AFK Arena 1.54 Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurer, here are the full patch notes of the upcoming AFK Arena v1.54!

afk arena patch notes

New Additions and Optimizations

  1. A new Misty Valley round is about to commence!
  2. Added the adventure ‘The Arid Badlands” to the Voyage of Wonders feature.
  3. Added the adventure ‘The Hazy Timberland’ to the Wandering Balloon feature, which can be unlocked after completing Stage 24-50.
  4. Added a new “Hero Popularity” feature, which allows players to see which heroes are popular within certain chapters, as well as heroes’ Signature Items and Furniture trends. This feature can be found on the “Heroes” page.
    hero popularity
  5. If a player becomes stuck at a particular Dismal Maze stage within the Arcane Labyrinth, they can choose to refresh the enemy’s formation. A total of 3 refreshes can be used per round.
  6. The Friend Limit has been raised to 40 players.
  7. Optimized the interactive experience of the Oak Inn‘s furniture recycling feature.
  8. Players can now hold down on a hero’s avatar to view more detailed information about them within the battle log. Players will not be able to view detailed information for heroes that have been generated by the system.
  9. The following optimizations for the “First Purchase” and “Newcomer” bundles!
    • The “Newcomer’s Bundle” will be replaced with the all-new “Voyager’s Set”. Players that had previously triggered the Newcomer’s Bundle shall also be able to normally purchase the Voyager’s Set once it becomes available. Both sets will be available on the Merchants page at the same time for players that still have an unpurchased and valid Newcomer’s Bundle available to them.
    • Content for the “First Purchase” bundle has been revised. After the revised bundle has been implemented into the game, all players will be able to claim it after making a purchase of any amount within the game.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

Optimized the brief descriptions of many heroes.

Fixed several relics and Dismal Luck effects within the Arcane Labyrinth, which were incorrectly taking effect against summoned entities.

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Grezhul – The Corrupted

Reworked the ability “Demonic Assault”.


Oden – Bitterblight

Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the Ultimate ability “Soul Burn” from correctly removing all of an enemy’s Energy.

Brutus – The Blood Claw

Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the ability “Last Gasp” from taking effect.

afk arena pc download

Ezizh – Hellborn

Fixed an issue that was causing the animations of the ability ‘Feeble Mind” to still be played despite being used against an enemy which was immune to control abilities.

Zolrath – Voidbinder

Fixed an issue that was preventing Zolrath’s Ultimate ability “Time Rift” from being triggered when he suffered fatal damage for the first time while under the transformation effects of Pippa’s ” Transmogrification” ability.


Alna – The Frozen Mother

Optimized the triggering mechanism of the Signature Item ability “Unrelenting Heart” once the item is enhanced to +30. Now, if Alna’s health is below 50% after receiving damage, the effects of the ability “Winter’s Call” will be triggered.

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