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Saveas – Strongheart

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Saveas deals extremely high damage at the cost of his own health. Despite this, he is also surprisingly durable and can decimate enemy teams if left unattended.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Eye

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Obscene damage
  • Surprisingly tanky
  • +15 Crit Rate Union buff Unlocked with 3 Elite+, Earlier than any other Legendary Damage Dealer


  • Self-damage

General Strategy for Saveas

  • Hide Saveas behind Brutus for maximum effectiveness. Saveas takes full advantage of Brutus’s 2nd skill (Roar), while Brutus’s guaranteed survivability buys time for Saveas to build energy. Brutus’s ultimate can also set up future kills for Saveas to keep resetting his ultimate duration.
  • Khasos’s 4th skill (Rabid Thirst) grants Saveas lifesteal to offset the health cost in empowering Saveas’s autoattacks.
  • Due to Saveas’s high autoattack damage, buffing his attack speed is especially potent, making allies such as Numisu great, and also the Dura’s Eye Artifact.
  • +15 Crit Rate: This buff granted from the Union Buffs(Located in Library) is Saveas’ strongest early game advantage over all early game damage dealers in the game. Try to aquire the buff as soon as possible as it provides Saveas a powerful stat that no other early game hero can have until mid to the end of mid game, granting you a strong advantage in PvP modes.

Guild Hunt Strategy

  • DPS Survivalist: Saveas has very high DPS and Surivability, makihg him a strong yet also very cheap hero to play in Guild Hunts. With his high healing and damage output, Saveas needs very little team support and can provide high damage output by outlasting other more team dependent damage dealers with his lack of reliance on healing from teammates. This combination of high DPS and Survivability makes him a great Guild Hunt hero from Early-Mid game as he needs very little investment to play Guild Hunt effectively, thus gaining a strong advantage against most Damage Dealers by being effective at Guild Hunt much earlier and at a lower investment requirement.
  • Wasted Utility: Just as with all DPS based damage dealers, Saveas fails to take advantage of the fact that Wrizz’ Ultimate ability restores your heroes’ Energy to full on hit. This is because Saveas deals damage overtime, not in one burst. This makes him unable to take advantage of Double Ult Strategies thus his damage output can fall off once burst heroes gains access to Double Ult strategies with dedicated team support & healing.
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