Top 9 AFK Arena Tips for New Players

Hi new players, are you looking for the best AFK Arena tips to get started into the game? Look no further, because you are going to read the most informative tips for the beginning stage of the game in this article.

best afk arena tips for new players

Best Tips for AFK Arena New Players

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How to Spend Gems Efficiently?

Only spend gem Diamonds on buying x10 common hero scroll Hero Summons. Do not spend your Diamonds on Hero Essence or Gears because you will get them eventually.

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summon 10
Save Gems for the Summon 10!

Get Hero Essence!

Buy hero essence Hero Essence every day using gold Gold in the Store. Hero Essence is one of the most important materials you want to have throughout the game. Hero Essence is required when your Hero level hits the cap.

hero essence store
Buy Hero Essence every day using Gold.

Get Rid of Green Heroes

Remove green Heroes. They are useless and you will not need them so don’t hesitate to get rid of them! Go to Ranhorn → Rickety Cart → Retire Heroes to remove them and get hero essence Hero Essence in exchange. Later in the game, you can also turn on the Auto Retire Heroes to remove them automatically.

retire heroes

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Note: At the beginning of the game, keep one green Hero of each faction lightbearer factionmaulerswildersgravebornCelestialshypogeans to do Bounty Missions.

Keep Your Fast Rewards Until The End Of The Day

If you are able to check the game every a few hours, upgrade your Heroes, advance in the game Campaign and only use the Fast Rewards right before the daily reset (00:00 AM UTC Time).

Doing this maximizes the rewards you can receive from the Fast Rewards because during the early stage of the game, you can pass through a lot of stages in a day.

If you are not able to do this right before the daily reset, It’s totally okay to collect the free Fast Rewards before you go to bed.

With those rewards from the Fast Rewards, you can upgrade your Heroes and pass a few extra stages with ease. Go for it and you will even receive more rewards when you wake up.

Resonating Crystal

Resonating Crystal AFK Arena
Resonating Crystal

Using Resonating Crystal helps you level up your Heroes surpassing their limits.

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For example, If you focus on upgrading 6 Epic+ Heroes to level 120, your other Heroes can also get to level 120 even though they are not able to reach this level due to the level cap.

For more details, please check out the guide Resonating Crystal.

Don’t Ascend Your Heroes Too Fast

Just don’t ascend the Heroes you do not use until you have a clear reason.

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You also need many copies of a Heroes in order to ascend them to the next tier. Thus, ascending a Heroes without having enough copy of them might limit yourself in the future. Not ascending your Heroes too fast also helps you save the fodder Heroes for the better uses.

To From Cost
Rare 2 rare Rare copies of the Hero you want to ascend
Rare+ 2 rare Rare+ Heroes in the same faction
Elite 1 epic Elite copy of the Hero you want to ascend
legendary plus
Elite+ 2 epic Elite + Heroes in the same faction
legendary plus
Legendary 1 epic Elite+ copy of the Hero you want to ascend
Legendary+ 1 legendary plus Legendary+ Heroes in the same faction
Mythic 1 legendary plus Legendary+ Heroes in the same faction
Mythic+ 2 epic Elite+ copies of the Hero you want to ascend

More details can be read at Temple of Ascension.

Note: Do not sacrifice any Heroes that has 4 skills. Thank me later.

Arcane Labyrinth

AFK Arena Arcane Labyrinth
Arcane Labyrinth

There are a lot of tips for Arcane Labyrinth.

But to make it simple, focus on HP, Life Leech, Energy Regeneration and General Sustain Relics. Also, focus on the red flags as they give better Relics.

If you see that you are going to lose the battle, pause the game then exit the battle. Doing this helps you save your team so that you can test things out, try again with another team composition or even with the same team for the sake of RNG.

For Legendary Relics, avoid ones that make your enemies start at 50% and regenerate HP over time. The Relic that trap your enemies in spider webs sounds not really good but it’s one of the best by far. You can check out the list of all Relics here.

More details can be read at Arcane Labyrinth. Check out the page, follow the map and beat the Labyrinth!

If you don’t have Nemora Nemora and you find her in the Labyrinth, pick her. Nemora can heal up the whole team and help you go further. One of the best Heroes in Labyrinth so far.

Khasos Khasos is also very good If he is above level 61, he gives the team life leech effect.

Shemira Shemira is also the queen of this game mode.

Strong Heroes for New Players

Talking about the best Heroes for new players might take a lot of time. It’s better to take a look at our Tier List for the detailed information.

Basically, the best Heroes you might want to try during the early game are Saveas, Silvina, Golus, Brutus, Lucius, Khasos, Belinda, Nemora, Tasi, Ira and Shemira.

Right now, maulers Maulers should be the best friendly faction for new players to focus on because of Saveas and Golus.

Saveas Saveas is the best Hero for the early game. It’s easy to obtain Saveas. He is great at soaking damage as well as dealing damage. Saveas is strong enough to carry you to chapter 15.

Another very strong Maulers tank for the early game is Golus Golus. He is also very easy to obtain.

You can group them up with wilders Wilders Heroes such as Nemora Nemora, Arden Arden and another tank for the front-line such as Ulmus Ulmus. Wilders are also super friendly for all new players.

One of the best lineups for new AFK Arena players is GolusSaveasKhasosNemoraArden

Golus Golus, Saveas Saveas and Khasos Khasos are very easy to obtain. Nemora Nemora and Arden Arden can be purchased in the Labyrinth Store, they are also very F2P Friendly too. You can get Nemora in the first week and save up for Arden, or you can even pull him out from the Tavern too!

If you are able to get Brutus Brutus and Shemira Shemira, you are super lucky! They are the best carries in AFK Arena. Focus on levelling them up and build up your team around them.

Be Patient

Just like the name of the game, AFK, you need to play it slowly. AFK more!

After finishing the daily quests including Arena battlesGuild Hunts, you don’t have much thing else to do. Open the game every few hours to collect the rewards, upgrade your Heroes and advance in the game story.

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