AFK Journey Emporium Guide

There’s a big variety of shops available in AFK Journey where you can purchase Invite Letter and other summoning currency, S-Level and A-Level character dupes, Acorns and much more.

To access the shops, you have to visit the Mystical House and then the Emporium. Currently there are 5 available shops:

  • Recruitment Store: contains summoning currency for Banners and Stargaze, Acorns and Soulstones. Refreshes monthly.
  • Guild Store: contains summoning currency for Banners and Stargaze, Acorns. You can also buy Celestial and Hypogean dupes from here. Refreshes daily and monthly.
  • Arena Store: contains S-Level character dupes. Refreshes monthly.
  • Dream Store: contains A-Level character dupes. Refreshes monthly.
  • Friendship Store: contains Affinity items and Gestures. Refreshes daily.

To learn what to prioritize in each of those shops, check the sections below.

Recruitment Store

Focus on discounted Epic Invite Letter and Stellar Crystal first and only then buy their non-discounted version. As a F2P player you won’t be able to buy anything else, but this depends on how many pulls you will do every month – as the currency required to buy anything here comes from summoning.

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Stellar Crystal are required to do pulls on the Stargaze banner as you can’t use your Diamonds directly there. So the amount of Stargazing you can do every month is limited. But it is important to mention that Stellar Crystal won’t appear in any shop until you unlock Stargazing which will require you do to 400 pulls on the other banners.

Guild Store

Always make sure to buy the discounted Invite Letter every day as it only costs you 210 Diamonds. As for the monthly part of the shop, get Epic Invite Letter and Stellar Crystal every month.

Stellar Crystal are required to do pulls on the Stargaze banner as you can’t use your Diamonds directly there. So the amount of Stargazing you can do every month is limited.

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As for the  Celestial and Hypogean dupes you can buy here, go for Reinier first until you reach Mythic+ and unlock his EX weapon. The other options have more niche uses and only become good later one, while Reinier is already decent with a single copy.

Arena Store

The Arena Store allows you to buy dupes of many S-Level characters dupes. We marked the ones you should focus on first with numbers, but Rowan and Brutus take a priority if you don’t have them yet. Both are one-copy wonders who are able to fulfill their role in the early/mid game with a single copy, but eventually you will want to upgrade Rowan to Mythic+.

As for the other characters, get them to Mythic+ to unlock their EX weapons and then move to the next character. Here’s some info about them:

Cecia is a great damage dealer and you will obtain a copy of her from your first 10-pull. She makes progression much easier and can be used in various areas of the game, but she’s not the best anywhere beside story and Battle Drills.

Hewynn is a great Healer who compared to Rowan and Smokey, can affect the whole battlefield at the same time. Her only issue is that she’s a bit slow and it takes her some time to use her Ultimate, so you often use her together with another Healer early on.

Granny Dahnie is a great tank who is only inferior to Thoran, but in some teams she actually outperforms the undead menace. On top of being a great tank, she can also debuff and CC enemies and heal herself, allowing her to outlast the enemy team.

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Bryon is a magic Ranger who can summon a Falcon and who focuses on debuffing enemies while killing them quickly. Once you unlock his EX weapon he also gains the ability to revive once per battle.

Cassadee is an AoE focused mage who also can buff her allies. She shines in Magical teams as she also can reduce the enemy’s MDEF, which makes her pretty good in Dream Realm.

Dream Store

The Dream Store allows you to buy dupes of many A-Level characters dupes.

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For this store, the choice is a bit more complicated as you have different paths based on the direction you want to take your account to and what do you want to focus on.

To learn more about the characters, check our tier list and their profiles, this should help you with making your decision. Still, Dream Realm characters should be your priority, because the only way to obtain the currency used in the store is via Dream Realm itself – and if you perform better there, you will gain more currency.

Friendship Store

Friendship Store is pretty straightforward. The Gestures you can buy only once and the Affinity items change daily. You can get Invite Letter and Diamonds by raising the affinity of your characters, so it’s worth getting the discounted item whenever you can. Make sure your friend list is full.

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