Guild Trials Team Guide for Scarlet

Below are the best working AFK Arena Guild Trial teams for the current challenge.

I didn’t want to share them here first due to the nature of this event, where people compete for the best score with the same condition. However, I believed that people would share these somewhere else on the internet, and there were a lot of great players out there being able to find much better teams, so here we go!

For the Bountiful Trials guide, please visit this page.

Best Guild Trials Teams



  • Level 550
  • Battle 1, 4, 5: Full Auto
  • Battle 2:
    • Turn off auto at 1:19
    • Click Leonardo ulti at 1:15
    • 1:10 Tasi → Raku → Scarlet
    • 1:07: Mishka
    • Auto ON
    • 1:00 Auto OFF
    • 00:52: Auto ON
  • Battle 3:
    • Start with Auto ON until 01:15 (after Lucretia ulti)
    • 01:08 Auto ON
  • Gameplay Video: Below
  • Shared by DJ-McMuffin-Gaming



  • Level 550
  • Battle 1: Turn auto off until 1:22
  • Battle 2: Turn auto off after Mortas ult. Then turn on Auto at 1:14
  • Battle 3: Turn auto aff after Leonardo ult. Use other hero ultimates manually when they are ready (except Raku). Only use Raku Ultimate 1 time at 00:56 when enemies are on low HP. 
  • Battle 4 and 5 are auto.
  • Gameplay Video: Below
  • Shared by DJ-McMuffin-Gaming



  • Level 526
  • Battle #1, #2, #3, #5: Full Auto
  • Battle #4: Turn off Auto until early 1:14 (so that Thoran can use his Ultimate)
  • Gameplay Video: Below
  • Shared by DJ-McMuffin-Gaming


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  • Level 545
  • Battle #1, #2, #4: Full Auto
  • Battle #3: Turn Auto on until Rosaline ulti at 1:11 → Wait until 1:09 and turn Auto on.
  • Battle #5:
    • Turn Auto on until Mishka ulti at 1:13
    • 1:05: Use Mishka’s Ultimate.
    • 00:59: Use Raku, Treznor, Zolrath ulti (following that order) → turn Auto on
    • 00:54: Turn Auto off after Mishka ulti.
    • 00:41: Use Mishka + Raku + Ferael Ulti.
    • Save Raku ultimate ulti the enemy is low HP.
  • Gameplay: Below
  • Shared by DJ-McMuffin-Gaming



  • Level 525
  • Full Auto
  • Thoran Battle: Use Thoran’s Ultimate at 1:17 then use Lorsan immediately. After that, Auto All.
  • Shared by GlitchedJumper





Ultimate Timings

Team 1: 

Auto off

Tasi 1:16
Respen & Raku 1:07
Tasi 1:04
Gorvo 0:58
Tasi & Respen 0:52
Raku 0:46
Respen 0:41
Gorvo 0:37
Tasi 0:29
Respen 0:21
Tasi: 0:15
Respen & Raku 0:08
Gorvo 0:06

Team 2: Mehira Charm

Auto on

auto off around 1:11 after rowan ult

1:09 Rosaline
1:08 Mehira
1:00 Rosa, then Mehira and Rowan
0:58 Khazard
0:54 Rosa
0:51 Mehira
0:49 Rowan
0:46 Rosa
0:44 Mehira & Khazard
0:35 Rowan & Rosa
0:33 Mehira interrupt Morrow
0:31 Rosa
0:28 Mehira interrupt Raku
0:22 Khazard & rowan
0:18 Rosa
0:15 mehira
0:11 Rosa
0:10 mehira
0:09 Khazard

Team 3:  Lucretia

Start with auto on

After Mortas and Luc ulti, off

Luc ulti early 1:20

Then auto on for


Then auto off

Try manual mid 1:19 if auto doesn’t work.

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This was the hardest to get right

Team 4: Thoran

auto off

1:18 Pippa

Then auto on

Team 5: Ainz

auto on

Prince ulti

then off

1:19 Prince ulti

ainz 1:17
joker 1:17
albedo 1:15
prince 1:11
joker 1:09

auto on

auto off 0:47

Prince spam

auto on :38 (maybe earlier works too)


zikis guild trial


  • Source: Arcturus – Guild Anarchy
  • Challenge Lvl: 540
  • Time Taken: 03:42

New Mode: Guild Trial Mode

This is the new exciting event where you and your Guild members can use heroes from the Guild shared hero bag to defeat the preset enemy formations and get high scores.

guild trials

  1. Defeat 5 enemy preset formations.
  2. Players can set the enemy level. The higher it is, the more points you get.
  3. This event uses the Martial Ratings.
  4. Pick the right Artifact for each hero!
  5. During Guild Trials, guild members’ heroes that have reached Legendary+ may be used by all guild members.
  6. Duplicate heroes cannot be used, only the hero with the highest Combat Rating within the guild can be used.
  7. Players that do not belong to a guild are unable to view Guild Trial Formations.
  8. This event has a duration of 14 days. After the event has ended, players may still continue to test formations but shall not receive any rewards.
  9. This event is located inside the Arena of Trials.

Guild Trials Rewards:

Guild Trials Reward
Guild Trials Reward


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