Heroes of Esperia Guide & Tips

Heroes of Esperia is a special PvP event in AFK Arena! During the event, players need to fight against other players, get into the higher “ranks” for better rewards.

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Heroes of Esperia

Heroes of Esperia Battle Rules

  • Martial Rating: All of a player’s hero ascension tiers will remain the same and start with a hero level of 240. Hero levels may be additionally increased, based upon the player’s Resonating Crystal level.
  • Equipment: All hero equipment (including equipment not currently in use) is standardized to Mythic Tier 1. If a hero is already equipping a Mythic tier item or higher, its Faction Bonus will remain effective.
  • Signature Items: All signature items and their abilities will be retained.
  • Elder Tree: Players’ current Elder Tree levels and Virtue attributes will be retained, including all of their effects.
  • Oak Inn Furniture: All the effects and abilities granted by a hero’s furniture are preserved.
  • Artifacts: The effects of artifacts will not be retained.
  • Unions: The effects of artifacts will not be retained.
  • Dimensionals and their linked heroes cannot be used at the same time regardless of being in different teams.
  • Bronze League is 1-vs-1 formation, Gold/Silver is 3, Diamond is 5, Legend is 7.
  • Free to refresh opponents couples of times per day. Afterwards it starts costing diamonds.

Quick HoE Tips

Set up teams that are balanced and synergy based, don’t focus on building 2 meta teams and having 3 completely useless comps on defense.

For attack, focus on just taking oui as many teams as you need to win, ignore the other ones.

Try to attack at times when players are less active, usually 6 hours after reset, or 4 hours before reset.

Don’t sit near the top of a bracket, if you’re pushing from gold 5 to gold 4, don’t sit in the top division of gold 5, either stay low to middle or don’t push at all.

Focus on moving up 1 bracket at a time, and if you keep getting attacked, it’s likely better to cut your losses and stop for a few hours.

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Heroes of Esperia Formation Priorities

When building your formations in Heroes of Esperia, you must have win-conditions in mind.

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For players in the early game with a small hero pool, this should be as simple as to have your carry get an ultimate off while late game players should seek to get some form of synergy going.

heroes of esperia teams

In my example above, my win-conditions are

  • Team 1: Energy cycling with Ezizh, Rowan & Twins
  • Team 2: Shemira
  • Team 3: None since I was out of heroes at this point!

Without a win-condition, you won’t be able to beat a lot of players even if your heroes are better ascended.

Now in my case, I had a really strong synergy composition and a carry composition but a lot of you might find yourselves looking to run 2 carry compositions instead.

In those cases, your goal should always be to have, on each team:

  • One main carry (Shemira, Belinda etc)
  • 2 Tanks (Lucius, Brutus etc)
  • 2 Supports (Wilder trio or Lightbearer team)

Below are some examples of how I would have built my teams if I had to rely solely on carry heroes (which applies to most people).

heroes of esperia teams

You notice how Wukong and Shemira are always on different teams.

This is because they are my strongest heroes currently due to their ascensions and having them spread like this allows me to field 2 strong lineups which is essential for the best-of-three series.

For you, this could be daimon Daimon & Shemira, daimon Daimon & Saurus, Shemira & Belinda, daimon Shemira &  Gwyneth, or some other combination of carries.

Another thing is the faction bonus.

I aim to get at minimum a 3-2 setup but at most a 4-1 setup. Generally, 5-0 would be stronger but you are sacrificing the potential of splashing a strong unit in which case it’s not worth it Lastly, Tasi/Fawkes.

I always try to include them as one of the supports of every team.

A lot of people early-mid rely on single carry comps and they are the best counter against them, easily disabling carries like Shemira while the rest of your team wins the 5v4.

Attacking and Defending in Heroes of Esperia

Attackers have a significant advantage in this format.

As an attacker, not only can you pick and choose fights to take advantage of faction counters and power differences.

You can also modify individual lineups for better Nara/Athalia positioning.

Below, I have 2 generic opponents from Gold I with the top player giving 117 trophies and the bottom one giving 108 trophies.

Without even needing to give this much thought, you should attack the bottom player since his formations are much easier with him having invested too deeply into one formation and leaving his other 2 vulnerable (hopefully you can spot which 2 are the weakest).

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heroes of esperia teams

Attackers should look for.

  1. Players with only 1 strong formation
  2. Players with less overall power on his formations.
  3. Players with more trophies awarded.

On the flip side, if you are lazy like me, you want to pay more attention to your defense.

What’s different in Heroes of Esperia from Legends’ Tournament is how a “First to Two” format is used here as opposed to the Test of Three” formation in LT.

As such, you want your 2 strongest teams on slots 1 & 2 rather than 2 & 3 so opponents can’t get a cheap win having to only beat one of your strong teams.

You also want to position carries away from the 4th position and have your own disruptive heroes in that position if possible since you not only avoid annoying heroes like Eironn, but also have the potential to disrupt people running him.

Best Tips for Heroes of Esperia

  • Don’t push at the reset time because even if you win a fight and move up, you will likely get instantly bumped down due to the sheer number of people attacking around that time. This is a bigger problem towards the upper brackets of Gold I as well as Diamond I. That said if you can only play at one time of the day, you might as well attack anyway
  • Hoard some tickets by at least buying the 10 diamond ones every day so you can make a bigger push on the last day when most other players have moved up and you get easier opponents overall. Some people choose to spend more hoarding tickets for future events and also to abuse ‘Mystery Players” on day one but that’s entirely up to you.

    heroes of esperia tickets
    Purchase some tickets every day for the last day push!

  • Don’t spend diamonds on refresh. Instead, just attack someone lower on the list even if he gives close to no points since tickets are much cheaper this time round.
  • Always try to pass a division. Even though it is possible to drop out of a division, you do have some fail-safe as opposed to be at Gold I for example. From what I noticed and also past events, you only drop if someone which a much lower rating than you beat you.

What is Heroes of Esperia Event?

Heroes of Esperia is the new PvP mode in AFK Arena and designed with the league competition style.

There are 6 league divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master & Legend. To get higher ranking and get into a higher league, players need to earn more trophies. Higher leagues equal better rewards.

Players challenge other players in the same league divisions.

Players in the Masters league can Challenge players in the Legends league and If they win, they can get into the Legends league. Trophy counts do not get affected in this kind of matchup.

When a player in the Legends league defeats another one who has a higher ranking, they will immediately swap their positions. Who have lower rankings will have the chance of getting defeated by players in the Masters league.

Heroes of Esperia screen

At the beginning of a new season, rankings are determined based on player combat ratings.

Each formation must contain at least one Hero. When getting into higher leagues, players will be required to submit more team formations for Best-of-three matches. To manage the formations, press the Formation button in the Heroes of Esperia screen.

Heroes of Esperia Season Rewards

At the end of the season, players in each league division will receive the corresponding rewards, containing Hero Soulstones and Honor Experience.

Heroes of Esperia Season Rewards

Honor Experience can be used to raise a player’s honor level and unlock rewards such as avatar frames, etc. as shown below:

Heroes of Esperia Season Rewards


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