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Arden – Nature’s Voice

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Arden possesses unparalleled control abilities at the cost of having low damage output.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • 3-man disable
  • Anti-Dodge Debuff


  • Low damage outside of ultimate

General Strategy for Arden

Arden’s 2nd skill (Entangling Roots) has a limited range; it cannot hit enemies in the opposite corner from Arden. This means that an Arden in position 3 cannot root an enemy in position 5, and an Arden in position 5 cannot root an enemy in position 3. This can be advantageous as positioning Arden in either position 3 or 5 increases the odds that he roots the target you most want to disable. All else being equal, the only case where Arden should be placed in position 4 is if you want to root both enemies at position 3 and 5.

Guild Hunt Strategy

► Lvl 121+: Despite being a tank, Ogi deals the highest Guild Hunt Damage out of all Legendary Tanks in the game, making him a viable option in Guild Hunts if you need a damage dealer who can also tank damage for your team. Ogi’s damage is abe to rival most fragile damage dealers in the game, losing only to the top tier dedicated Guild Hunt damage Dealers, You can try to take advantage of his combination of damage and durability if you need one.

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