Fight of Fates Event Guide

Fight of Fate is the new Event coming to AFK Arena in the upcoming update. In this article, you can find all of the information regarding this event and the best tips to win the battles here.

fight of fates

Fight of Fates Event Summary

  • Each play chooses a team formation to use from a list of 9 given teams.
  • Each team comes with a specific set of 15 chosen cards.
  • All heroes have SI30, 9/9 Furniture Ability, T2 Gear, lvl. 60 Elder Tree, etc..
  • Play to receive 1 summon scroll every day.
  • Every second, the energy bar regenerates 1 point.
  • Use Energy to cast respective relic cards.

Fight of Fates Event

1. When entering the event for the first time, players will be given a differing number of initial points, which is based upon the player’s current campaign progress.

2. Heroes and cards used in the current event will not be affected by the level of player’s heroes!

3. There are a total of 9 card sets that players can choose from in the current event. Each card set contains 5 heroes with fixed positions and 15 cards.

all Fight of Fates teams

4. Players can choose to fight competitively against similarly ranked players or spar with their guildmates and friends.

5. All heroes used are level 300, Ascended tier heroes.

6. By default, all heroes are equipped with unenhanced Mythic T2 gear that does not receive factional gear bonuses.

7. All heroes are equipped with a level 30 Signature Item by default.

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8. All heroes are equipped with 9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture.

9. All heroes have level 60 Elder Tree attributes and abilities by default.

10. Heroes do not make use of any Artifact attribute bonuses or Union Attribute Bonuses.

Fight of Fates battle

11. During battles, both players will start with 0 Energy in their respective Gems of Dawn, which will gradually increase over time. The maximum Energy points a Gem of Dawn may have is 9.

12. Players can consume Gems of Dawn to cast a variety of different effects with their cards.

13. Sparring with friends and guildmates does not affect a player’s leaderboard points and does not grant any rewards

14. If the battle timer reaches zero without a definitive winner, the side with the most surviving heroes still on the battlefield will claim victory. If the number of heroes on either side are equal, the side with the highest combined percentage of health remaining will claim victory.

15. Players will be rewarded for completing the first battle of each day, regardless of whether they win or lose.

Fight of Fates Rewards

At the moment, there it’s any leaderboard reward.

Players can get 1 free summon scroll by doing a battle every day.

Fight of Fates Cards

Card Description Energy
Ring of Reckoning Deals damage worth 30% of enemy hero’s max HP and has a greater effect when used against Hypogeans 3
Shard of Reckoning Deals damage worth 30% of enemy hero’s max HP 3
Horn of Nimbleness Allied heroes within range have their Haste increased for 10 seconds 5
Ring of Enlightenment Single allied hero receives 300 Energy Points 3
Healing Leaf An allied hero recovers 6% of their max health every second for 5 seconds 3
Piercing Claw Increases an allied hero’s Attack and Defense Ratings by 30% for 6 seconds 5
Arrows of Havoc Deals damage worth 30% of the max health of enemies within range 5
Dragon’s Tooth Increases an allied hero’s Damage and Healing efficiency by 30% for 6 seconds. 2
Pure Poison An enemy hero loses 7% of their max health every second for 5 seconds. 3
Sage’s Prayer Single enemy hero loses 300 Energy Points. 3
Horn of Jeopardy AoE, Haste decreased for 10s 5
Book of Miracles Banishes an enemy hero for 6 seconds 3
Ice Bloom Freeze enemies within a certain range for 4.5 seconds 5
Mark of Stars Causes the enemy to lose all Gem of Dawn Energy Points 5
Fate’s Punishment Your enemy loses 3 Gem Points for the Gem of Dawn 2
Ancient Dragon Scale Heals an allied hero for 6% max health every second and increases their Defense Rating by 50% for 5 seconds. 4
Elixir of Brilliance An allied hero is healed for 25% of their max health 3
Prophet’s Tooth An allied hero is immune to damage for 7 seconds. 5
Helm of Justice Receive a 50% shield for 5s 5
Horn of Jeopardy All enemy heroes within range have their Haste decreased for 10 seconds. 5
Vile Lash Reduces an enemy target’s Attack and Defense Rating by 30% for 6 seconds 2
Savage Collar Reduces an enemy hero’s Damage and Healing efficiency by 30% for 6 seconds 2
Inauspicious Totem Reduces an enemy hero’s Damage and Healing efficiency by 80% for 8 seconds. 5
Divine Hand Enemy target is stunned for 1 second. 1
Protective Crystal Removes buffs and debuffs of all heroes on the battlefield. 4
Dispelling Crystal Removes buffs effects from enemies in within a certain range. 4
Winged Boots Randomly moves 1 target to a location. 1
Shackled Crystal All enemy targets are pulled towards a certain position on the battlefield. 2


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