Shadow Invasions

Shadow invasions is a one stick shooter, your hero aims their shots automatically at the closest enemy. You can access it by going to peaks of time > wondrous pouch once you have cleared stage 9-40. There are 16 stages plus an endless high score … Read more

Forge The Elemental Blade Event

Forge The Elemental Blade (FTEB) is a new in-beta web (More responsive on phone) event where you can do daily quests to earn “Forge Points”: These Forge Points earn you in game rewards, pretty small prizes but still free and really easy to obtain: The … Read more

Treasure Scramble

Detailed information of the upcoming event Treasure Scramble in AFK Arena. Keep visiting this page as we are updating it every day! Treasure Scramble Rules 1. A single Treasure Scramble season has a duration of 12 days. Players can create their team formations 1 day … Read more

AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List)

Getting stuck in the game? You can find the complete up to date list of all new working AFK Arena Codes on this page. Be quick, redeem active codes to get a lot of free rewards to your in game mailbox and have a better … Read more

Isle of Gold Event Guide (Monopoly)

Isle of Gold is the a monopoly-like game mode in AFK Arena where players need to roll the dice to build up their own base (island), upgrade buildings, and attack other players! Quick Isle of Gold Tips: Build Fountain and Flowers first. Players can only … Read more

Fight of Fates Event Guide & Teams

Fight of Fates is the new Event coming to AFK Arena in the upcoming update. In this article, you can find all of the information regarding this event and the best tips to win the battles here. Fight of Fates Event Quick Guide Each player … Read more

Dance of Wonder & Ravishing Roses Event

During the Dance of Wonder & Ravishing Roses event, players need to do the daily quests to obtain roses and the new Grezhul Skin. The more roses you get, the more rewards you can obtain. How many roses Free Players can get? Every day, free … Read more

Battle of Blood & Warrior’s Glory Exchange Event

We are going to have a series of events during the Summer festival in AFK Arena: Battle of Blood and Exchange Event Warrior’s Glory! Keep visiting this page to stay updated and to get all the valuable rewards from this event! Battle of Blood & … Read more

Nightmare’s Emergence Event

Collect the Dream Realm Pieces from the event Nightmare’s Emergence, unlock the hidden artwork, and obtain the final reward! Nightmare’s Emergence Event Every 2 days, players need to attack the Twisted Realm bosses to collect the fragments and obtain the rewards. Collect all 6 fragments … Read more

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