War of Wits – Card Drafting Event (Free Talene)

Everything you want to know regarding the upcoming card drafting event in AFK Arena – War of Wits. This event is the updated version of the “Battle of Blood” event before!

war or wits event

War of Wits Rewards

Complete Battle Rewards
3 times common hero scroll x5
6 times common hero scroll x5
9 times common hero scroll x5
12 times common hero scroll x10
15 times common hero scroll x10
18 times common hero scroll x10
20 times Talene

If you want to save time & just get the rewards:

  1. Always pick Relics first. Pick lowest level hero if no relic is available.
  2. Pick cards instantly.
  3. Place as little as possible heroes in your team formation.

War of Wits Event

  • War of Wits is the new type of card-drafting PvP event.
  • You will get matched with another player randomly.
  • 4 cards will show up on the screen and one player is chosen randomly to pick the card first.
    War of Wits event afk arena
  • Relics and hero cards are both available.
  • Each player will pick 10 cards.
  • The unchosen cards will be leveled up in the next round but when any card hits level 7, it will be removed.
  • Pick the same card 2 times to level it up. However, the hero pool is limited to 40 heroes only (scroll down) so just don’t wait for a good hero to do a combo.
  • Set up the team formations using the heroes and relics you picked!
  • Heroes only have 2 skills in this event. You can tap on their card to see more details.
  • Heroes don’t have Signature Item or Furniture abilities here.

war or wits team formation

If an identical card is selected, the two cards will be combined, resulting in an upgraded card with the sum level of both cards combined, but cannot exceed the maximum level of 9.

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When there are 3 or more heroes of the same faction or hero class in your deck (not your formation), they will all receive a special Union bonus that will take effect during battles.

Once the player has made a selection, their opponent will then pick a card. Meanwhile, any remaining, unselected cards will all be upgraded by 1 level.

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Unselected cards can be upgraded 3 times, if an unselected card is upgraded for a 4th time, it will be automatically destroyed.

Available Heroes

There are only 40 Heroes in War of Wits. Each faction/role have 2 heroes and there is no hero coming from special Factions (Celestials/Hypogeans/Dimensionals).




izoldOdendaimonafk arena silas

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Relics are very important because after picking your team heroes and there isn’t a duplicated hero on the table, you want to either get Relics or counter-pick your enemies, making them not able to level up their cards.

  • Reduces energy recovery rate of heroes at level 3 or lower: At the moment, this relic is useless most of the time because the lowest hero level in this mode is level 3.
  • Strengthen heroes level 7+: Same as above. Pretty useless because level 7 is highest and hard to get!

war of wits card bonus


Get 3, 4, or 5 cards of the same faction/class to activate the special bonuses. You can activate multiple bonuses at once and they are all active no matter which heroes you use in the battle.

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Factional Bonuses

Faction 3/5 4/5 5/5
lightbearer faction Energy Recovery +10% Energy Recovery +20% Energy Recovery +35%
maulers Attack Speed +12% Attack Speed +25% Attack Speed +45%
wilders Health Regeneration +10% Health Regeneration +20% Health Regeneration +35%
graveborn Life Leech +10% Life Leech +20% Life Leech +35%

Class Bonuses

Faction Activation 3/3 4/4
mage Using Ultimate the first time All enemies receive 70% more damage & -50% HP Recovery for 10s All enemies receive 100% more damage & -50% HP Recovery for 10s
tank HP falls below 50% This hero +50% damage reduction for 6s. This hero +50% damage reduction for 69.
warrior Using Ultimate the first time This hero’s attack raging +5%, life leech +30%
(Lasts until the end of battle)
This hero’s attack raging +15%, life leech +30%
(Lasts until the end of battle)
ranger Dealing damage to an enemy with less than 50% HP This hero deals 3% of enemy max HP as extra damage.
(Can be used once every 2s)
This hero deals 4% of enemy max HP as extra damage.
(Can be used once every 2s)
support When ally’s HP falls below 50% Ally recovers 3% HP per second for 8s.
(Cannot be stacked)
Ally recovers 4% HP per second for 8s.
(Cannot be stacked)

War of Wits Event In-game Rules

1. When entering the event for the first time, players will be given a differing number of initial points, which is based upon the player’s current campaign progress.

2. During this event, players will make use of heroes drawn from a uniform hero pool. Heroes from this pool cannot be affected by players in any way.

3. This event includes a certain number of relics, as well as 4 factions: Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders and Graveborn, of which 20 heroes per each respective faction shall be available. 2 of each card type exists within the central card deck, and shall be shared between both players.

4. All heroes will possess Health, Attack Rating and Defense Rating attributes. Hero levels will vary from 3 to 9. The higher a hero’s level, the higher their attributes will be.

5. Players can choose to fight competitively against similarly ranked players or spar with their guildmates and friends.

6. At the start of battles, a coin will be tossed to determine which player gets to nick the first card. Afterwards, the player and the opponent shall both respectively receive 2 hero cards; a level 4 and a level 5 hero.

7. Both players will then select 1 card from the 4 cards placed in the middle during their turn, with the player that won the coin toss selecting the first card.

8. Before making a card selection, if there are fewer than 4 selectable cards, random cards will be generated to bring the number of cards up to 4.

9. All relic cards will automatically take effect in battles.

10. Both players are able to view their opponent’s cards and what choices they have made.

11. Once each player has made 8 card selections, the battle preparation stage will commence.

12. During the battle preparation phase, heroes selected for battles shall appear on the left side of the battlefield. However, once a battle begins, a player’s heroes may enter from the right side of the battlefield as a result of the system’s matchmaking process.

13. Activatable Battle Effects: Relic Card Effects, Factional Advantages, Union Bonuses for certain factions or hero classes.

14. Players will be rewarded for completing the first battle of every day, regardless of whether they win or lose.

15. Sparring with friends and guildmates does not affect a player’s leaderboard points and does not grant any rewards.

16. If the battle timer reaches zero without a definitive winner, the side with the most surviving heroes still on the battlefield will claim victory. If the number of heroes on either side are equal, the side with the highest combined percentage of health remaining will claim victory.

17. During the event, players can claim resource rewards after each complete match-up, which is limited to 20 times.

17. Players can gain additional rewards after completing a certain number of match-ups. These additional rewards will be gradually unlocked over time. Players can see reward details and claim them from the main event page.

HOW TO GIT GUD - Relics, Cards, Strategy War of Wits Guide and Tips [AFK ARENA]

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