AFK Journey Exclusive Weapon Priority Guide

This is a complete guide to help you decide which EX weapons you will level up first.

When you upgrade a character to their Mythic+ tier, their Exclusive Item becomes available to unlock and upgrade. This Exclusive Item grants a set of stats tailored towards the character it is for and unlocks a 4th ability in their kit (known as an EX or Exclusive Skill).

Leveling up a hero’s EX Weapon increases the Basic Stats it provides and improves the effects of their EX Skill at EX Weapon Level +5, +10, and +15.

To level up a hero’s EX Weapon, you need the following materials:

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  • 150x  Tidal Essence: Level 1 – Level 5 EX Weapons (Ascension required: Mythic+)
  • 75x Temporal Essence: Level 6 – Level 10 EX Weapons (Ascension required: Supreme)
  • 100x Temporal Essence: Level 11 – Level 15 EX Weapons (Ascension required: Supreme+)
  • 125x Twilight Essence: Level 16 – Level 25 EX Weapons (Ascension required: Supreme+)

You can get these EX Weapon upgrade materials mainly by purchasing them from Emporium stores, participating in Dream Realm battles, and achieving higher tiers in the Arena.

Since the Temporal Essence and Twilight Essence are very hard to obtain, you have to be really careful with the using them to upgrade the EX weapon. And in this guide we ordered all characters by the priority when it comes to how much they need investment in their EX weapon to work well and where should you stop to get the best bang for your buck.

Best EX Weapons to level up first

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Very High

Recommended EX Weapon Level

Level 15
Level 10    
Level 8
Level 5
Level 0

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