The Hunting Fields Guide & Tips

Start the journey with your friends in a group of 5 to defeat the Oleus in AFK Arena The Hunting Fields event.

The event is coming back to AFK world in May.

Quick Hunting Fields Guide

  • It’s better to team up with your Guild members and friends to avoid abandoned team members.
  • Once the event started, try to acquire all camps asap, up to the limit.
  • Transfer challenger seal Challenge Seals to the strongest member to raid boss, Usually, this is the one who uses  graveborn Graveborns or  premium factions Cele/Hypo/Dime faction.
  • All of the relics should be transferred to the shared bag automatically. You don’t need most of the relics you have. Don’t be greedy, the entire squad should be strong together.
  • Combine the relics after you have all of the materials to save Hunter Mark Hunter Marks!
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need to take down T5 camps. 
  • In the beginning, you don’t need to get to the boss asap. Once you get higher rank, you can attack the plaint tiles without spending any food Stamina by using Sweep.
  • Don’t use challenger seal Challenge Seals immediately once the event started.
  • Avoid using x2/x4 Speed as you could lose unexpectedly!
  • Don’t attack the Mini-bosses in the second zone right after you unlock it. It’s better to just attack mini-bosses in the first zone.

When should I attack bosses?

  • Alna: When main carries have 3-0 Relics
  • Khazard: When main carries have 4-0 Relics
  • Oleus: When main carries have 4-2 Relics.

Hunting Fields Summary

  • Available after Campaign Chapter 19.
  • Enter the map with a group of 5 players. Players can either go solo or with a team!
  • The event lasts for 7 days. 
  • There are 5 factions, each player can only use one unique faction: lightbearer faction Lightbearers, maulers Maulers, wilders Wilders, graveborn Graveborns, and premium factions Cele/Hypo/Dime. Start with the faction where you have the best heroes!
  • Players can start the journey solo or as squad. Solo players can choose a specific faction to play. Each player in a squad must have a different chosen faction.
  • Attacking camp costs foodStamina. Heroes will automatically recover Stamina at the rate of 3food/hour.
  • Occupying camps and attacking bosses to get Hero Runes, Loot (Relics), and Hunter Mark Hunter Marks.
    • Hunter Mark Hunter Marks are generated by the occupied camps.
    • rune Hero Runes are for powering up heroes.
    • To upgrade the hero to the next tier after quipping all gears for that hero.
  • How to get loot (gears):
    • Hunter Marks can be also exchanged for loot.
    • Loot can be dropped from mini boss chests and camps.
  • Different heroes might need the same loot item but you cannot equip a certain gear on more than 1 hero. 
  • Hunting challenges will consume challenger seal Challenge Seals; these can be obtained by increasing the hunting squad’s level, or through gifts between hunting squad members.
  • Each member of Squad level 1/2/3/4/5 gets 1/1/1/2/2 challenger sealChallenge Seals.
  • Damage towards boss will accumulate progress for the corresponding treasure chest. Each member gets 1 treasure chest when the boss is killed.
  • The treasure chest contains Hero Awakening Runes, Loot, and Hunter Marks.
  • Players can also join the battle as support. Support doesn’t need to do anything, doesn’t need to do battles, but still receives like 80% of the squad member’s rewards.

Best Heroes for The Hunting Fields

Starting from the new Hunting Fields season, each team member is allowed to choose 2 heroes from a selected list. The list below also contained those heroes.

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lightbearer faction Lightbearer


maulers Mauler


wilders Wilder


graveborn Graveborns

izoldOdendaimontheowynafk arena silasDesira

premium factions Dime/Hypo/Cele

LucretiamortasAnzAlbedoPrince of PersiaEzioMerlin

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The Hunting Fields Teams

By 13cat1

  • Lightbearers
  • Maulers
  • Wilders
  • Graveborns
  • CHD

Helping Gwyneth dealing ton of AoE damage.

CC team that locks down the enemies so Belinda can take out them all.

High DPS team for bosses.

Brute Force Comp, pushing the enemies to the side while Kren staying at back buffing crit immunity.
Distracting enemies while Satrana loading her ultimate.
High DPS team for bosses.

Burst comp to maximize damage output towards 3 enemies while Saurus healing.

CC comp that slows down the enemies while chipping them down one by one.

High DPS comp for bosses with Ulmus healing. Nemora can replace Ulmus.

Energy Draining Team. Daimon can easily wipe out the enemies while Grezhul taking all the damage.
izoldafk arena silas
High HP Regen team helping Izold reach the ultimate and sweep.
afk arena silas
Boss Comp, excellent when Silas has +30 that buffs +20% more damage!

Pseudo God Comp – This is the standard build that allows Talene to swipe out the enemies.
Ainz Nuke Comp. Remember to place Arthur in front of Ainz to protect and speed up his casts.
Balance Stall Comp that works against very high DPS enemies.
High DPS Boss Team
2nd DPS Boss Team

Best Team Formation for Bosses

premium factions CHAD and graveborn Graveborn are best for bosses at the moment.

premium factions Lucretia Anzmortas

premium factions AlbedoLucretia Anzmortas

premium factions Albedoarthur Anzmortas

premium factions AlbedoMerlin Anzmortas

graveborn daimonizold afk arena silas


When should I attack bosses?

  • Alna: When main carries have 3-0 Relics
  • Khazard: When main carries have 4-0 Relics
  • Oleus: When main carries have 4-2 Relics.

Detailed Guide


Players can either enter The Hunting Fields via the Event menu, or via the Dark Forest tab!

the hunting fields menu

This event is like a mini version of the Abyssal Expedition.

The event lasts for 7 days and the last day is the Quiet Time where you cannot collect any more resources but only have to attack the boss.

Party with your guild members and friends to start the hunt with a group of 5. Players can also go solo via individual registration. So you don’t need to worry if you don’t have any available friends in the game.

start hunting fields

Players can join the event as hunting squad members or supports. The support role cannot participate in any battle but still receive rewards that are equal to 80% of squad member’s rewards. 

The instance will start once there are 5 players ready.

During Hunting Fields, heroes follow the “Martial Rating” system, Hero base level is set to 240 and gets increases based on their own levels.

Formula: New level = 240 + (Crystal level / 10)

There are 5 factions in total. When players do solo matching, they can select multiple factions. However, when starting, each member in the hunting squad can only enter the journey with Heroes of the faction that gets matched up in the end. Heroes from the other factions cannot be used.

joining the hunting fields
Each player can only use 1 hero from a specific faction selection.

You can get Hunter MarkHunter Marks (Currency for exchanging Loot), Loot (Hero Gear), and rune Hero Awakening Runes by occupying Hunting Camps, completing Hunting Challenges, from AFK rewards, and challenging Gate Bosses; these resources can be used to improve the combat power of your Heroes within the instance.

hunting fields resources

Increasing the hunting squad’s level grants better rewards, and will require the joint efforts of all squad members.


  1. Once a player has confirmed the faction they wish to use in the instance, players can then choose an additional reinforcement team of the corresponding faction.
  2. Each faction have different reinforcement heroes, tap the button to view the specific heroes.
  3. Reinforcement heroes must reach Elite+ or higher before they can be placed in the “Troops” recovery pool. Mercenaries and trial heroes may not be used as reinforcements.
  4. Up to two teams of reinforcements heroes may be placed in the recover pool.

The Hunting Fields Reinforcements


ascend heroes in hunting fields

Players must equip all designated slot loot on the hero to upgrade them to a higher tier. Each hero has its own exclusive Rune.

How to acquire Relics:

  • Camps: Camps produce AFK Rewards
  • Shared Bag: Items in the Shared Bag can be freely used.
  • Request help from your squadmates.
  • Combination: Get Legendary quality or lower loot from combinations.
  • Exchange: Exchange Hunter Marks for loot that is Legendary or lower.

A specific relic can be available for some different heroes.

relic in hunting fields

All members in the hunting squad can exchange items and resources via the shared bag. Take advantage of this to increase the team’s strength!

Put the items you don’t need in the shared bags so that other players can use them effectively.

Each Rune can only be used on a specific hero:

Hero Awakening Rune

The Map

Occupying hunting camps, challenging gate bosses, and challenging Oleus will consume Hero stamina.

Heroes within Troops will automatically recover stamina at the rate of 3food/hour!

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the hunting fields map

Reach the designated hunting squad level to sweep wilderness tiles of the designated level. This will no longer consume stamina, and will give you 3 stars automatically.

During The Hunting Fields, occupied wilderness tiles are counted as shared land for the hunting squad, and will not affect the occupation limit, and cannot be abandoned.

den of bones

Den of Bones

1. Every hunting squad member has five opportunities per day to challenge each Den of Bones. When challenging the Den of Bones, no Stamina will be consumed.
2. If a player fails to defeat the enemies within the Den of Bones, the enemies shall be reset to their initial pre-challenge state.
3. After defeating Den of Bones enemies, players can place up to 4 heroes from their Recovery Pool in order to search the Den of Bones for Hunter Marks and Gear. Searching the Den of Bones shall consume Hero Stamina.
4. When a player’s tiles are connected to the Den of Bones, they can place heroes into the den and explore it. Heroes placed in dens can be removed at any time.
5. The speed at which the Den of Bones can be searched increases with every hero that is placed in formation
6. Received Hunter Marks shall be shared equally amongst Squad Members. Any acquired Gear will be placed in the Shared Bag.
7. The quantity of Hunter Marks which can be found within every Den of Bones is limited. Once searching has been completed, Den of Bones will disappear and become an 
empty Squad tile that is occupied by the player’s heroes.
8. Once a Den of Bones has been fully searched, it shall disappear, and the empty tile shall be shared by the Squad.

hunting challenge

Hunting Challenge

1. Hunting challenges will consume challenger seal Challenge Seals; these can be obtained by increasing the hunting squad’s level, or through gifts between hunting squad members.

2. Damage will accumulate progress for the corresponding treasure chest. When the specified progress is completed, all members of the hunting squad will obtain 1 treasure chest.

3. Chest rewards include Hero Awakening Runes, Loot and Hunter Marks; the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

4. After a beast is killed, wait a while, and a more challenging beast will spawn in another area of the map.

5. The beasts on the hunting grounds are very powerful, and each beast is unique. The members of the hunting squad will need to cooperate with each other and carefully select their opponents in order to gain advantages in battle.

Boss Skills


Abysmal Butcher (First Gate)

Skill Description
Devour Passive: The duration for the majority of debuffs affecting Mezoth is reduced by 50%. When actively using his ultimate skill, Mezoth
imprisons an enemy up until his energy is completely exhausted. During the imprisonment period, Mezoth loses 50 Energy points per second and the imprisoned enemy loses health equal to 70% of Mezoth’s Attack Rating every second and cannot attack or use any skills (enemies cannot die as a result of this damage). If the enemy target is immune to Control Effects, they will not be imprisoned and shall be immediately dealt 480% Attack Rating damage instead. Allied heroes shall prioritize their attacks against enemies that are not imprisoned.
Abyssal Butchery Mezoth attempts to knock down an enemy target. If he succeeds, he deals 70% Attack Rating damage multiple times, with the final
attack dealing 220% Attack Rating damage.
Demonic Hunger Mezoth gains a shield for 7 seconds that is able to mitigate a damage value equal to 100% of his Attack Rating. Mezoth hacks at enemies that are standing within a certain distance in front of himself, dealing 400% Attack Rating damage to them, also causing their Haste to be reduced by 50 points for 7 seconds.
Fiendish Negation If an enemy imprisoned by the skill “Devour” currently has less than 15% Health they will be instantly slain.


The Frozen Terror (Second Gate)

Skill Description
Frozen Mist Khazard explodes, dealing an initial 130% damage to all enemies on the battlefield, causing the battlefield to become enveloped in a “Frozen Mist” for 14 seconds. While the frozen mist is present, enemies will suffer 45% damage per second and enemies with health lower than 30% will become frozen until they are able to recover 30% of their health or the mist disappears.
Glacial Shards Khazard fires 3 “Glacial Shards” in multiple directions. Each glacial shard deals 150% damage to the enemies which are struck, also causing them to lose 50 Haste points for 4 seconds. Any enemies that are struck by multiple ice shards will be dealt 50% less damage by subsequent shards after the second glacial shard.
Frozen Beam Khazard fires an icy beam at an enemy which deals 220% damage to them and causes them to become frozen for 3 seconds.
Frost Serpent While there is “Frozen Mist” present on the battlefield, Khazard’s “Frost Serpent” attacks an enemy with its ice breath, dealing 160% damage to them, causing them to become frozen for 2 seconds.

Oleus afk arena

Final Boss: Oleus

There are 6 beacons connecting to the final boss, each one allows Oleus to deal more damage to Lightbearer/Mauler/Wilder/Graveborn/Celestian+Hypogean+Dimensional and all Factions!

Under normal conditions, Oleus is able to mitigate damage. Suffering from multiple critical strikes causes his damage mitigation effect to lose its effectiveness for short periods of time.

Oleus’s Abilities
Skill 1 Oleus blasts enemies within his raange with frost breath, dealing damage to them, freezing them for 3 seconds.
Skill 2 A glacial meteor falls from the sky, striking a densely packed area of enemies, dealing AoE damage to them, stunning them for 2 seconds.
Skill 3 Passive. Enemies standing within Oleus’ frozen aura lose 10 Haste points. Enemies shall have their Haste further reduced the closer they are to Oleus, with a potential maximum reduction of 60 Haste points. Each time an enemy uses their Ultimate ability, Oleus receives a shield. Damage mitigated by the shield is equal to 15% of the damage required to stack another “Enraged” layer. Each “Enraged” layer raises the shield’s value by 2%.

the hunting fields rewards

The Hunting Fields Rewards

Supporting members will also get a corresponding reward when their hunting squad levels up.

During a season, each player can only receive one hunting squad level up reward. If you have previously received a designated level reward as a support member, the level up reward will be calculated and issued after deducting the part that you received as a support role.

What is the Support Role?

The support role doesn’t actually have to do anything. They just sit there and watch the journey going and then get the rewards.

The rewards that supports get is equal to 80% of squad members. This role is best for new players that want to learn more about the Hunting Fields without worrying about their accounts are not strong enough.

1. Each hunting squad will have 10 support spots, and only friends or guild members can join as support roles.

2. Members of the hunting squad will have 2 spots for support roles within 48 hours of the start of the instance, and will no longer have this restriction after 48 hours.

3. Members of the hunting squad can change settings to allow supporters to join without verification, but this will only affect their own supporter spots.

4. Supports can still claim rewards without needing to fight.

The Hunting Fields Leaderboard

Full Relic (Loot) List

hunting fields relic list


1. Leaderboard points can be obtained by occupying hunting camps, completing hunting challenges, challenging gate bosses, killing Oleus, and going AFK.

2. Only the highest recorded points throughout all boss challenges will count towards your final ranking. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.

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Battle Pass – Hunter’s Honor

1. Hunter’s Honor shall become available during The Hunting Fields event.

2. Each time a player raises their Hunting Squad Level, the next tier of rewards shall be unlocked. Reward tiers may only be claimed once, even if the player embarks on multiple hunts.

3. Unlocking the Premium Pass will reward you with 980 VIP experience points and Premium Pass rewards.

4. Hunter’s Honor will become unavailable when the Hunting Fields event ends.

5. Any Militia Honors rewards that were unlocked by the player, yet still remain unclaimed will be sent to the player’s mailbox when Island Survival ends.


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