Fight of Fates Event Guide & Teams

Fight of Fates is the new Event coming to AFK Arena in the upcoming update. In this article, you can find all of the information regarding this event and the best tips to win the battles here.

Fight of Fates Event Quick Guide

  • Each player picks a set of 5 heroes and 6 spell cards from a given list to fight.
  • All heroes have SI30, 9/9 Furniture Ability, T2 Gear, level 60 Elder Tree, etc..
  • Play to receive lots of rewards every day.
  • Every 4s, the energy bar regenerates 1 point. Spend Energy points to cast spell cards.
  • Drop a Hero Card when the card cooldown is over. A max of 3 hero cards can be placed.

Best Starting Heroes

These are some of the best heroes for the Vanguard Slot (hero that starts first).

Peggy Zaphrael Lucretia

Peggy is currently the best for FoF.

Best Decks

Below are some interesting great decks for Fight of Fates!

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Fight of Fates Rules

1. When entering the event for the first time, players will be given a differing number of initial points, which is based upon the player’s current campaign progress.

2. During this event players can choose which cards are used in their deck of cards. Each deck can comprise of 5 hero cards and 6 effect cards.

3. In this event players can only choose from heroes which they already own, and that are “Rare” with a tier rating of Legendary or higher. Dimensional heroes are not subject to hero tier rating restrictions, and any Dimensional hero the player possesses may be used. Some heroes and Awakened Heroes are temporarily unavailable for this event.

4. There shall be 10 additional heroes available for all players to choose from, which are not impeded by any restrictions.

5. One of the five heroes shall be selected as a Vanguard Hero. The Vanguard Hero will automatically enter the battlefield first when a battle commences. When a Hero Card’s cooldown time has ended, it can then be freely placed on the battlefield.

For example, Zaphrael and Khazard are the two Vanguard Heroes in the screenshot below. Vanguard Hero can be set in the Deck setting.

6. During battles, both players will start with 0 Energy in their respective Gems of Dawn, which will gradually increase over time. The maximum Energy points a Gem of Dawn may have is 9.

7. Players can consume Gems of Dawn Energy to cast a variety of different effects with their Skill Cards.

8. Players can choose to fight competitively against similarly ranked players or spar with their guildmates and friends.

9. All heroes used are level 300, Ascended tier heroes.

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10. By default, all heroes are equipped with unenhanced Mythic T2 gear that does not receive factional gear bonuses.

11. All heroes are equipped with a level 30 Signature Item by default.

12. All heroes are equipped with 9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture.

13. All heroes have level 60 Elder Tree attributes and skills by default.

14. Heroes do not make use of any Artifact attribute bonuses or Union Attribute Bonuses.

15. Sparring with friends and guildmates does not affect a player’s leaderboard points and does not grant any rewards.

16. If a battle times out, the player with the most remaining heroes shall be victorious. If both sides have the same number of heroes left, the player with the highest percentage of total health of heroes will win.

17. Players can complete daily requests to acquire rewards. By completing more quests during the event, players can acquire even greater rewards.

18. Players that obtain a top 1000 rank on leaderboard shall win a Fortune Chest that contains large amount of Diamonds. Guilds can obtain a maximum of one Fortune Chest. If multiple guild members obtain a rank, the Fortune Chest will be based upon the highest ranked member.

Fight of Fates Cards

NameEnergy CostDescription
Random Displacement1Randomly displaces an allied hero.
Dazing Strike1Stun an enemy hero for 1s.
Into the Fray2Reduces the dispatch cooldown time of a Hero Card for 8s.
Steel Body2An allied hero is immune to all damage for 2s.
Swift Rejuvenation2Restores an allied hero 300 Energy.
Silence2Casts Silence on enemy heroes within a certain range. Duration: 6s.
Subdued Blessings2Deals damage to an enemy hero and removes all buffs.
Duration: 6s
Brute Power2Increases Attack Rating of an allied hero.
Attack +8%. Duration: 8s
Defender’s Shield2Restores health and increases Defense of a single allied Hero.
Health Recovery: 10% Max HP. Defense +60%. Duration: 6s
Subdued Curses2Restores health, and removes all debuffs from a single allied Hero. Health Recovery: 10% Max HP.
Thunderstruck3Summons lightning to deal 35% Max HP damage to a single enemy hero.
Call of Provocation3Taunts all enemy heroes for 8s.
Divine Wishes3Restores 30% max HP of a single allied hero.
Ice Prison4Summons ice to freeze enemies within a certain range for 5 seconds.
Hail of Arrows5Summons a Hail of Arrows to deal 35% Max HP damage to enemy heroes within a certain range.
Blessing of Strength5Increases 70% Attack & Defense of an allied hero and reduce 50% of incoming damage for 8s.
Gem Purger4Causes the enemy to lose all Gem of Dawn Energy Points.
Mass Shield5Grants 65% Max HP Shield to allied heroes within range for 7 seconds.
Control Barrier3A single allied hero becomes immune to control effects for 20s.
Blaze Sorcery7Blaze Sorcery stuns for 6s all enemy heroes and deals 60% max HP damage.
Death Curse8Curses and immediately eliminates a single enemy hero.

Fight of Fates Rewards

There are 3 types of rewards: Daily Rewards, Challenge Rewards, and Fortune Chests!

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