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Mirael – The Burning Light

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lightbearer faction LightbearersIntelligence Intelligencelegendary plus Legendary+4Burst / Def Supp
Belinda / Estrilda / Ogi


Mirael is a damage dealer who specialize in high AoE burst damage and protecting her allies from magic damage.

Mirael is additionally good at closing out the game as her skills become stronger as the enemies’ numbers dwindle.

Mirael’s skills additionally possess naturally high %, making her a very efficient at taking advantage of the Attack Stat.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's EyeDura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • 250% dmg 5 man ult
  • Ult deals up to 50/100% more dmg to center
  • 300% dmg basic skill
  • 360% anti-magic shield
  • +15 Crit [Elite+ Union Buff]


  • Random targeting is unreliable
  • Needs durable frontline

General Strategy for Mirael

  • Belinda Synergy: Mirael is a Mage with High Attack Stats and Skill %s, making her a great hero at taking advantage of Belinda’s Atk and Crit Buffs. With her High AoE and Low Cooldowns, Mirael is capable of dealing Bursts of High AoE damage to the enemy team.
  • Strong vs Mages: Mirael is best deployed when fighting against enemy mages with high single-target burst damage, as her 3rd skill (Flame Shield) grants a 360% magic shield.
  • Position 4: Place Mirael at position 4 to grant her ultimate the ability to hit all enemies when it is cast. Her ultimate also deals 50/100% more damage to enemies near the center of her AoE path, making her a viable counterpick against compositions that is designed to hide a highly important damage dealer at the center, as it is the least snipable position.
  • Taking Advantage of Fireballs: Mirael’s 2nd skill (Fireball) can hit vulnerable heroes and help assassins secure the kill. However, the random targeting makes this ability very unreliable, and could be a detriment as spreading damage across multiple targets is generally worse than concentrating that same damage on one target to secure the kill ASAP. However, as soon as Mirael gets the AoE effect of this skill, the game changes drastically as it can turn from a spread of 300% single target dmg attack, to a 300% AoE attack, dealing even higher damage than her ultimte’s base damage. To fully take advantage of the AoE effect, utilize heroes with early Knock Backs effects like Estrilda to clump the enemy heroes for when Mirael throws out her fireballs.
  • +15 Crit Rate: With the new addition of the “Bounty Hunters” Union in the Library, Mirael is the 2nd hero to have an early Crit Rate Union Buff that requires only Elite+. This allows her to share the same benefits Saveas has that makes him very strong in the Early-Mid Game. With bonus Crit Rate, Mirael’s Damage output is amplified much earlier than most players do, gaining significant burst damage advantage. Additionally, Both Fawkes and Raine are heroes that are relatively easy to acquire, grants the Mirael player more hope of finding players with Raine or Fawkes mercenaries than the Saveas Players with Numisu and Vurk mercenaries, leading to a potentially earlier acquisition of the buff.

Guild Hunt Strategy

  • Despite being an AoE Mage, Mirael provides very high single target damage with 3 skills that all deal damage, and even more damage with only one enemy in the battlefield.
  • Ultimate: Place Mirael at Position 4 to fully take advantage of her Ultimate buffing it from 250% damage to 375% (lvl 61+) or 500%((vl 121+). This makes Mirael one of the best contenders for the Double Ult Strategy.
  • Skill 2 – Fireball: This skill’s greatest weakness is that when there are multiple enemies on the battlefield, each fireball can attack a different enemy, making its damage somewhat lackluster depite it being the only basic skill in the game that deals over 300-330% damage on a very low cooldown. But in Guild Hunts, there is only one enemy, making Mirael’s DpS extremely high despite being an AoE Mage. With the combination of Mirael’s extremely high attack stat and this skill’s low cooldown and high %, Mirael is a strong contender for Guild Hunt DpS.
  • [lvl 81] Skill 3 – Flame Shield: From lvl 81, this skill deals damage to an enemy around the target. This can situationally good if you have a frontline who is able to consistently get targetted by this skill, increasing Mirael’s Guild Hunt damage even further. The Shield is also able to Block Soren’s Charm which is a plus for Mirael.
  • But despite all these, Mirael’s weakness is being a Lightbearer, thus weak against Soren’s extremely high damage and that there are alot more heroes who are able to deal higher damage and have more survivability than her. However, if you are playing Mirael, know that she is above average when it comes to fighting Wrizz. She even is better than Belinda at dealing damage though Belinda’s supporting capabilities outclass Mirael as Belinda is able to buff your strongest ally and together might deal more dmg than when utilizing Mirael and that ally.
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