Daily Quests Auto Macro

If you are tired of doing the daily quests in AFK Arena, this auto macro can help you finish them all and collect 100 daily points with just a single click. Before reading further, here are some notes: It’s just a macro that records the … Read more

The Dreamy Garden Event

During the new AFK Arena event, The Dreamy Garden, players need to complete different mini-quests to receive a lot of valuable rewards, including the Hero Choice Chest! Complete quests in a row/column to receive extra gifts from the Treasures! Complete all to receive the Hero … Read more

Siren’s Song & The Conch Collector

Earn Blood Pearls and unlock all chests for valuable rewards during the Siren’s Song event. Players can also use Blood Pearls to exchange certain rewards from The Conch Collector menu! Every day, players can earn 45 Blood Pearls from daily quests. How to obtain the … Read more

AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Party Event Guide

Since the AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Event is gonna be very huge, we decided to create this specific page to upgrade all information regarding it! When is the AFK Arena Anniversary Date? It’s April 9th! Stay tuned for a lot of events in AFK Arena … Read more

What is Martial Rating?

Martial Rating is getting used widely in a lot of events and other AFK Arena contents but not all players know exactly how it works. In this quick post, here is some notable information you want to know about it! What is Martial Rating? Level: … Read more

Spring Spree Event Guide: Get the New Talene Skin!

The Spring Spree Events are coming to AFK Arena. Let’s take a quick look! Event time: From February 8th to February 21. Heart’s Desires Duration: 14 days. Players may exchange Heart’s Desires for rewards up until the event ends. Rewards contain the new Phoenix Skin, … Read more

Reinforcements Event

The new AFK Arena event, Reinforcements, allows players to get a trial hero to play for free in all game modes for 7 days! Reinforcements Event Rules Event Duration: 7 days. The reinforcements event allows players to choose a hero from Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder, and … Read more

Overlord Collaboration: Get Ainz & Albedo For Free!

A huge Collaboration event between AFK Arena and Overlord is finally released! Here are the best tips for you to get one of the two new Dimensional heroes: Ainz Ooal Gown & Albedo for free!. Details guide by whitesushii! Overlord Ainz & Albedo Exchange Guide … Read more

Esperian Idols Event Quizzes & Answers

Looking for the answers for Quizzes in the Esperian Idols Event? By giving the correct answers, you can earn the tickets which can be used to vote for the new Hero skin and everyone will earn a lot of rewards. Esperian Idols Event Questions & … Read more

How to Unblock AFK Arena Restrict in India

Today, AFK Arena a lot of other games/apps have been banned by the Government of India. In case AFK Arena has been restricted already in India and you are not able to load the game anymore, here are some tips to you to play the … Read more

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