Nightmare Corridor Guide & Teams

Nightmare Corridor is a game mode where players have to fight against 6 bosses.

The final score represents the numbers of Bosses killed and the time taken to do so. If no Bosses are killed, the score will be the sum of all damage dealt by the team. The faster you kill all the bosses, the higher your final rank will be.

Only players who have Resonating Crystal level 350 or have at least 30 Ascended Tier heroes can participate.

Comps that can kill the bosses

Last update: November 9th, 2023.

Mask Curator

Scarlet   (Subs: , )
Scarlet (Subs: mortas, )
(Subs: , , Hodgkin)
Scarlet   (Subs: , , )
Scarlet afk arena silas
Scarlet (Subs: , afk arena silas)
Haelus Scarlet
Recommended beast:  >

Soul Hound

Awakened-Ezizh (Subs: Rakuafk arena silas)
Awakened-Ezizh Hodgkin (Subs: , daimonHodgkin)
Awakened-Ezizh   (Subs: , Haelus, Haelus)
Awakened-Ezizh khazard    (Subs: Awakened-Ezizh, Awakened Phoenix ⇄ khazard, , ⇄ )
(Subs: LucretiaAwakened-Ezizh ⇄ , , )
Haelus Awakened-Ezizh (Subs: )
Haelus Awakened-Ezizh
Recommended beast: >

Demonic Puppet

   (Subs: Drez,  ⇄ , ,  ⇄ )
(Subs: mortas, mortas, Haelus)
 (Subs: , Mishka, )

 (Subs: , )
  (Subs:  ⇄ , )
Recommended beast: >

The Light Martyr

mortas (Subs: , )
(Subs: Desira)
Recommended beast: >

Mirror Demon

    (Subs: afk arena silas ⇄ , )
Recommended beast: >

Raging Cannon

 (Subs:  ⇄ ,  ⇄ , , )
(Subs: )
afk arena silas (Subs: )
Recommended beast: >


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Duskwailer (out of current cycle)

Haelus  (Subs:  ⇄ Haelus, )
(Subs: , , )
(Subs: ScarletHaelus, )
(Subs: ,  ⇄ )
afk arena silas
Recommended beast:  >

Dune Destroyer (out of current cycle)

(Subs: LucretiaAwakened Phoenix, , HaelusMorael)
Merlin (Subs: DrezRaku, Merlin, mortas)
Lucretia alna
daimon Haelus afk arena silas
 Lucretia (Subs: Framton ⇄ , , )
daimon afk arena silas Haelus
Haelus   (Subs: )
Recommended beast: >
Notes: Awakened Belinda and Awakened Thane works even at Legendary ascension

Ice Shemira (out of current cycle)

daimon afk arena silas (Subs: ScarletLucretia, , Hodgkindaimon)
 afk arena silas  Lucretia (Subs: mortasHodgkinLucretia)
Mishka  afk arena silas mortas (Subs: , mortas)
Drez afk arena silas
Lucretia daimon afk arena silas
afk arena silas
daimon afk arena silas Scarlet
Mishka afk arena silas Raku
Recommended Beast: > >

Burning Brute (out of current cycle)

 Mishka (Subs: Awakened Phoenix, )
Zaphrael   (Subs: MishkaZaphrael, )
 (Subs: Astarv ⇄ , RakuHodgkin, )
Mishka Lucretia
Recommended beast: >

Kane (out of current cycle)

Scarlet (Subs: , Hodgkin)
Scarlet   Hodgkin (Subs: , daimon, , Hodgkin)
Awakened Phoenix Haelus Scarlet (Subs: Awakened Phoenix, , MerlinHaelus)
Haelus Scarlet
Haelus Hodgkin Scarlet
Lucretia Scarlet Haelus
Lucretia Hodgkin afk arena silas
  (Subs: )
Raku izold Hodgkin
izold Hodgkin Raku
Oden Hodgkin (Subs: MishkaOden, )
Recommended beast: >

Idre (out of current cycle)

    (Subs: Raku, tidusDrezAstarvRaku, afk arena silas)
  (Subs: Haelus, Framton)
Lucretia daimon (Subs: , Lucretia, Mishkaizolddaimon)
Recommended beast: >

Demonic Nemora (out of current cycle)

Drez mortas (Subs: Drez, Lucretia)
mortas  (Subs: Astarv, , mortas, Morael)
mortas (Subs: , kren, mortas)
  (Subs: Morael)
mortas kren (Subs:  ⇄ , MerlinAstarv, )
mortas kren Astarv (Subs: MerlinAstarv)
mortas kren (Subs: ,  ⇄ , )
kren mortas (Subs: , )
mortas Astarv Raku kren
Recommended beast: >

The Fire Daemon (out of current cycle)

afk arena silas (Subs: Mishkaafk arena silas, daimon, )
(Subs: , )
Zaphrael (Subs: , Zaphrael, MishkaHaelus)
(Subs: , , Mishkaafk arena silas)
Mishka (Subs: , )
Mishka (Subs: , , LucretiaRaku)
(Subs: afk arena silas afk arena silas, afk arena silas, )
Mishka Astarv
Awakened Phoenix Raku Astarv
Lucretia Mishka
Lucretia Mishka Drez afk arena silas
Mishka Awakened Phoenix (Subs: )
Recommended beast:  >


The Dream Store

Players who participate in the Nightmare Corridor can also complete missions to acquire Dream tokens that can be exchanged for rewards in the Dream Store. The Dream store is only available to players who can acquire Dream tokens.

The most valuable item on this store is the 10x Temple Emblems. The second highest priority should be Elijah & Lailah if you do not have ascended them yet. If you already have them, you can decide between Zaphrael Zaphrael or Framton Framton.

Zaphrael is more important than Framton in PvP, Framton is more important in other game modes. If you decide to ascend Framton before Zaphrael, get one Zaphrael copy first because Elite Zaphrael is good enough in some specific situations for Campaign and Tower.

Leofric Leofric is arguably the weakest Hypogean in the game. So you can choose 10x Stargazing Cards, 50x Baits, 100x Twisted Essence or 10x Emblem Choice Chests over Leofric copies.

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