What is Martial Rating?

Martial Rating is getting used widely in a lot of events and other AFK Arena contents but not all players know exactly how it works.

In this quick post, here is some notable information you want to know about it!

What is Martial Rating?


All of a player’s hero ascension tiers will remain the same and start with a hero level of 240. Hero levels may be additionally increased, based upon the player’s Resonating Crystal level.

Formula: New level = 240 + (Crystal Level / 10)

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For example, if your Crystal level is 270, your Martial Rating level should be 240 + 270/10 = 267.


All hero gear (including unadorned parts ) are Mythic T1 and include Faction Bonuses but are un-enhanced. If a hero is already equipping Mythic T3 gear, their Hero Bonuses will be retained.

Signature Items: All signature items and their abilities will be retained

Elder Tree: Players’ current Elder Tree levels and Virtue attributes will be retained, including all of their effects.

Oak Inn Furniture: All the effects and abilities granted by a hero’s furniture are preserved.

Artifacts: The effects of artifacts will not be retained.

Unions: The effects of hero unions will not be retained.

Martial Rating

Which Game Mode Applies The Martial Rating?

Some of the AFK Arena game modes that uses the Martial Rating are The Hunting Fields, Trials of God, Heroes of Esperia, Legends’ Championship, and more!

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