and she is one of the best heroes in the front line beside Daimon.

She disables a lot of PvP Comps such as the God Comp. She is very flexible. It’s very easy to give her a slot in all relevant comps. 

4. mortas Mortas to Elite+

He is not excellent but his boss buff is great! This buff is mostly for Abyssal Expedition. He will soonly find some great places in Twisted Realms.

End Game

1. Mezoth Mezoth to Ascended

Mezoth is an auxiliary hero that works great in both PvP and Campaigns. He shines without a lot of investments after you get your core heroes.

2. Zaphrael Zaphrael to Ascended

If you have enough spare resources to invest, just enjoy him! He requires 9/9 furniture to be a beast. He is one of the best carries once invested with supporting heroes like Skreg, Eironn, Oden Oden, pippa Pippa, etc.

3. khazard Khazard to Ascended

He is here because a lot of the new carries really outshine him. His unique signature gives him a decent spot in the Campaign but he just cannot do much in PvP battles.

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4. mortas Mortas to Ascended

Average for now. You might want to invest the resources you have on him at last.

Best Tips for Stargazing

Using Stargazing Cards

If you seriously want to put money in AFK Arena, putting your luck in Stargazing is definitely worth a try. You will eventually get the Heroes you want, Mythic gears and even 30,000 Diamonds batch.

Just remember to wait till you see the Hero you really need shows up on the prize list even when the Hero droprate is only 2%.

Using Diamonds to Stargaze

For Free-to-Play Players and New Players, it’s best to spend all of the Diamonds you have on summoning Heroes in The Noble Tavern.

The rewards in Stargazing Room seems very amazing to new players, you actually get a lot more benefits from buying 10xcommon hero scroll Summon Scrolls at the beginning.

Once you have decent knowledge regarding the game, and you maybe want to test your luck, give it a try once and you will eventually see if it actually gives you any real profit or not.

As mentioned above, it usually requires up to 20,000 Diamonds, around 70 common hero scroll Summon Scrolls, to pull out the selected Heroes from the Stargazing Pool. So, If you do not like gambling, getting 70 common hero scroll Summon Scrolls is a much safer bet because you will have the chance of getting the Heroes you want, and tons of fodders for them.

However, if you are in the late stage of the game, after chapter 27+, when you have around 20 or more ascended Heroes in your team, you will want to start stargazing.

Ascending weak heroes really only gets you 5 more levels for the resonating crystal, and while this can be useful, there aren’t many F2P players who reach their level cap anyways.

It’s better off to spend those gems trying to get Celestial/Hypogean heroes (Talene, Mehira, Twins, Khazard, etc.) than to get more fodder material. It just doesn’t make sense to do gem summons at this point of the game.

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