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Lyca – Keeper of Glades

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wilders WildersAgility Agilityascended AscendedBack (Ideally 4)Atk Supp / DPS
Control Heroes (esp. Arden)


Lyca gives her allies the upper hand at the beginning of battle, but in exchange her performance suffers in longer battles.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Eye

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Gain upper hand early
  • Defense reduction


  • Fragile
  • Lower damage than other DPS

General Strategy for Lyca

  • Lyca is best used with heroes who have strong control abilities, as her attack speed buff ensures that her allies perform their first rotation faster than the enemy. This means that allies’ control abilities will usually interrupt the enemies’ first ability cast, granting her team a huge advantage that can be snowballed to victory. Arden shines especially because of his ability to disable 3 targets at once, and therefore interrupt the first ability of those 3 targets at the same time.
  • If placed in position 4, Lyca’s ultimate will hit every enemy
  • Lyca’s 3rd skill (Awe) causes her to leap almost into melee range at the beginning of battle (even if positioned in the backline), meaning that she will be hit by any AoE abilities targeted at her closest frontliner. Due to her fragility, it is usually better to move her to either position 3 or 5 to avoid AoE damage, as leaving her in 4 would mean that she usually dies before being able to cast her ultimate (putting her in position 4 only matters if she can cast her ultimate).
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