The Misty Valley Event

The Misty Valley event will be soon available in AFK Arena. Here are some of the most useful information you want to know to get all of the rewards from the event.

The new round of Misty Valley event will be available on 2020/09/04

StageEnemy FormationSilver ReqGold Req


4 lightbearer faction LightbearersNo death
4 maulers Maulers5 Different Faction Heroes
4 wilders Wilders
4 graveborn GravebornsWin within 30 secs
4 CelestialshypogeansDimensional Cele/Hypo/Dimen HeroesNo tankTank/supportSupport Heroes in team!
4 lightbearer faction LightbearersNot use more than 3 Ultimates!
4 maulers MaulersNo warriorWarrior/rangerRanger Heroes in team.
4 wilders Wilders
4 graveborn GravebornsNo one dies.
4 CelestialshypogeansDimensional Cele/Hypo/Dimen HeroesDefeat an enemy within 15 seconds.
4 lightbearer faction LightbearersNo tankTank/supportSupport in team.
4 maulers Maulers5 Different Faction Heroes
4 wilders Wilders
4 graveborn GravebornsWin within 30 seconds
4 CelestialshypogeansDimensional Cele/Hypo/Dimen HeroesUse no more than 1 Ultimate
4 lightbearer faction LightbearersEzioOscar
4 maulers MaulersNo warriorWarrior/rangerRanger Heroes in team.
4 wilders WildersUse no more than 3 Ultimates
4 graveborn GravebornsNo one dies.
4 CelestialshypogeansDimensional Cele/Hypo/Dimen HeroesNo rangerRanger/mageMage Heroes in team.

the misty valley afk arena

The Misty Valley Summary

  1. Although this is a separate event, players can also play it via the Voyage of Wonders menu.
  2. Acquire an abundance of rewards by exploring the Misty Valley during the event period.
  3. The Misty Valley is comprised of 20 stages. One new stage will open per day. After 20 days, all stages will be open.
  4. The teleportation pad for the Treasure Trove island is situated behind Stage 20. Players must defeat the enemies in Stage 20 to enter the island.
  5. The rewards from the final chest, Treasure Trove, are selectable. Complete 20 stages in order to claim the final chest. Hero Rewards are unlocked from Chapter 29.
    the misty valley big chest
  6. In each stage, there are 3 gates: Stone, Silver, and Gold. Defeat the enemies & complete the requirements to open each gate. The Stone gate leads to the next Stage, the Silver and Gold gates lead to the rewards of each stage.
    The Misty Valley Map
  7. In some stages, players need to have some specific Heroes in order to open the Golden Gate.
  8. For each new battle, all player-owned heroes and enemy heroes shall start with full health and zero energy.
  9. If any Hero dead, players can still re-use it again in the next battles. Don’t have to restart the whole event map.
  10. The number of reward slots available within the Treasure Trove is based upon a player’s progression in the main campaign. Players can set rewards as they please, but rewards can only be retrieved by traveling to the Treasure Trove island
  11. Stop leveling up your Heroes until the event is released! The strength of enemies is based upon each player’s own strength. Enemies’ strength levels will not change during the event.
  12. If a player is unable to complete a particular stage, they can request help from their friends or guildmates. However, if requesting help, friends, and guildmates may only help complete ‘Stone’ tier challenges, and cannot help with ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ tier challenges.
  13. Requesting help from friends will consume diamonds. However, if a player independently completes the stage in question before their friend accepts their request, then the diamonds used will be returned to the player.
  14. The Misty Valley cannot be reset, and all rewards can only be claimed once.

The Misty Valley Rewards

The biggest chest contains selectable rewards as we all know:

the misty valley big chest

Get to the higher chapter in the game campaigns to unlock more rewards for the chest:

The Misty Valley Rewards 2

And here are all of the rewards you can get from the Stone, Silver, and Gold gates. Super huge, right?

The Misty Valley Rewards

More tips and strategies regarding this new AFK Arena event will be posted soon. Bookmark this page for checking it easier!

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