AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide

Dream Realm is a boss rush mode where you compete against every player on your server in who will deal the most damage to it.

There are 4 Dream Realm bosses in total and they change every day. Each boss has different skills and uses different mechanics, so you need to adjust the team you’re using to tackle it efficiently. The available bosses are:

  • King Croaker
  • Necrodrakon
  • Skyclops
  • Snow Stomper

The more damage you deal the boss, the better your score and the better the rewards you will obtain.

The rewards are split into two types:

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1. Ranking reward – they are based on the rank you’ve reached at the end of the day and include:

  • Dream Fragment (used in the Dream Realm store to buy character dupes).
  • Tidal Essence (used to upgrade Exclusive Weapon from level 1 to 5 and to upgrade Hero Focus skill).
  • Temporal Essence (used to upgrade Exclusive Weapon from level 6 to 15) and time-limited Titles and Fashion items.

2. Damage dealt rewards – they are based on the percentage of boss’ HP you managed to deplete. The rewards include:

  • Dream Fragment
  • Diamonds
  • Boxes with Character Equipment

Each boss has 6 available difficulties and once you kill him in one, you will advance to the next which makes the fight harder, but also gives you more points/better rewards. The last difficulty is an Endless mode where the boss can’t be killed anymore and you have to deal as much damage as possible.

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For killing each boss for the first time on any of the available difficulties you will obtain  Invite Letter.

When a boss comes back in the next cycle, you will instantly start at the highest difficulty you’ve reached – so you don’t have to waste time on killing him again on the lower ones.

Initially you’re given 5 attempts a day to attack the bosses, but the number can be increased to 10 via Mystic Collection. The attempt is ‘used’ the moment you start the battle, and you can’t restart it when things go badly. So make each attempt count.

The best teams to use on each boss

The image above shows the meta of each boss, but most heroes require Mythic+ to reach their true potential.

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