Heroes of Esperia

Heroes of Esperia, the new PvP feature, is coming soon to the AFK Arena world! Let’s take a look at this new Arena of Heroes battleground guys!

Heroes of Esperia

Best Tips for Heroes of Esperia

Tips shared by jsunv2

  • Set and double-check your formations. At first glance, you would think they are your tournament teams but they are actually not.
  • Wait till the end of the day to do the battles. You can always find easy opponents at the end of the day.
  • Fight when the daily reset is about to happen & when it resets for the best chance of getting into the higher rank.
  • You can get deranked if you get 5 losses.
  • The first refresh is free. The next ones cost 50 Diamonds each.

What is Heroes of Esperia?

Heroes of Esperia is a new PvP game mode and designed with the league competition style.

There are 6 league divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master & Legend. To get higher ranking and get into a higher league, players need to earn more trophies. Higher leagues equal better rewards.

Players challenge other players in the same league divisions.

Heroes of Esperia Leagues
Heroes of Esperia Leagues

Players in the Masters league can challenge players in the Legends league and If they win, they can get into the Legends league. Trophy counts do not get affected in this kind of matchup.

When a player in the Legends league defeats another one who has a higher ranking, they will immediately swap their positions. Who have lower rankings will have the chance of getting defeated by players in the Masters league.

Heroes of Esperia screen

At the beginning of a new season, rankings are determined based on player combat ratings.

Each formation must contain at least one Hero. When getting into higher leagues, players will be required to submit more team formations for Best-of-three matches. To manage the formations, press the Formation button in the Heroes of Esperia screen.

Heroes of Esperia Season Rewards

At the end of the season, players in each league division will receive the corresponding rewards, containing Hero Soulstones and Honor Experience.

Heroes of Esperia Season Rewards

Honor Experience can be used to raise a player’s honor level and unlock rewards such as avatar frames, etc. as shown below:

Heroes of Esperia Season Rewards

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When you are playing on a new server, you basically have no fighting chance at all in this event. I am playing on a 1-month old server and I cannot even get out of the lowest tier league, while I am always in the top-25 arena on the local server. I have a power rating of 260k, while all other players in my league have 370k-470k.

This event is bad.


Same deal. I’m always rank 2 in my arena. I barely have made it to the silver league at this point. I want a dang frame on my pic. Lol.