Arena of Trials Event

Arena of Trials is the new AFK Arena mini-event which occurs whenever a new hero is released. Defeat the enemies using the newly released hero and specifically given heroes to get a lot of valuable rewards.

bountiful trials

Arena of Trials

The Arena of Trials – Bountiful Trials event resets itself whenever a designated hero embarks on a new trial.

The Arena of Trials event is comprised of 12 battle stages. Players may claim rewards for each battle that they win. When all battle stages have been completed, players may claim the final Arena of Trials reward chest (60 elite hero soulstone Elite Hero Soulstones).

Arena of Trials battles
Defeat the enemies to take the rewards

Players can only use the given Heroes to fight against the enemies. Players must have unlocked a Hero already in order to use him/her here:

Arena of Trials Battles

As you can see in the screenshot above, this account hasn’t unlocked Talene and Mehira yet, thus cannot use them here.

Once all 12 battle stages have been completed, players can re-play them, however, no new rewards will be available.

All enemies are reset each time a player re-enters the Arena of Trials.

All heroes used in the Arena of Trials have a default ascension tier of ‘Ascended’ and hero level of 240. Heroes are equipped with non-upgraded Mythic T1 gear that does not utilize factional gear bonuses.

Arena of Trials Event Rewards
The final chest will be unlocked once player has defeated all of the enemies.

Formation Rules

  • Heroes: Only heroes that have been pre-selected by the formation system may be used. Trial heroes are selected by default.
  • Hero Grading: All heroes are Ascended tier and possess a hero level of 240. Gear: All heroes use Mythic T1 non-upgraded gear without factional bonuses. Signature Items:
  • Signature Item bonus attributes and abilities cannot be used.
  • Elder Tree: Elder Tree / Dura’s Virtues’ attributes and abilities cannot be used.
  • Inn Furniture: Furniture bonuses and abilities cannot be used.
  • Artifacts: Artifact effects and bonus stats cannot be used.
  • Unions: hero union attribute bonuses cannot be used.

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When Will The Update come??


This is great for higher tier players, but for the lower levels who haven’t unlocked all the hero’s in the line up.. this event is incredibly frustrating. On my main account I blew through it no problem, but on my alt account there is one I can not beat as two hero’s are ‘locked’ due to I have not gotten them yet. This leaves me with a team that no matter what variation I use can not beat the NPC team. I’ve gotten close a few times but.. the hero’s just can not take the NPC team down.


I’m pretty new so I have less heroes. I don’t think I can beat this event. The available heroes I have and the system offers are all support heroes and the enemies are full with warriors and strength based heroes. I can’t outmatched them. Rip my Nemora and Flora.