Treznor – The Aggrieved

Treznor – The Aggrieved

Faction: Graveborn Graveborn
 Type: Agility
 Class: Ranger Ranger
 Role: Continuous DamageBurst Damage

Treznor’s Skills

Purging Cleave

When Treznor’s health falls to 25% or below, he uses his spear to deal 500% AoE damage to a small area of enemies in front of him, and then dismounts his horse, during which time he is immune to damage and control effects.

While Treznor is dismounted he is only able to use his Ultimate ability and Normal Attacks.

When this ability is actively used, Treznor will spin his spear around from a mounted position, knocking back and ‘knocking over nearby enemies, dealing 300% damage to them.

While dismounted, Treznor swings his broken sword repeatedly at an enemy target 5 times, dealing 220% damage to them each time, with the final strike knocking them to the ground.

  • Lvl 2: While Treznor is in a mounted position, the damage he deals is increased to 360%.
  • Lvl 3: While dismounted, the damage of each attack is increased to 240%.

Death Charge

Treznor charges toward the enemy with the highest Attack Rating, dealing 220% damage to all targets that are in his path, knocking them backward and stunning them for 2 seconds in the process.

Treznor then stops behind the target enemy and removes all protective shield effects they are currently using, and deals 240% damage to them, also knocking them backward.

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Treznor is immune to control effects while using this ability and the enemy target is unable to move.

This ability prioritizes non-summoned entities.

  • Lvl 2: Damage dealt to target enemy is increased to 280%.
  • Lvl 3: Damage dealt to target enemy is increased to 320%
  • Lvl 4: Damage dealt to enemies in Treznor’s path is increased to 240%.

Spear of Valor

Treznor faces toward the direction where targetable enemies are standing and swipes at them with his spear, dealing 2 60% damage to the enemies in front of him.

  • Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 280%
  • Lvl 3: Damage is increased to 300%
  • Lvl 4: Enemies that are struck are unable to be healed for the following 8 seconds.

Soul Barricade

While in a mounted position, every time Treznor deals 50% damage shall charge his mount with 15% energy.

After the energy reaches 100%, it shall all be consumed to generate a shield that can mitigate 55% frontal damage over 10 seconds. This ability can be triggered once every 15 seconds.

Treznor is immune to control effects while generating a shield.

  • Lvl 2: Shield mitigates 70% frontal damage.
  • Lvl 3: Shield mitigates 85% frontal damage. Lvl 4: Shield mitigates all frontal damage.

Signature Item: Blade of Promise

Signature Item Skill: Oath of Faith

Each time a shield is generated increases the Attack Ratings of Treznor and the closest 2 heroes by 40% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

  • [+10 Unlocks] The amount of energy Treznor’s mount regenerates every second is increased by 3%.
  • [+20 Unlocks] The amount of energy! Treznor’s mount regenerates every second is increased by 5%.
  • [+30 Unlocks] While dismounted, Treznor is immune to damage and control effects for 4 seconds, and if his mount’s energy is fully recharged during this time, the duration of Treznor’s immunity is extended to 6 seconds.

Furniture Ability

3/9 Ability: While mounted, damage dealt by enemies can only reduce Treznor’s health down to 25% of his max health.

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9/9 Ability: While dismounted, Treznor gains 30 Life Leech points, and his Energy regeneration is increased by 100%.


“Let’s go take a looksee at who’s barged into our island.” Trotting impatiently from side to side, Treznor’s undead horse gave him an affectionate nuzzle. In the battle that ensued during the prison break, those that weren’t likely to make it sacrificed themselves, merging their souls together. Their sacrifices took shape, their hopes and dreams becoming a form, becoming an unrelenting warhorse that carried the wounded to safety.

It was the perfect afternoon for catching a good nap. Overcast skies without a chill to the air, the gentle lapping of waves against the rocks gentle and lulling. Perhaps he’d even have another lovely dream. That would be nice. Treznor’s horse wasn’t far away, swishing its tail as it paced about. Treznor was pondering as he lay back, hands behind his head, sprawled out comfortably on a patch of high-ground northeast of The Island of the Banished. But alas, truth is his humanity has long since ceased to be. Sleeping itself would be a fine luxury, let alone having a lovely dream accompany it.
So, he closed his eyes and simply let his mind wander, drifting as if on a delicate breeze, taking him back to a time long since passed. It was a time before radical change overhauled King’s Manse, when everything seemed driven by magic, the pace gathering on a path towards destruction. They were once Imperial Guardsmen leading their small units of troops, the only ones who took up arms to fight off the invaders at the walls in the face of indifference from their peers. But it was now Thoran, having become The Fallen King, who had returned to the city with hordes of undead soldiers in tow. The fanatic populace welcomed the King with open arms, opening the gate and ushering the Graveborn in. Gone was the just and righteous ruler the people fondly remembered, replaced by a tyrant that sacrificed the city, forever forsaking it as the playground of the Graveborn.
The innocent citizens were massacred , then condemned to an eternal unlife. Those that refused to submit their will had their restless spirits imprisoned and horrifically tortured in the Black Prison. Amidst such chaos and terror, Treznor and his friend Whurral stepped forward. The country they protected no longer existed, but they were still Imperial Guardsmen and their duty had never changed – they would unite those forced into unlife, the unwilling Graveborn. Desperate to break the curse of eternal unlife, they called themselves the Tainted. However, such a desire could never be realized in this hell hole. It wasn’t long before plans to escape the Black Prison garnered the support of dozens of unwilling Graveborn, all eagerly committing to the execution of the plan. Unfortunately, such a grand plan needed time, and not every willing participant could stand the daily torture at the hands of the Graveborn Warden. As the days passed, the number of accomplices lost to forced supplicancy rose, as they finally submitted themselves to Thoran’s will and signed Quaedam’s contract of damnation. The price of such an exchange was steep – forever under an evil watchful gaze in exchange for considerable power. Among those was Treznor’s good friend, Whurral, with whom he shared everything. The constant loss of life was just too much for Treznor to bear, and the thought of losing yet another companion was the last straw. He pushed proceedings ahead in a hurry, eager to execute the escape plan post-haste. Their former unwilling Graveborn comrades were now addled by Quaedam’s influence, the power he had given them over-writing the memories in their hearts as they succumbed, now mere puppets of evil. They clearly recalled the escape plan they had once intended to participate in, deciding that now they would intervene, halting the escape plans and preventing the Tainted from breaking out of the Black Prison. Even if he had the nerve to charge ahead, Treznor was not a one-man army, he couldn’t handle so many Graveborn, especially when one of those in pursuit was once his dear friend. Even as a huge blade swung towards him, he still felt numb and dazed recalling the very day Whurral was taken away… Treznor whispered anxiously to Whurral through the cell bars, “If things continue like this, we won’t last much longer. Even your body is…” “Nothing to worry about. Just sit with me for a while, Treznor.” In so saying, Whurral sat himself down on the cell floor. It wasn’t as simple as that, Treznor couldn’t allay his concerns, but it wasn’t a situation easily resolved overnight, either. Whurral had long been undead, but the Graveborn warden was adept at torturing the soul’s weakest point. After being betrayed by his former comrades, Whurral took all the blame, even shouldering the responsibility for Treznor, to the point that his tormented soul and spirit were continuously weakened. “If one day… And I do mean IF…” Whurral’s voice was a little hard to make out, but calm none-the-less, “If I lose myself , like the others did, you know what should be done.” They’d had this conversation and run through this scenario countless times before, but this time Treznor chose to remain silent. A surge of pain in Treznor’s arm dragged his conscious back out of his memories as the huge blade sank into his arm. Whurral’s face was no longer one he recognized, replaced by a contorted knot of deranged fury and lunacy. Is eternal life a gift or a curse? Gritting his teeth and raising his spear , Treznor knocked Whurral back, standing himself between Whurral and the other Tainted. For the first time in his existence, he was grateful to be immortal.
In the westernmost reaches of Esperia , south of the Strait of Terror, sits an isolated island. Nestled up on this tiny island is a peculiar band of Graveborn. Unlike their counterparts, these Graveborn regard their eternal unlife a curse, one from which they long to be freed. Immortality is nothing to pursue, instead they yearn for the eternal sleep of death. Quietly seeking redemption from their unlife, they do not wish to be bothered by the realm of the living, creating frightening illusions to scare away any would be explorers and expedition ships that would dare approach. Hurried footsteps rushed to Treznor, a flustered voice speaking with alarm,“ Treznor! There are strange ships coming in close from the south!” Suddenly roused from his thoughts back into the present, Treznor opened his eyes to a still-overcast sky. “Alright, let’s go.” He sat up and stretched, arching his back and raising his arms, just as he used to after naps when he still lived a human life. As Treznor rose from the ground, a strong wind sweeping back his long mane of hair. Taking up his spear, he mounted his horse and took off towards his destination. With every beat of the horse’s hooves, his friends’ words echoed in his ears… “You must take pride in your duty, be devoted in your duty, and fearless of strong enemies in your duty.” “You must be on the side of truth, be fair and impartial, and extend mercy to those who are worthy.” “You must keep your promises and stand by your word, then eventually you will find a way to free yourself of this unlife.” “If one day my soul is erased and I lose myself, you must swear, you willl protect them for me.”

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