Magician Hat, Gift Cart & Circus Tour Event

During the this event, complete the daily quests and Circus Tour Boss to obtain Arcane Scrolls, which will be used to get a lot of valuable rewards via the Magician Hat menu. For every 10 pulls in the Magician Hat bar, players will receive 10 … Read more

AFK Arena PC/Mac Version Download (October 2021)

From now on, you can easily play this awesome game whenever you want as AFK Arena PC is finally available! There are several ways to play AFK Arena on your PC at the moment. However, in this article, we are going to show you the … Read more

Isle of Gold Event Guide (Monopoly)

Isle of Gold is the new interesting monopoly-like game mode in AFK Arena where players need to roll the dice to build up their own base (island), upgrade buildings, and attack other players! Quick Isle of Gold Tips: Build PoE, Labyrinth, Guild Coin Resource Building … Read more

AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List)

Players can find the complete list of the working AFK Arena Codes right now on this page. Be quick, redeem codes to get a lot of free rewards and have a better start in the game! → How to redeem codes? All Working AFK Arena … Read more

Lyrical Exploration Event

Complete these 12 easy quests in the Lyrical Exploration event to get a ton of free rewards, including Hero Choice Chest! Lyrical Exploration Event Quests Rewards 1. Use 2 or more Support heroes in a single Battle to achieve victory 12 times within the Arcane … Read more

The Celestial Island Event

New The Celestial Island event is coming soon to the official AFK Arena server! Let’s grab some Celestial Keys and find the final rewards! The Celestial Island Playing this event, players will be able to pick the highest reward from the available list (screenshot below). … Read more

How to Auto Reroll in AFK Arena (Macro Script)

If you are looking for a way that helps you automatically finish all of the tutorial steps for rerolling Heroes in AFK Arena, you will definitely find this helpful!  I have received some requests regarding this lately and finally have time to create one today. … Read more

Daily Quests Auto Macro

If you are tired of doing the daily quests in AFK Arena, this auto macro can help you finish them all and collect 100 daily points with just a single click. Before reading further, here are some notes: It’s just a macro that records the … Read more

Summer Treasure Event Guide

Simply do the daily quests and earn a lot of rewards from the event Summer Treasure in AFK Arena! Event lasts for 12 days, the exchange lasts for 14 days. Summer Treasure Event Summary 1. During the event period, players can earn lots of Summer … Read more

Summer Gifts Event (Free Celestial/Hypogean Hero)

During the event Summer Gifts: Take Your Pick, players will receive 1 chance to draw rewards when they log in each day and get a free Celestial/Gypogean hero at the end of the event. After returning players have input the invitation code they received from … Read more

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