Free Diamonds: 10 Ways To Get

In this guide, you are going to find the easiest ways to get free diamonds or Gems in AFK Arena.

These methods are actually very familiar with most players in the game. However, If you are a new player, you will find this guide extremely helpful!

free diamonds afk arena

Guide by Ryulis (Ryulis#6502) & Mei (avalanche#0001) on Discord

1. Bounty Board Rewards

Some Bounty Board quests give diamonds! These scale with your Bounty Board level, and have their own ascension levels. The higher the ascension, the higher the reward!

2. Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth rewards diamonds for completing each floor. The first-floor rewards 50 diamonds, the second-floor rewards 100 diamonds, and the third floor rewards 200 diamonds upon completion (350 in total).

3. Campaign Quests

While you’re progressing through the game, you receive diamonds for completing the campaign. Every 4 stages reward you with diamonds.

4. Daily and Weekly Quests

Completing your daily quests and acquiring 80 Activity points gives you 100 diamonds! Similarly, completing the 80 Activity points in the Weeklies tab gives you 400 diamonds.

5. Arena Rewards

Each day, your rank in the Arena ladder will determine the number of free diamonds you will receive for that day, with a larger sum being rewarded at the end of the season! If you’re lucky, you might even get a Pit Master’s Gift, with a chance at rewarding over 3000 diamonds!

6. King’s Tower

Completing each stage of the King’s Tower rewards you with a small number of diamonds, and also counts towards your Campaign Quests! After completing Chapter 14, you’ll also gain access to the Towers of Esperia (Faction Towers). After completing specific milestones in the Towers of Esperia, you’ll also receive diamonds!

7. Peaks of Time

Certain chests in the Peaks of Time adventures award a sum of diamonds for reaching them! Check what rewards are in a specific adventure by tapping on one and then tapping the treasure chests for a list of what prizes are in the adventure overall!

8. Events

Occasionally, AFK Arena will hold events or giftcodes that reward diamonds, amongst other prizes. Stay informed! Check AFK.Guide every day for updates!

9. Guild Hunting

Sometimes, fighting Wrizz and Soren will drop diamond chests! Purple chests give 100 diamonds, blue chests give 30 diamonds, and green chests give 10 diamonds.

10. Free Diamonds from Wall of Legends

You can gain diamonds just by being a member of a server and letting other players do the work! In the ‘Ranhorn’ tab next to the Rickety Cart, tap ‘Wall of Legends’. These are leaderboards for the top players in your server. The more milestones they (or you!) reach, the more diamonds are rewarded as progression advances!


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