The Oak Inn & Furniture Tier List

the oak inn

In AFK Arena, The Oak Inn is a sweet hotel where our Heroes can take some rest after the hard fights while getting their stats increased.

Your heroes work tirelessly fighting the forces of evil to collect coin, gear, and other loot for you, even when you are offline. It’s only fair that the strongest of your champions should have a place to rest after a hard day of grinding.

Note: On July 7, The Whale Inn is renamed to The Oak Inn.

The Oak Inn Summary

  • Players can easily get into The Oak Inn via the Ranhorn tab.
  • There are various rooms in the hotel and each room can only be used by one Hero.
  • Players can visit friends’ Oak Inn and collect gifts from Chapter 4.
  • After Chapter 17 and having ascended tier heroes unlocked, players can build their own Oak Inn!
  • Arkadios the butler opens a room, Rosaline does a spring clean and the room is ready to ‘bind’ to one of your Ascended heroes.
  • You can bind up to 15 heroes immediately, if you have more than 15, binding additional heroes needs you to setup additional inns starting at 300 diamonds to unlock.
  • Players can purchase different kinds of furniture for these hotel rooms via the Workshop standing next to the hotel (screenshot below).

The Oak Inn AFK Arena

  • Opening up rooms ‘upwards’ is instant, ‘sideways’ takes 12 hours – this increases the limit of furniture that can be placed (3 to 6 to 9). This can be fast tracked for a small amount of diamonds (120 diamonds reducing with the timer).
  • Crafting Furniture costs Poe coins. Poe coins can be obtained from the AFK Campaign, Store, or Special Events.
  • Furniture boosts Heroes stats and can give them new exclusive abilities. All details can be read in the Exclusive Furniture section of each Hero page.
  • There are 4 different rarities of Furniture: Common, Elite, Legendary, and Mythic.
  • Similar to Heroes, Furniture has different Factions. Place the Furniture in the hotel room of the Heroes having the same faction to boost their stats.

  • In the Workshop, there is a featured called Furniture Wishlist.
    • Up to 10 Hero can be added to the Furniture Wishlist.
    • When drawing 10 Furniture cards, if a Mythic item is produced, it has a greater chance of matching a hero icon currently in your wishlist but will not increase the overall chances of Mythic items being produced.
    • Clearing slots in the furniture wishlist will not increase the chance of other hero icons appearing.
    • Every new hero will be added to the list of furniture wishlist choices, and will be marked “New”. Please remember to add the icons you want to your wishlist.
  • There are also a lot of quests in the Oak Inn for players to complete and unlock new Furniture as well as earn Poe Coins.
The Oak Inn AFK Arena Quests
The Oak Inn Quests

Decorating Your Inn

Once you build a piece of furniture, you are guided by the tutorial in decorating your first room.

recorating inn
You can start decorating your rooms and as you can see, Eirron’s feeling under the weather that he can’t entertain Thoran with a cup of tea.

The decoration provides boosts to the hero who lives there with more boosts the more furniture you place and stronger boosts with higher ‘level’ furniture.

Crafting Furniture

After your first item of furniture, all new furniture can be crafted using a new currency, poe coin“Poe coins”.

How to get Poe Coins?

  • AFK rewards (at about 20 poe coin per hour).
  • Fast rewards (also ~20 poe coin per hour).
  • There are also a large number of quests that mean a quick burst of initial furniture with later quests becoming increasingly difficult to complete;
  • Store (200 poe coin for 1M gold or 200 diamonds), this is the cheapest way of collecting Poe coins in addition to idle rewards and is highly recommended for f2p players.
  • Roaming cart in Arcane Labyrinth.
  • Purchasable from the merchant.

Furniture costs 300 Poe coins to build. So you can expect currency for 1 furniture every 15 hours from idle rewards.

Each time furniture is crafted, you have a chance on getting mythic furniture.

There is also a pity counter for legendary (every 30 furniture items) and mythic funiture (every 90).

Rare furniture applies a bonus to a faction, legendary to a class (and faction), mythic to a specific hero (class and faction).

For the pity furniture items, you can choose who the furniture is for.

While the odds may seem daunting to obtain useful mythic furniture, there is a wishlist for 10 heroes to improve the odds.

Best Furniture Wishlist

Furniture Buffs

Placing furniture in a room bound to your ascended hero provides buffs. The type of buffs depends on the level of the furniture.

  • Rare furniture provides small buffs to attack/health/defense.
  • Legendary furniture provides modest buffs to accuracy/life leech/haste (etc.) as well as new stats only previously seen in the abyssal event e.g. crit resistance, crit amplification etc.
  • Mythic furniture provides significant buffs to a specific hero by improving the mechanics of spells or other attributes/abilities. Each hero’s mythic furniture effects can be found in their portrait. For a full list of hero specific furniture buffs, check the hero portraits in-game.

eironn furniture
For example, Eirron gains a furniture ability “Oathkeeper”.

Any mercenaries hired retain their owner’s furniture and you can inspect this by checking the “!” under the relic slot.

It is unclear at this stage where the furniture buffs will apply. At the time of writing, it isn’t clear whether furniture buffs will apply in PvP.

What do you think about this new game feature? Let us know about the comment section below!

Furniture Tier List

By whitesushii

STalene gains the ability to deal damage while she's dead and also lifesteal off it, effectively reducing her reliance on heroes such as Rowan. An insane power boost to an already powerful hero
SOffers a lot of survivabili-ty to a supposedly weaker tank which could really help Ezizh against certain burst lineups. That said, being control immune isn't huge since if you control the enemy first, they can't control you
SThe shield is thick and offers them considerable amount of survivability against dive heroes and also when up in the front-line. That said against AoE, if both Twins take 50% damage, the effect isn't triggered
SAllowing the strongest ally, typically Athalia, to move could mean taking out an enemy hero out-right within that 3s, not to mention letting the allied hero generate energy during that time. Again, very powerful ability for PvP content
SDelays the enemy from entering the battle by 0.75s. This is huge on a hero whose entire kit re-volves around deleting the enemy team before they can do anything. I doubt this will make him great in PvE but for PvP it's a necessity
SWukong passive regen-erates energy and subse-quently health while absent from the battle-field with his furniture. This makes him even harder to kill in PvP al-though we can't tell for sure if this is enough to establish him in PvE
SMore damage on a damage oriented hero al-though the damage is only increased after allies' ultimates which could be fairly late into the round contrary to Athalia's fast playstyle. Might open up synergies with energy cycling team
AReduces enemy haste for every spirit haunting them while buffing his own attack at only 3 piece requirement. Also offers a full stun at 9 pieces which makes this furniture easily one of the best
AThrows more teacups which can both do damage and stun ene-mies. Effectiveness slightly depends on the hero she follows but overall it's still a consis-tently good ability
AEironn ignores enemy defense 100% of the time while above 60% HP which is more than enough time for him to wipe enemies out at the start of the fight and that's only his 3 piece bonus
AHer entire kit revolves around blinking which not only helps her survivability, but also buffs allies with haste. Having shorter blink cooldown and just more blinks is extremely powerful
ANot only does she deal more damage hitting multiple targets, she also m simultaneously reduce the defense rating of multiple heroes Extremely powerful ability
ABetter survivability from self-heal is good but what makes this amazing is the ability to instantly charm everyone near her which makes for great synergy with Eironn's pull
AHuge damage boost at 9 pieces and the fear is great as well. Consider-ing how easily Nara can lock down a backline hero, this furniture makes her extremely powerful
BDoesn't heal all that much and only affects the ally who is drinking the potions so the effect isn't too amazing but you kind of run Rowan in every team so his furni-ture is still worth it
floraBEssentially giving your team 36 Haste over the enemy which while sounds good on paper, is actually not substantial enough to upset the fight. That's not to mention the effect only affects those on the AoE and after her ultimate.
khazardBTypically heroes within striking range of Khazard will eat 2 icicles so the furniture indirectly boosts his survivability by freezing enemies that can/already are attacking him. That 9 set effect is pretty underwhelming
BThe signature makes cheese strats easier but isn't necessary. Unfortu-nately, doesn't offer much towards anything else.
BVery powerful effect that gives allies attack rating, damage reduction as well as energy. Great synergy with melee heavy comps for example when playing dive heroes such as Tidus, Antandra or Athalia (?)
arthurBStrong shield which especially keeps backline alive against dive enemies or burst damage which is universally usable and good but has limited potential for outplays.
CRemoves buffs on hit which is especially useful against Brutus/Lu-cius shield. Overall great effect but limited to single targets not to mention you can cast his ultimate manually for the same effect.
CWhiplash affects friendly frontline most of the time whereas heroes that can damage Mehira are usually AoE enemy back-lines. Making your tanks do more damage to enemies they can't reach is pretty underwhelming .
C She's essentially guaran-teed a stun on her first arrow which buys her entire team time but in PvE, you can always just reroll until you get the 70% proc. That said, the 15% damage is decent. Otherwise, the effect is good for PvP
izoldCStays true to his niche of being able to single-handedly carry the game once he gets his ultimate going. However the phrasing seems to suggest him still requiring to ult at least once which is what kills his potential most of the time.
CGorvo becomes even more tanky while generating more energy using his signature item, thus casting more ultimates and perpetually locking enemies in place more often. Very powerful furniture
CField lasting an addition-al 15s isn't huge on its own since outcomes are usually decided before that but the synergy with her 9 furniture bonus could give you the edge in getting that ultimate in faster.
CConfusing ability on paper but basically it lets her cast Kamui Mutsube off regenerated HP, making her furniture actually great at keeping her alive and dealing damage
MezothDReducing the duration (not effect) of control abilities in itself isn't significant. This is not to mention his ultimate already makes him immune to control above 50% HP so the furniture is almost pointless
DUnderwhelming since hitting 1 target or ulting multiple times means you already won or are going to lose. The damage boost is insane for boss fights where there is only one target but Saurus exists so I doubt she'll be important
soliseDFloral spectres do a lot of damage and having more uptime on them is good. That said, it's not entirely clear how powerful this is going to be.
cecillaDAdditional damage which is a little too situational and the effect isn't amazing either. It also takes a while for her to stack symbols and cast ultimates to take advantage of it. Might be decent for bosses giving her more damage.
DStrong ability that increases the survivability of allies by a lot but is reliant on enemy positions. Potentially great synergy with Eironn grouping enemies up near allies
D50 crit amplification is a lot and so is 66% damage reduction. However, it is pretty questionable if this will be enough to make Khasos more usable than the likes of Skriath and Safiya. It's unfortunate you can't have both effects
DAlmost a straight up 40% damage reduction with scaling capabilities similar to Izold. That said it's still too early to tell if this is enough to bring her into the meta .
tidusDTenacity is good al-though not a lot being only 24% chance to avoid control. Gaining health back is also decent but it's only missing health. Pretty average furniture but Tidus is pretty great already and the effects supplement him well.
DThe effect is really good not only spawning more totems but also heals existing totems. That said, you probably need his signature item maxed out to really take advantage of the furniture.
DIsabella now reliably hits the weakest enemy constantly which is good for denying certain backline heroes. That said, doesn't overcome her fundamental weakness of not having burst or AoE as a mage.
DVery powerful ability that reduces energy recovery, accuracy as well as deals damage but limited potential due to Kaz being a single target hero. Could be useful for PvP
DVery powerful ability when triggered but Satrana typically has trouble staying alive up to that point. Has potential and might be strong in the correct lineup
D Very powerful furniture giving Thane not only more damage but also in-directly more survivability. It is unclear at the moment if this will affect his position in the meta for PvE content but he might bounce back when it comes to PvP
DGrouping enemies up at the start has various advantages such as per-haps allow Khasos axes to hit all 5 targets but with most synergy furnitures, it's too early to tell
EDamage reduction while using his abilities is decent given how fast he attacks but isn't game changing. That said the tenacity from furniture might help him avoid staggers.
EGives Kelthur a lot more damage while he's dead but Kelthur's power while dead is more of a bonus and he's a lot stronger alive... and the furniture doesn't help him stay alive.
E3 set is alright but 9 set is almost useless since in late-game Brutus is almost always the first hero to die. Overall pretty mediocre furniture.
UkyoEFurniture gives him a stacking damage buff which is consistently above average but it's honestly not enough to mitigate the weakness of him being a melee assassin
EFurniture allows Baden to cheat death but the exact interactions are unclear to me at this point. Has the potential to be really strong given how he is essentially unkillable with phantoms for up to 6 times.
EFurniture makes him tanky but I have very little experience with this hero nor have I seen too many players run him so it's uncertain how impactful this tankiness is at the moment .
EVery situational haste and damage reduction buffs which could be great but requires the correct synergy to really perform. Right now it's still too early to tell how good this is but it has potential
EBuff effect is decent but way too slow especially since she's used a lot in Gwyneth comps where the first 15s matters a lot.
OscarEGreatly increases his PvP potential and reliability but having more dodge in PvE is less substantial due to players simply being able to retry stages. He's also generally not a priority pick in PvE
EDecent reliability for her ultimate and some form of survivability. However, she doesn't get addition-all damage which is what she lacks the most for pushing PvE content
EVery average effect that while good, isn't amazing. It makes shield explode more reliably but the shield itself doesn't do that much damage and 300 energy taken at best case scenario is probably only good in PvP
AnokiEEffect is mediocre and it is debatable how many times it would actually trigger given how fast most fights end. Basically a win-more furniture
EWarek doesn't survive very well so giving him more crit isn't extremely useful. His furniture also doesn't help his bossing capabilities since there's only a single target.
FIn a game where the player is always playing from a losing position, an inconsequential buff to a "win more" ability is extremely underwhelming
FGiving the other tank damage mitigation and energy sounds good on paper but Lucius is actually a backline hero the later you are in the game especially with large level deficits (so kind of pointless). Might be really good for PvP
FUp to 60% of Hendrik's defense rating is pretty inconsequential since it's not straight up damage reduction
OdenFMediocre increment to attack rating and damage reduction but the catch is how Oden is not going to survive that many ultimates to really take advantage of the stacking buffs
FExtremely situatio0nal ability that requires not only the cast of his ultimate, but also pushing enemies to the edge not to mention the effect afterward isn't amazing either
FNot only do your allies only get 60 dodge, but you only get it when above 60 haste. Doesn't even do anything else besides that Sounds good on paper but actually way too situational to be useful. Vurk rarely ever even going to get the damage bonus from his furniture

Guide shared by Shizzam.

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I love this new game feature, it gives ascended heroes a little boost in damage and the ability to gain more skills, this opens up a whole new world when it comes to team building and meta heroes for late PvP and PvE

Last edited 1 month ago by O.K.

ffs…. i’m not enjoying “games” withing the game… The title of this game is soo misleading… AFK


Can I remove a hero placed there before? How can I do that?

Phoenix Fury

Unfortunately you can’t. And the maximum number of guests is 60 while the number of in game heroes is 61. So don’t put your trash heroes inside before thinking twice.


Interesting feature and a nice addition, reminds me of decorating your Moghouse in Final Fantasy XI to give attributes to your main character. This was also done with different level beds, trees, chest, cupboards, lots of quest items. In fact the bed was a 3 or 4 step quest in itself (been a while since I’ve done it). But deciding where furniture goes in the Oak Inn is NOT random as this guide implies. Furniture has stats that are matched to Factions and jobs, I e. Warrior, ranger, etc. The button “Auto Place” helps put the correct pieces with the… Read more »

Phoenix Fury

You need to pull another furnitures of the same type. You can only use a furniture’s skin if you pulled it before.


Do the rare decorations have any value or should they just be sold?


In the “Furniture Tier List” tasi is missed and the text on lyca is for tasi


Does a hero only get the buff if it is in ascended e.g. if I have a mythic talene furniture but not an ascended talene would she still get the special ability or no?


please explain how to unlock the oak inn. i already have ascended hero and on level chapter 20


it say, own ascended Hero and begin chapter 18 of the campaign to accsess your own oak inn


After the update, is Lucius’ furniture worth a higher tier?

Daniel Oh

u need some updates, some of their furniture effects changed