Mishka – The Wild Child

Mishka - The Wild Child

Mishka – The Wild Child

Faction: wilders Wilder
Type: Strength
 Class: Tank Tank
 Role: Tank Tank

Mishka Skills


Mishka transforms into Werebear form and jumps into the densest area of enemies, dealing 250% damage to surrounding enemies as she hits the ground, knocking them into the air and stunning them for 5 seconds, 250% additional damage is also dealt to the central enemy heroes.

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After hitting the ground, Mishka lets out a terrifying growl, which reduces enemies’ Defense Ratings by 30% for 8 seconds, this effect cannot be stacked.

Mishka is able to ignore and is immune to all control effects while in Werebear form.

  • Lvl 2: Enemies’ Defense Ratings are reduced by 40%.
  • Lvl 3: Enemies are stunned for 6 seconds.

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Dire Wolves

Mishka fights with two wolves by her side. The wolves possess 150% of Mishka’s Attack Rating and 50% of all her other attributes.

When a wolf attacks an enemy they will mark the enemy with a “Feral Bite” mark, which lasts for 10 seconds.

Each time Mishka deals damage to a marked enemy, she will deal additional damage equal to 5% of the enemy’s current health, but the damage shall not exceed 300% of Mishka’s Attack Rating.

  • Lvl 2: Other attributes shared by the wolves are increased to 80%
  • Lvl 3: Attack Rating shared by the wolves is increased to 200%.
  • Lvl 4: The additional damage Mishka deals to enemies marked, with a Feral Bite is increased to equal 10% of their current health, but shall not exceed 600% of Mishka’s Attack Rating value.

Call of the Wild

Mishka’s wolves sprint over to the enemy target and grip onto them, causing them to be unable to move or use abilities, marking them with a Feral Bite mark in the process.

Mishka then slashes the enemy 3 times, dealing 220% damage per attack, with the final attack knocking the enemy down, stunning them for 2 seconds.

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When one of Mishka’s wolves dies, the number of attacks becomes 2, when both wolves have died, this ability cannot be used.

  • Lvl 2: Damage of each attack is increased to 260%.
  • Lvl 3: Damage of each attack is increased to 300%.
  • Lvl 4: Damage of each attack is increased to 500% if the enemy is using a shield.

Natural Rejuvenation

Mishka pours a healing resin over herself and her wolves, that heals a value equal to 150% of her Attack Rating and also provides a shield that exists for 6 seconds which is able to mitigate damage worth 300% of Mishka’s Attack Rating.

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  • Lvl 2: Shield’s value is increased to 330% of Mishka’s Attack Rating.
  • Lvl 3: Shield’s value is increased to 360% of Mishka’s Attack Rating
  • Lvl 4: All allied heroes receive healing and are shielded.

Signature Item: Bear Talons

Skill: Natural Defense: When Mishka’s Ultimate ability ends, she receives 30% Damage Reduction for 8 seconds. If this ability is used again while the Damage Reduction effects are, still present, its effects and duration will, be reset.

[+10 Unlocks] Allied heroes attacking enemies marked with a Feral Bite deal 15% more damage to them.

[+20 Unlocks] Allied heroes attacking enemies marked with a Feral Bite deal 30% more damage to them.

[+30 Unlocks] Each enemy that is knocked into the air by Mishka’s Ultimate ability increases the percentage of Damage Reduction by an additional 10% Additional Damage Reduction can be increased to a maximum of 40%.

Nature Unity

Furniture Ability: Nature Unity

3/3 Ability: 50% of the damage dealt by Mishka’s wolves is converted into her health.

9/9 Ability: Each time a Wolf dies, Mishka’s Energy is immediately replenished and her Attack Rating is increased by 20% and her Attack Speed is increased by 25 points for the remainder of the battle.


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