Best Forsaken Winter Boss Teams + Trick to Get Island Rewards

Here are the best working teams for defeating the Midwinter Festivities Bosses to earn the Glacial keys and get a lot of valuable rewards from the Island Event! Grab the new Daimon, Shemira, and Niru Winter Skin!

midwinter skins

Midwinter Festivities Summary

Trick to Get Rewards

This is just my personal experience so it might not work for you. A lot of people have already tested this and it’s working for all of them!

  • The Final Rewards are usually placed in the outer ring & middle ring (Red/Orange).
    Blue, cyan, and red are where rewards are often found.
  • 2 continuous Islands almost never have the rewards getting placed in the same tile.
  • Final rewards are often placed next to the corner (cyan tiles)!

island rewards guide

So the priority is: Blue → Cyan → Yellow → Red → Orange → Purple → Last island reward’s tile.

Trick shared by Llama Vincent.

How to get Glacial Keys in Midwinter Feast?

  1. Daily Quests: 15 keys x 12 days = 180 keys.
  2. Voyage of Wonders: The Snowy Front = 180 keys.
  3. Forsaken Winter Bosses: 60 keys x 12 days = 720 keys.
  4. Event Deals.
  5. Daily Deals: $1 = 24 keys / $5 = 48 keys

The glacial key is the currency of this midwinter feast! Using keys, players can unlock a lot of valuable rewards via The Frosty Isles.

Free players are able to get 1080 keys. Meaning you are guaranteed to get to Island 10 (each tile costs 3 keys to open). Celestials / Hypogeans Heroes are only available from island 20 onwards. Average luck should get you to Island 20 with 1080 keys!

Best Teams for Forsaken Winter Boss



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izold daimon

What Are The Best Rewards To Get?

  • Ultimate Rewards: Skin (Optional) → Mehira / Orthos / Zolrath → Faction Emblems → Gold Emblems → Twisted Emblems → Poe Coins → Else
  • Regular Rewards: Stargazer → Summon Scroll → Twisted Essence → Blue Cards → Silver Emblems → XP Chest → Faction Scrolls.

Wintry Wardrobe

Wintry Wardrobe

The cold brings us closer!

Complete different events to get the new skins: Winter Reaper, The Glacial Child, and Frozen Enchantress!

Shemira Skin and Daimon Skin can be purchased directly via the merchant. The price is $10 for each. 

Niru Skin can be acquired from the Wondrous Pouch – Forest Mania!

forsaken winter

Forsaken Winter 

glacial key
Glacial Key

1. Players may battle once per day while the event is running.
2. Shemira, Daimon, and Niru all have separate health bars and abilities.
3. Dealing damage against Shemira, Daimon, or Niru during battles produces Glacial Keys.
4. Defeating 2 of the 3 bosses shall cause the final remaining boss to disappear and release all of its remaining rewards.
5. Glacial Keys can be used to open treasures on The Frosty Isles page.
6. Shemira, Daimon, and Niru’s difficulty will be determined by each player’s own strength.
7. Players can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts, however, the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.

Best Teams for Forsaken Winter

Shared by Whitesushii!

izold daimon


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  • Once you start the battle, you cannot quit so if it’s going bad, you can exit the app and re-enter the game to save time.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can re-attempt the fight. At the end of the fight, the game will ask whether you want to restart or take the rewards!
  • You can look at the event log to see what other players are using to get their keys.

Niru Skills

  • Death Call: Niru deals a single high damage attack against the enemy with the lowest health. The enemy will suffer 2% more damage for every 1% of health they have already lost.
  • Life Leech: Niru reaps enemies’ souls and deals AoE damage to nearby enemies. 80% of the total damage dealt is then converted into shields that are utilized by himself and his allies, which exist for 5 seconds.
  • Soul Reaper: Niru reaps non-summoned enemies’ souls when they die, raising his Attack Rating and Defense Rating by 20% until the end of the battle. When Shemira or Daimon die, the value gained is multiplied 3 times.
  • Soul Banishment: Defeating 2 of 3 bosses shall cause the final remaining boss to disappear and release all of its remaining rewards.,

Daimon Skills

  • Soul Feast: Daimon deals damage to all enemies and then uses his Blood Shield ability against 3 enemies with the highest maximum health values.
  • Blood Shield: Daimon steals 20% max health from the enemy with the highest maximum health and converts it into a shield that exists for 5 seconds (health stolen does not kill the enemy). Once the shield has expired, its remaining shield value will be returned to the enemy as health.
  • Inanimate Companion: Daimon uses his doll, Switchy to attack an enemy 3 times, each attack deals damage to the enemy, with the final attack causing the enemy to become stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Soul Banishment: Defeating 2 of 3 bosses shall cause the final remaining boss to disappear and release all of its remaining rewards.,

Shemira Skills: 

  • Blizzard: Shemira summons a blizzard that deals damage to nearby enemies over 12 seconds.
  • Soul Siphon: Shemira continuously leeches life from an enemy target, dealing damage once every 0.5s to them, also permanently stealing 3% of their Attack Rating.
  • Inner Yearning: Each time Niru and Daimon have collectively been dealt a certain number of strikes, Shemira will unleash a “Blizzard”. Using this “Blizzard” does not affect the cooldown time of Shemira’s original “Blizzard” ability.
  • Soul Banishment: Defeating 2 of 3 bosses shall cause the final remaining boss to disappear and release all of its remaining rewards.
Background Story

When the northern winds batter at the door and frost rims the windows, Shemira becomes reflective. She recalls that winter which now seems like forever ago. Her son, only two years of age and barely able to stand on his own two feet, bundled tightly against the cold seeping into their home and looking out at the driving snow with wonder. She remembers the way his breath, so warm, fogged the panes of glass. This was contentment. She remembers the messenger at the door. The skirmishes were happening with more frequency. They needed more men. More healers and medics, he explained. They needed her husband.

Niru left the next morning and though she had been assured that he wouldn’t be at the front lines, she had a nagging feeling that scratched at the back of her mind. She felt as if something was going wrong. As it happened, she was right.

The fighting continued unabated. What she had expected to be one difficult season turned into several. Eventually even the longing she felt became a dull kind of pain after the seasons turned to years. She received news with some regularity, him ever optimistic, but now the letters were more a curiosity than the lifeline they had once been. She read over them distantly, barely internalizing the words on the page. After all, if he wasn’t there then what good was this? It was like talking to the dead.

All the while, their son grew. Shemira did the best she could on her own but the burden was heavy. She had good work as a tailor, fashioning dresses for noblewomen and wives of the wealthier merchants. She would spend long hours over the fabric, working her needle with a careful hand. Sometimes she would think briefly of Niru and wonder if he too was holding a needle, sewing up some wound rather than fine cloth, somewhere far away from his true duty here at home. Each year when winter came she would watch out the window as Daimon, getting bigger all the time, would play in the snow. She wasn’t unhappy, not truly, but something was certainly missing.

It was a day much like the one that stood monumental in her memory that Niru returned. She surprised herself by recognizing him by his gait alone, guarded as he was against the elements. She surprised herself even more by feeling a flood of relief, a surge of joy, at his return. Running outside, she scooped up their boy and ran with him to the father he’d nearly forgotten.

Her joy was short lived. The man who had left their threshold that day years ago was not the same as the man who’d come back. He was gaunt, disheveled, with a feverish glint in his eye. Getting settled back into their old home, he spoke at a frantic pace of the things he’d seen. He went on and on about the graveborn they’d been fighting, saying he’d learned more from them than from all his previous studies.

“They don’t tire! They require no food or rest. They feel no pain!” He had exclaimed.
She knew now that he had been right about most of his claims, but there was one that he had misunderstood. Years more had passed since his return. Years more than that had gone by since she had herself undergone the transformation. It was true that she never felt hunger. It was true that the icy winds swirling around her caused her no discomfort. It was not true that she felt no pain. She was consumed by it. Every memory of her old life was overshadowed by the memory of Niru’s trial and execution and the subsequent death of their son.

She stood alone in the cemetery with only her wretched memories to accompany her. Cold tears froze on her face. She screamed her anguish into the howling wind, and the spirits of winter heard her call. The flurries of snow became ever more animated, circling around her in a vortex. She imagined that once or twice she saw faces in the whirling white. When the winds finally subsided, she was donning gossamer sheets of frost. She was the image of death. A perfect picture of endings.

the forsty isles

The Frosty Isles

1. Players can acquire Glacial Keys via the Forsaken Winter event, completing Daily Quests or playing The Snowy Front adventure.
2. Players are required to choose an ultimate reward on each new floor before they can begin opening slots.
3. Once an island’s ultimate reward has been discovered, players can advance to the next floor. However, if players choose to advance, the remaining slots on the current floor will disappear.
4. During the Frosty Isles event, players are able to unlock one ultimate reward every 10 floors.
5. Remaining Glacial Keys will be recalled for 5k gold per key once the event has concluded.

the forsty isles

The Snowy Front

New Voyage of Wonders map with a lot of valuable rewards!

forest mania afk arena

Forest Mania

You can earn the Niru skin and a lot of rewards here!

  • The score doesn’t matter, only the star does!
  • You can reroll for better RNG. Start from the bottom and solve the narrow ones first.

Wondrous Pouch is the new Peaks of Time game mode in AFK Arena, where you can play a Candy Crush-like mini-game, complete different tasks to earn rewards!

More details at Wondrous Pouch – Forest Mania!

Should I Get The New Winter Skins?

Shared by Whitesushii!

With the exception of Niru’s skin which is received from “Forest Mania”, obtaining the other two skins come at some form of trade-off by sacrificing other rewards. Notably, getting both of the other skin would mean having to give up a Celepogean which is rather significant. Now should you get it? Skins theoretically don’t give any advantage but as you can see from the Twins skin fiasco, there is the possibility it does although Lilith will fix it eventually. As such, I wouldn’t really make the decision based on the possibility that the skin is bugged and you should in fact do it if you like the aesthetics. Just know that you will be giving up at least 60 faction emblems for the first skin and potentially a Celepogean for the second!

Personally, I quite like the Daimon skin and I use Daimon a lot so I might pick it up (not entirely sure). Compared to the Twins skin previously, this time you give up 60 faction emblems instead of 80 which feels like a discount. As for the Shemira skin, I don’t use her much so I won’t consider it at all but obviously, collectors may want to get all 3 of them

2019 Event

The upcoming AFK Arena Midwinter Feastivities are finally here! Let’s defeat the Ice Shemira, participate in the Midwinter Feast and get yourself a ton of rewards as well as a Hero chosen by yourself!

afk arena ice shemira

Ice Shemira Event

Defeat the Ice Shemira and earn the rewards!

Duration: 10 days

  • Players are able to do battle with Ice Shemira once a day while the event is running.
  • Ice Shemira can suffer damage and will drop Gold Coins and Glacial Keys.
  • You can get max 5 keys per day. So you will get 50 keys at max.
  • Having 36 keys gives you one guaranteed hero.
  • Glacial Keys can be used to open presents on the Midwinter Surprises page.
  • Ice Shemira’s difficulty is determined by each player’s own combat rating.
  • Players can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts,
  • However, the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.

ice shemira rewards

Ice Shemira Skills

Blizzard: Shemira summons snowfall 10 seconds into the battle which falls heavier every 20 seconds. While there is light snowfall, all of her enemies will be unable to recover any health. While there is heavy snowfall, her enemies will also be dealt periodic damage. Each time Shemira summons snowfall or increases the severity of the snowfall she will receive a layer of frost armor which, when active is immune to all damage that is lower than 30% its total value.

glacial beam

Glacial Beam: Ice Shemira prioritizes her attacks against two frontline enemies, channeling her glacial beams to deal multiple instances of damage over time to the enemies. The glacial beams also possess a freezing quality which stacks over time, reducing the enemies’ Haste.

frost nova

Frost Nova: Ice Shemira creates an expanding shockwave of ice that damages all enemies. Enemies that possess less than 50% of their max health will become frozen.


Midwinter Feast

Requires at least 10 Guild members to participate.

  1. There are a total of 7 quests. Quests are refreshed daily. You will receive one Winter Feast for every quest that is completed.
  2. Each quest requires 5 formations in order to be started. Each formation must include 2 mandatory heroes. Players also have the choice to add 3 optional heroes to their formations. Quests can be undertaken as soon as 2 mandatory heroes have been selected. The more optional heroes that are selected will lead to more rewards being received.
  3. Once the quest dispatch requirements have been met, the Guild Master or Guild Deputy can choose whether or not to dispatch the heroes on a quest.
  4. After a quest has been completed, all guild members may claim their rewards from the quest page. Any unclaimed rewards will be sent to players’ inboxes after the event has ended.
  5. Players may unexpectedly be faced with ‘Emergencies’. Helping to complete these emergences will reward guild members with additional rewards.
  6. When a hero is dispatched the hero’s owner will receive 60 Contribution Points (CP). Completing an ‘Emergency’ quest will reward the hero’s owner with 80 Contribution Points.
  7. Guild members can view their Contribution Points by viewing the `Contributors’ page.
  8. Guild members will receive a bonus reward which will be determined by their guild’s overall Midwinter Feast progression after the event has ended.
  9. You will still receive rewards via mail for quests that your heroes were dispatched on even after leaving a guild.

afk arena Midwinter Feast afk arena Midwinter Feast afk arena Midwinter Feast afk arena Midwinter Feast

Midwinter Surprise

  1. Players can add a specific Hero 15 Faction Scrolls to the reward list.
  2. Glacial Keys may be acquired by completing Midwinter Feast quests or defeating the Ice Shemira.
  3. Players are required to choose their ultimate reward on each new page before they can begin opening presents.
  4. Once an island’s ultimate reward has been discovered, players can choose to advance to the next island or may also continue to stay searching on the current island. However, if players choose to advance, the remaining slots on the current island will disappear.
  5. Remaining Glacial Keys will be recalled for 250k Gold per key once the event has concluded.

Midwinter Feast Deals


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