100 AFK Arena Tips For A Better Start!

Below is the top 100 AFK Arena Tips everyone should know! To me, I wish I had known all of them when I first started playing the game.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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Top 100 AFK Arena Tips You Should Know When Start Playing

1. Bookmark AFK.Guide and Follow the official pages of AFK Arena on as many platforms as possible (Reddit, Facebook, Discord), to quickly understand how the game works, and to find out the latest news / events / updates. You also have the community section right in the game, which will help you a lot!

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2. Check out the latest redemption codes that are available. You will receive free resources.

3. Once you’ve entered the game, click on Quests → Campaign section, and do the latest missions for free Gems.

4. Enter the Wall of Legends section, and you can get free diamonds from there. 5. Enter the Merchants section, and you can get free diamonds and other resources daily from there.

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6. When you get a new hero, go to his portrait page, enter his story, and youll get 100 free diamonds.

7. You need as many friends as possible (preferably stronger than you), as quickly as possible.

8. You need a guild as quickly as possible.

9. Enter the Settings, and check the Health Bars and Battle Text sections, and the Guild Boss notification is also preferable.

10. Try not to stay longer than 12 hours until you click on afk rewards, so you don’t waste time and resources.

11. Check your mail often in the game, as it contains information about the latest’ future updates, and possibly free resources.

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12. Send and receive hearts to friends as much as possible, as quickly as possible, from the moment you started the game.

13. In the Store, buy hero essence Dust with gold daily, and with Gems, buy elite hero soulstone elite hero soulstone, when you have them there.

14. You should not buy anything else from the shop, either with gold or diamonds. You will buy Emblems in the future, but that in the very distant future.

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15. In the Barracks, you never buy anything other than elite hero soulstone Elite hero soulstone, as they are by far the most valuable purchase.

16. In the Guild Store, you don’t have to buy anything until you have a maximum of 200,000 guild coins. And at that point, try to buy only gear for your main DPS/Tank hero. Always try to stay with 200,000 guild coins, because Mythic Gear from Chapter 16 will appear. and then you need to buy as much of that gear as possible. You will get there in 2-4 months, so just wait.

17. In the Labyrinth Store, you shouldn’t buy anything else than Shemira, until you have her Ascended.

18. In the Labyrinth Store, after you make Shemira Ascended, you should focus on Nemora, and after that, focus on Khasos, Thoran and Skreg.

19. In the Challenger Store, always buy Athalia or Ezizh, as they are by far the best purchase to make here.

20. In the Rickety Cart section, under the Retire Hero section, check the Automatically Remove New Common Heroes feature.

21. In Noble Tavern, you always only use 2,700 Diamonds for 10 summons, compared to 300 diamonds for 1 summon, because you get I free summon.

22. Summons with Hearts or any other type of scroll, you can make them just as 1 summon, because it does not benefit you with nothing to do 10 at a time.

23. Use the Wishlist from the Noble Tavern, and pick the heroes you always need. Each time, you must complete all spaces in all factions, in order to get the maximum potential offered by this system.

24. In this game, at least in the beginning, you do absolutely nothing with Diamonds other than 10x summons, buy elite hero soulstone elite hero soulstone from the shop, or reset, very rarely and only when needed, heroes (which is not preferable). Anything beyond that will be just an expense, not a long-term investment.

25. In Noble Tavern, if every 29 summons, while using diamonds alongside with common scrolls, you will not get 1 elite hero, you will get 1 elite hero guaranteed at the 30th summon. This rule applies in particular to faction scrolls only as well, but does not apply to companion points.

26. Never use the Stargazing Room, except after at least 5-6 months of gaming experience, and never use diamonds to try your luck there, but only stargazing cards. You will learn these things much more in the future.

27. For Ascension, it is a vast topic, about which you can find more from other guides on afk.guide. What you need to follow is that you don’t have to ascend an elite – hero to the legendary, unless you can instantly make him legendary +. This Will slow down your long-term process.

ascension guide afk arena
How to Ascend Heroes in AFK Arena

28. It is extremely important that you do not Ascend your hero by using another Ascended hero. You can see all the heroes and their type on the Portraits page, and you Will see that there are 3 types of heroes, namely Ascended Tier, Legendary and Common heroes. If you want to ascend your hero, always use only legendary heroes, not ascended tier heroes!

29. Try to ascend only the heroes you use most often. Try not to ascend a random hero, just because you can.

30. Try to level up only 5 heroes, because the resonating crystal function will help you copy their level to the rest of your heroes, without additional resources invested.

31. You need a DPS hero. The best starting options are Belinda, Niru and Saveas. Later, you’ll need Shemira.

32. Try to evolve your main DPS hero as much as possible in comparison to the other 4 heroes. After the main DPS, you should focus on tank heroes, and after that, support heroes (all of this from the point of view of increasing the level).

33. Try to do Guild Hunt every day for gold and guild coins, with which you can get gear.

34. Always try to find a guild with as high a level as possible, and with players with heroes as strong as possible. It also has to be very active. This will help you daily.

35. Always try to find friends with heroes as strong as possible. Delete your inactive friends, and always try to send friend requests to players stronger than you. You can find such players in the players table of any guild.

36. For Twisted Realm, always try to get mercenaries from friends or guild people, for better scores, and better rewards.

37. Always fill your Unions in the library, as it improves your hero status.

38. In Elder Tree, try to focus up to level 15 on Dun’s Sustenance and Sorcery. Afterwards, you can focus on Dun’s Fortitude and Celerity.

39. In Resonating Crystal, you always try to put the 5 main heroes, those who are higher than the rest in term of ascension, because they can be evolved to a higher level (for example, put an Legendary + hero instead of just an elite hero).

40. In Resonating Crystal, you always try to put in the slots the heroes that you use most often, at least at the beginning of the game, as you have limited space.

41. In Rickety Card, when you want to reset your hero, you will receive in all circumstances all the resources you have invested in that hero. The same rule is also when you ascend a hero to Temple of Ascension. You will never lose resources through these systems.

42. In the Bounty Board, try to focus the most on hero essence dust and diamonds. One of the best AFK Arena Tips for your longterm!

43. In Arcane Labyrinth, always try to focus on areas with more battles, to become stronger, and gain more resources.

44. When you are in your first period of the game, try not to do Hard Mode in Arcane Labyrinth. There is no big difference between the normal level and the hard mode, in terms of resources. It is more important to complete the Labyrinth.

45. Use as much of Dura’s Tears as you can in Arcane Labyrinth, but only when you need them most. Don’t try to waste them, especially at the beginning of the game.

46. In Arcane Labyrinth, always try not to use the auto system. Instead, you try to use the hero skills, and especially the DPS one, manually. Always try to have the fullest energy for all the heroes, because the energy is saved after each battle, so you Will make your battles easier in the future fights.

47. In Arcane Labyrinth, if you see a fight going wrong, try to change the heroes in the formation, or their position, by pressing the pause button, and restart. You will not lose anything in resources or progress, but you Will only restart the fight.

48. In Arcane Labyrinth, Relics are extremely diverse and complex. Check out this guide for more details. In general, you want your relics to improve the main DPS damage, and to provide as much energy and defense to the entire team.

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49. In Arcane Labyrinth, relics stack, meaning the effects of relics are added to each other, so you can choose a relic that offers the same bonus, multiple times, if you have the opportunity.

50. In Arcane Labyrinth, never buy resources from shops, because their value is not worth it.

51. In Voyage of Wonder and Peaks of Time, the system works the same as in the Arcane Labyrinth, except that it is no longer a linear evolution, but is in the form of a puzzle. You can find the solving of them at Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders.

52. The power of opponents in Arcane Labyrinth and Voyage of Wonders is based on the power ‘ level of your 5 most powerful heroes. This is why it is preferable that your main DPS hero be stronger than the other heroes, because you will be able to defeat with his help opponents more easily.

53. In Voyage of Wonder or Peaks of Time, in case you did something wrong, you can restart the whole system at any time, and you will not lose any resources you have already accumulated.

54. During the game, from Peaks of Time you will get various artifacts as rewards. They offer special bonuses to any hero you want. If you want to find out which artifact best suits a particular hero, you can check out our artifacts page because it is a very large topic, and often the artifacts are more situational than having a fixed position.

55. In the Arena of Heroes, always try to do all the battles you have for free, and always try to use the Arena Tickets that you receive daily, because you always eam resources, and you have a chance to get a chest that contains a lot of good resources, like many diamonds and dust. In addition, you will earn daily diamonds, depending on your position in the top.

56. In the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, always try to do your free daily battles, and climb as high as possible, to earn as many points per hour, which will help you get more heroes, faster.

57. In the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, always try to make at least 2 very good teams out of 3.

58. In the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, you always try to change your attack teams based on the factional advantages, and the positions of the opposing heroes, to make your life easier, and to secure victories more often.

59. In the Legends’ Championship, try never to bet. At least until you learn more about how the game works. We will post some special AFK Arena Tips for the Legends’ Championship soon in the future.

60. Never put more than 3 stars on gear until you get to mythical gear, because it will be a waste of resources. You can try to put maximum 2-3 stars on the best gear that the main DPS or the main Tank have, but no more than that. Just wait, it will be worth it.

61. In the campaign, always follow the factional advantage, which you can see in the form of a button, at the bottom left of the screen, when you prepare your combat heroes, to make your battles easier.

62. If you see that a fight goes wrong, pause, try other heroes, change the position of current heroes, etc. You won’t lose anything, and you can do it endlessly.

63. If you see that you still lose a fight, but it was very close, always try to repeat it. You can do this endlessly without wasting resources or other things. You will have battles where you will have to repeat a battle more than 50 times to win it.

64. Try to have a team consisting of as many heroes from the same faction, in order to receive attack and health bonuses. You can see these bonuses on a button on the top left of the screen as you prepare your battle heroes. This will make your life easier.

65. There is never a specific position of a hero on the battlefield. Try to experiment as much as possible, and try to find out as much as possible from the interactions of the heroes, to get used to the game and the concept of fighting in general.

66. In campaign battles, always use the auto function to help the heroes use their best stills as quickly as possible.

67. Try never to use more than one DPS hero in your team formation. One is enough. Many people make the mistake of initially putting on 2 or 3 DPS heroes, believing that it will help them, but this is not how this game works, at least at the beginning of the game.

68. In the campaign, or any other fighting system in general in this game, a team of heroes is often made up of 2 tanks, I DPS hero, and 2 support heroes. Sometimes only I tank, I DPS hero and 3 support heroes are used. These are the teams used in general, and then you have to orient yourself.

69. In the campaign, it is the moment when you know that you really have nothing to do against the enemy team, when the opposing team has double power over your team. You can see this value above your team and the opposing team, above the screen, as you prepare your combat heroes.

70. In the campaign, if the opposing team is not close to doubling your strength, and yet you lose the fight very quickly, your team, their position, your choice of heroes is a problem. Then you know at least that you can still make changes to the team, and that you’re not blocked just because you’re just too weak at the moment.

71. In general, when you can no longer defeat your opponents in the campaign, you simply have to stay afk, and wait for more resources, in order to improve your heroes. This process can take from days to weeks, depending on where you are in the game. The transitions from the beginning to the middle of the game, and from the middle to the end of the game are the longest.

72. Try to get inspired for particular fights on YouTube, from people who have completed a certain stage before you. We will make a special section for this on afk.guide very soon!

73. You can use the heroes of the Celestial or Hypogean faction at any time, regardless of the level of ascension they have.

74. Once you reach VIP level 6, you can try to reset the store 2 times a day, to buy more hero essence dust, and up to 2 times the bounty board, again, for more hero essence dust, which you will need to upgrade your heroes level. Never do this until you get VIP 6.

75. Resources like gold, dust, exp, which get in your bag, which provides time-based resources, you try to get them to the value of 99 ( the maximum value ), and only when you have more than 99, use 10-15 of them, but generally keep them at that value. You will use them all in chapters 26-23, because then you will really need them, and as you progress further in the campaign, their value will be increasing exponentially.

76. You will get from various events, Voyage of Wonders or Peaks of Time, various chests with heroes, emblems, diamonds, etc. which will be your choice to get what reward you want. Keep these in the bag, because they Will never expire, and you only use them when you know very well what you need. You can better ask different communities which would be the best choice, depending on your process.

77. All other resources except gold, dust, experience, chests, such as Diamonds, soulstones, scrolls, etc. you have absolutely no reason to keep them, without using them instantly when you need them.

78. One very important thing you can do in the first few weeks of the game is to go to the portraits of the heroes, read their skills, test them, and get better with their abilities and roles. This will help you immensely, in any context.

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79. The factions are very different, and you will need very strong heroes from each faction, so it is not preferable to focus only on one faction, because you Will unlock in chapter 15 faction towers, where you Will need as many strong heroes as possible.

80. The best factions for the campaign, King Tower, Arcane Labyrinth etc. are the Lightbearers and Wilders factions. This does not mean that the other factions do not have very good heroes, but in general, these factions are meta.

81. The game has about 3 levels of progress. The beginning of the game, the middle and the end of the game. These are constantly changing, as the number of chapters in the game increases. For the moment, we can consider the beginning of the game until somewhere in chapter 15-16, when you start to get mythic gear. The middle of the game continues until somewhere around chapter 26, from there the end of the game will begin.

82. At the beginning of the game, Legendary Tier heroes are quite useful. Heroes like Saveas and Mirael are some of the best DPS, until your heroes are around level 140-160. You can use them because they are very easy to obtain.

83. The Arden hero, who can be used even after chapter 22, even if he is just a legendary tier hero, is a hero you really need. He is one of the best supporting heroes in the game, for the beginning and middle of the game, and is very easy to obtain.

84. The heroes of the Lightbearers faction you should focus on are: Lucius, Rowan, Belinda, Rosaline, Fawkes.

85. The heroes of the Wilders faction that you should focus on are: Nemora, Tasi, Lyca, Eironn, Gorvo.

86. The heroes of the Maulers faction that you should focus on are: Safiya, Brutus, Khasos, Skreg, Numisu.

87. The heroes of the Gravebom faction that you should focus on are: Shemira, Ferael, Nara, Thoran, Grezhul.

88. The heroes of the Celestials faction that you should focus on are: Celestial Twins, Talene, Athalia.

89. The heroes of the Hypogeans faction that you should focus on are: Mehira, Ezizh,  Mezoth.

90. From the point of view of the bonuses offered, the best gear you should focus on first, in most cases, in the case of tanks and support heroes are boots, and then weapon or armor.

91. From the point of view of the bonuses offered, the best gear you should focus on first, in most cases, in the case of main DPS heroes are weapon, and then boots.

92. If you ever want to put stars on a mythic gear, you can put only 2-3 stars, if you do not have enough gold, or you want to upgrade more gear at the same time. The difference in power Will not be very huge, and in the future you can complete the number of stars.

93. The best heroes to provide health to the team are Lucius, Nemora and Talene, so you should focus on them from this point of view.

94. The best heroes for main DPS, there are quite a few, but in general, the most accessible for the middle of the game are Shemira, Belinda and Safiya, and for the end of the game are Belinda, Ferael, Eironn and Safiya.

95. The best supporting heroes are extremely many, and many of them have the ability to be main DPS, and provide health as well. The most accessible ones you need to focus on at first they are Rowan, Ferael, Tasi, Lyca, Rosaline, Nemora.

96. Heroes of the Celestials and Hypogeans faction are some of the best in most of the main things in the game, but they are also the hardest to ascend, having different rules to the other factions, from this point of view.

97. This game is mostly based on the afk factor, so you can get absolutely everything in this game, just waiting and having a good plan in advance.

98. This game is very much based on luck, both on the side with summons and on the side with heroes battles, so never be sad or disappointed.

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99. If you feel your progress is disappointing and you knew you could have done more, you can go into the settings, and access Select Server. There you can start a new account, from 0, without losing the present one. You can make as many accounts as you want, to move from one to the other anytime, instant, without losing anything,

100. Try to be as friendly and chill as possible in the community, both on game chat and on social media. The community of this game is quite mature, and will help you in most cases.

Hopefully, you have found the best AFK Arena tips in this article!

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