How to Counter Ainz Comp with Awakened Hypo Cheese

Tier of getting defeated by Ainz comps every single time, over the last few years? This Awakened Hypo Cheese is what you need.

A huge thanks to Arkinz#1494 for brining this new outstanding team formation to the community. It’s like the new wind to the game when you see Ainz comps everywhere and you don’t stand a chance if you don’t have a decent investment towards your Ainz.

Hypogean Cheese Team Formation

Hypogean Cheese Team Formation counters Ainz team

How can this comp counter Ainz?

Hero Placements

  • Awakened Ezizh is opposite Albedo.
  • Mortas stays away from Ainz.
  • Khazard is frontline.
  • Lucretia is opposite Ainz.
  • Zolrath is placed in the last empty slot.

Recommended Artifacts

counter ainz team artifacts

  • Lucretia uses Dual Divinity because she needs more damage and survivability when diving Ainz.
  • Awakened Ezizh uses Dura’s Call for faster stun.
  • Mortas uses Dura’s Call for faster uses of ultimate.
  • Zolrath uses Chaosbringer to help Lucretia finish Ainz.
  • Khazard uses nothing.

Necessary Investments


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She absolutely requires SI30, 9/9 Furniture, and E60.

The Signature Item helps her ramp up extremely fast when Khazard and the others die, letting her kill Ainz quickly.

The 9/9 Furniture helps her clean the rest of the Ainz comp easier without getting a lot of troubles by preventing them from using their Ultimates. It also reduces the incoming damage by 20% until the end of the battle, which is very useful.

The E60 is the minimum requirement for PvP battles nowadays, mainly because the Tenacity (TY) is very helpful when it comes to avoiding CC skills. It also gives Lucretia a lot more offensive stats to break through a ton of shields Ainz has at the start of the battle.


Awakened Ezizh

Legendary tier is totally fine! Which means you only need 1 copy of him.

His main job in this team is to use his secondary skill “Depths of Darnkess”, which allows him to stun the enemy standing at the opposite position for 10s after the battle starts, or when the target takes damage equal to 40% of their max HP. Place him against the enemy Albedo to make her useless and can no more protect Ainz (she cannot jump towards him). This makes Ainz become very vulnerable and can be taken down fast by Lucretia.


He is here, usually, for making the most of his F3. His F3 is one of the most overpowered effects in AFK Arena, allowing your team to start the battle 0.75s sooner than the opponent, which is indeed a huge cheat because:

  • It allows Lucretia to dive easier without getting a lot of early damage from Ainz.
  • It allows Awakened Ezizh to use his stun a lot easier.

Sometimes, Zolrath can use the SI30 effect to help Lucretia take down Ainz being protected by Barricade (but most of the time you don’t need that).

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For PvP, Mortas needs the SI20 to work well. Having him at Elite makes him very vulnerable to any attack, not allowing him to buff Lucretia. Also, he will be a lot slower to use the Ultimate, making Lucretia not having enough damage to kill Ainz before Albedo wakes up from stun.

His SI20 fixes these problems by giving him defensive stats and gives the skill “Greed” a small AoE effect, allowing him to steal energy from more people, resulting in getting the Ultimate a lot faster.

In addition, the SI20 allows Lucretia to cheese so much more efficiently since she gets the AoE Greed buff, helping her to do the next Ultimates a lot faster, getting more healing and consistent damage.

Fun fact: Greed’s ATK cap is based on the ally’s ATK stats, not Mortas’ ATK stats. That would make Lucretia incredible!



He ideally should have the SI30 to help Awakened Ezizh stun Albedo longer. But in fact, he works very well at Elite and even level 1. His main job is just to die and help Lucretia trigger her SI30 to ramp up faster.

If he has SI30, he still needs to die because he must be at level 1.

We also use him here for the 5 Hypogean buff, which gives the whole team 15 Haste.

Battle Mechanics

  1. Albedo is stunned for 10 seconds, helping Lucretia to kill Ainz with ease.
  2. Zolrath, Khazard, and Mortas are here to give Lucretia the faction buff while creating some effects like entrance speed buff, better CC duration, and Mortas’ ulti.

Below is an example match versus a Ainz comp (RC 496 vs. RC 514):



Example match versus Ainz (RC496 versus RC 514):


Keep in mind that this comp is mainly for countering Ainz comps. It doesn’t work well against other meta comps like Cycle or Alna Graveborn:

Below we have some screenshots of the matchups in case you want to see more details:


Arkinz#1494 was the first one who introduced this comp in the official AFK Arena Discord server. At first, it looks like a meme comp but it actually works very well.

I believe that you will this comp super helpful in any PvP battles, especially in the Heroes of Esperia event, where you see a ton of Ainz running around.

This comp will force you to remove Zolrath from the Burst team, and Mortas from the Ainz team. However, if you are a Free-to-play player, your Burst team would lose in almost all matches. For the Ainz comp, you can use Ezio or Desira instead of Mortas, and they work flawlessly.

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