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Vedan – The Demise

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Vedan relies on his lifesteal capabilities to survive, and can be a persistent thorn in his enemies’ sides if they lack the damage to overcome his lifesteal.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's EyeDura's DrapeDura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • High sustain makes him unkillable if enemy damage is low


  • 3rd skill randomness can be bad
  • Needs to be  overlevelled/geared to be effective

General Strategy for Vedan

► Vedan’s 2nd skill (Vitality) provides high dmg burst and healing which makes him a good option to put in front. Since he’s guaranteed to take damage in front, his 2nd skill will gain maximum value by taking advantage of the healing aspect in addition to the damage.
► Vedan’s 3rd skill (Thirst) can be a nuisance as it only grants life leech stat. Which is not very useful since his target is random and will interrupt him from attacking. Additionally, his target may not need the life leech (may only be missing a minimal amount of health), or may die shortly after receiving the buff, making this skill useless at times.
► Vedan’s ult is what gives him his Sweeper capabilities, by turning him untargetable for 6-7 seconds while lifestealing.
► Vedan is a straight forward hero who is good on his own. There is not much strategy involved in using him, aside from overlevelling him to maximize his Sweeping capabilities.

Guild Hunt Strategy

► Back Turn Strategy (But not as reliable)

► Survivalist Dps with Lifesteal and Invulnerability to dodge boss ults. However, deals low dps.

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