Most Efficient Ways to Spend Diamonds

Undoubtedly, Diamond is the most valuable resource in AFK Arena.

There are a lot of ways to earn gem Diamonds and there are also a lot of ways to spend them. However, the way you spend your hard-earned gem Diamonds does affect your account growth a lot. If you don’t know how to spend the gem Diamonds properly, you will be left behind pretty by the others very fast.

summoning afk arena using Diamonds
Purchasing summons is always the way to spend DIamonds in AFK Arena

The most effective ways to spend your Diamonds in AFK Arena are:

  1. Buying 10x common hero scroll Common Hero Scrolls = 2,700 gem Diamonds
  2. Buying Elite Hero Soulstones in Normal Store.
  3. Buying Mythic Gears.

common hero scroll Common Hero Scrolls solely, nothing else!

If you spend 100 common hero scroll Common Hero Scrolls, only get 4-5 Elite Heroes and start thinking spending Diamonds on summoning is not worth it, don’t be upset! It is totally normal! Only extremely lucky people can pull out more than 2 Elites from 10 Scrolls only.

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There are times you can pull out many Elites at once. Your time will come. You can still do a lot of ascensions with the pulled Rare Heroes eventually.

Next, buy elite hero soulstone Elite Hero Soulstones immediately whenever you see them in the General Store. They are actually the best purchase for Diamonds. However, you occasionally can see them.

purchasing mythic item in Arcane Labyrinth
Purchasing Mythic Item in Arcane Labyrinth

The rest of your gem Diamonds should be spent on buying Mythic Gears (slowly) after Campaign Chapter 12-2 with a 40% discount via Wandering Trader in Arcane Labyrinth, which is around 1,800 gem Diamonds per item.

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Having 1-2 Mythic Gears during this stage helps the game you pass through some of the special thresholds a lot easier.

However, it’s totally okay to purchase some more Mythic Gears, but remember to pay no more than 1,800 gem Diamonds per item.

So, keep calm, save Diamonds and spend them effectively!

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