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Morvus – The Far Stalker

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Morvus is an artillery type damage dealer who provides fire support with his high AoE DpS, stuns and the ability to snipe weak enemies.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Grace

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Grenades can interrupt multiple enemies
  • Grenade have very wide AoE and low CD
  • Ult snipes the weakest enemy


  • Does not have a Crit Rate Union buff.
  • With the Genade not prioritizing the enemy directly infront of him, it takes more effort to predict where Morvus will focus his damage.

General Strategy for Morvus

  • Unlike the other Ranged Agility hero, Morvus plays more like an siege/artillery hero or a fire support hero. He lacks focused damage and instead invests in an AoE damage that is not limited to targetting the enemy that is directly infront of him. This limits Morvus’ role to a secondary damage dealer. He is best utilized as a hero that provides fire support rather than being the main damage dealer. Fire Support is Morvus’ Primary Role. Assassination/Sniper is only secondary. Other heroes are better than Morvus at assassinating but Morvus is unrivaled in basic AoE dps.
  • Morvus is best paired with heroes that provide strong single target dps or AoE burst to take advantage of his ability to soften multiple enemies at once pre-ult wave. Morvus softens the enemy and the ally will finish them off. If the ally fails to before the ult wave, Morvus can finish them off himself.
  • As a character, Morvus may seem like he doesn’t provide much but he is the one hero that provides the most consistent AoE dps in the game for his AoE is not dependent on being set up with displacements to clump up enemies nor it is limited by positioning. Morvus will fire his grenade on the high priority frontline, guaranteeing 3 heroes hit from its first cast even without displacements. If your damage dealer is capable of taking advantage of this, Morvus will be a solid character.
  • Ultimate: Morvus’ Ultimate ability is unavoidable, making him effective against dodge characters like Kaz. It also crits against low HP units, making it an effective finisher.
  • Raine: While Morvus is limited to being a fire support, the addition of Raine in the team effectively makes Morvus a good sweeper. With his ult having energy return on kill, Morvus will fire his ult faster than any other hero in the game after a bounty kill.
  • Belinda-Estrilda: Belinda is a strong hero to complement Morvus as she provides Morvus with Crit Rate, something very good for an AoE hero when the crit luck is on your side. This makes Morvus’ AoE dmg alot more potent as he have low cooldown and fast attack rate, meaning he will shoot it often and have alot of chances to crit. But having 2 support fire characters is not good. This is where the addition of Estrilda completes the team. Estrilda gives Belinda Atk Spd and Energy gain, allowing her to be a more effective main damage dealer, to take advantage of Morvus’ Fire Support.
  • Comparison: Due to Morvus’ lack of Crit Rate Union Buff and Low Cooldown AoE skill, it is more fair to consider Morvus an AoE Mage than an Agi DPS due to his lack of single target damage, especially the closer he gets to maximum level. The later the game, the less similar Morvus gets to Agility DPS. Instead, with no crit rate but nonetheless high attack stats, Morvus provides strong AoE like AoE Mages. His Advantage over those AoE Mages however is that he has accuracy, a stat that Intelligence heroes lack. This makes him a Mage that is not weak against dodge, but instead hard counters it with the addition of his Ultimate.
  • Double Mage: With Morvus being an Agi Mage also opens up the opportunity for a double burst set up as your damage dealers would not compete for the same equipment types.

Guild Hunt Strategy

Morvus’ greatest weakness is his average Guild Hunt DpS and being at a faction disadvantage against Soren. This is crucial as in the Early-Mid game, you would not have many heroes thus you would likely lack the hero to Switch Morvus out of against Soren. (Or the hero you switch with Morvus will have lower power than Morvus). This will put you at a disadvantage against other players who utilize heroes who are able to get high Guild Hunt scores as they can acquire more equipments and crystals from Soren.

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