Frozen Ground – Trials of God (Warder of the Arcane)

Hi, this is the complete guide to defeating the Frozen Ground stage inside Trials of God and obtain Warder of the Arcane!

Frozen Ground – Trials of God (Warder of the Arcane)

Reward: Warder of the Arcane Warder of the Arcane

Unlock at: Stage 32-30

Free-to-play Team

frozen ground trials of god

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Other Teams

Must have:

Tasi +20, Lyca +20, Nara +10

Talene and Lyca must have 9/9 Furniture. Other heroes should have 3/9 Furniture.

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Recommended Trials:

frozen ground recommended trials

Recommended Teams:

frozen ground trials of god guide

Other working teams for Frozen Ground:

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arthur AlbedoAnz

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Otherwise, you can also use the below team setup (shared by Tony), which is capable of getting 48-53 points without trying hard. Getting 36 points is also very easy using this team.


In some cases, you can replace Twins with Saurus.

Simply use this team for all of the camps on the map. Just restart the battle if you cannot win after the 45s mark.

frozen ground recommended trials 2

Frozen Ground Team for free players

Here is another working team for free players, shared by COVIDmaster!


You might want to replace Lyca with Talene in some battles!

frozen ground trials 2

Take all blue trials for 35.
Take orange for slightly higher difficulty. 37-43
Take red for 45-47 (it’s a bit higher difficulty, but not broken)

frozen ground trials 3

These difficult trials are easiest if you aim for 48-50.
Don’t select if you only want 47 or below.


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