Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain

Hodgkin - The Reviled Captain

Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain

FactionGraveborn Graveborn
 Type: Strength Strength
 Class: Tank Tank
 Role: Tank Tank

Hodgkin’s Skills

The Immortal

Hodgkin summons a ghost ship that crashes into the most concentrated area of enemies, dealing 330% AoE damage to enemies, simultaneously siphoning the souls of all enemies on the battlefield for 7 seconds.

Enemies that have their souls siphoned also have their damage and healing efficiency reduced by 25%.

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  • Lvl 2: Enemies are additionally terrified for 3.5 seconds.
  • Lvl 3: Damage is increased to 360%.

Soul Devourer

Hodgkin raises both of his Soul Devourer cannons and deals 240% damage on his target, also siphoning their soul in the process.

The effect of the soul siphoning is the same as “The Immortal”.

This ability has an additional 35% Life Leech effect when damage is dealt.

  • Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 260%
  • Lvl 3: If an enemy has already had their soul siphoned, they will be additionally stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Level 4: Damage is increased to 280%

Jolly Roger

Hodgkin summons down a Jolly Roger flag that deals 230% AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Allied heroes that are within range have their Defense and Attack Ratings increased by 20% for the following 10 seconds.

If an enemy within range has had their soul siphoned, the flag shall be strengthened, with its duration being extended to 3 seconds.

After the flag has been strengthened, any allied heroes within range, shall have their Haste additionally increased by 35 points.

  • Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 260%
  • Lvl 3: Allied heroes within range have their Defense Ratings increased by 30% and Attack Rating increased by 30%

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Reviler’s Defiance

Hodgkin starts blocking frontal damage and is immune to control effects for up to 3 seconds, or until he blocks an amount of damage equal to 25% of his max health.

After Hodgkin finishes blocking damage, he immediately retaliates against the attacker, dealing up to 15% of the attacker’ s max health as damage.

The amount of damage dealt is determined by the duration of time Hodgkin blocks damage for, but shall not exceed 550% of Hodgkin’s own Attack Rating.

  • Lvl 2: Damage equal to 35% of Hodgkin’s max health can be blocked.
  • Lvl 3: Deals damage up to 20% of the target’s max health.

Signature Item: Soul Devourers

Skill: Pirate’s Greed

Hodgkin immediately recovers 10% of his max health for every non-summoned target that has their soul siphoned. This effect can be triggered 3 times every 4.5s.

[+10 Unlocks] Hodgkin immediately recovers 15% of his max health for every non-summoned target that has their soul siphoned

[+20 Unlocks] Hodgkin’s 1 most injured! allies shall also recover 15% of their max health values.

[+30 Unlocks] Each time an enemy has their soul siphoned, the damage Hodgkin deals to that enemy is permanently increased by 20%. This effect can be stacked against every enemy a maximum of 3 times.

Furniture Skill: Pirate’s Curse

Pirate's Curse

3/3 Ability: When an enemy has their soul siphoned, the effect shall continue up until Hodgkin’s death.

9/9 Ability: Enemies that have their souls siphoned shall have their healing efficiency and damage reduced by 35%. If the same enemy has their soul siphoned again, they will be dealt damage equal to 290% of Hodgkin’s Attack Rating.


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