Frosted Expanse – Trials of God (Waistband of Resilience)

Hi, this is the complete guide to defeating the Frosted Expanse stage inside Trials of God and obtain Waistband of Resilience!

Frosted Expanse – Trials of God (Waistband of Resilience)

Rewards: Waistband of Resilience Waistband of Resilience

Unlock at: Stage 31-30

If you have Ainz

This is a no-brainer team that can defeat all of the camps with ease. You don’t even have to switch the hero position. Just time their Ultimates and you will be great!

Frosted Expanse - Trials of God

Free-to-play Teams

Frosted Expanse Trials of God

Ezio Teams for Frosted Expanse

Must have: Saurus +30

Recommended Trials:

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frosted expanse trials

Recommended Team Setup:


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