Forge The Elemental Blade Event

Forge The Elemental Blade (FTEB) is a new in-beta web (More responsive on phone) event where you can do daily quests to earn “Forge Points”:

These Forge Points earn you in game rewards, pretty small prizes but still free and really easy to obtain:

frozen pass rewards

The event is on going from now until September 4th, so you want to make the most of this Forge The Elemental Blade event and earn as many prizes as possible.

How to Get Forge Points

Adventurers can earn Forge Points (FP) through:

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Daily FTBE Login 20 FP
Sharing the Event 20 FP
Daily Quiz 10 FP
Daily Quests 10 FP, 2Quests = 20FP
Forging The Blade 20 FP

Sharing/Teaming Up

Once you sign into the site/event with your in-game User ID and verification code, you cannot join someone’s group, you can only invite new members to join your own group.

Sign up for the event using someone’s invite link or if it’s too late and you already signed up, invite someone with your own invite link. You cannot leave a group or kick members out, so be careful.

Currently you get 90FP daily, and max rewards are 15000FP, so you can complete this event solo in 17 days if you always gain all 90FP daily!

Forge The Elemental Blade Quiz Answers

Question Answer
Anoki's father gave him what item before passing away? Blood Guard Warhorn
The Arachin leader is the Arachin Queen
Brutus’ skill name is Brutal Defiance
The current Blood Claw is Brutus
Leadership of the Blood Guard is symbolized by the Blood Guard Warhorn
The hero known as The Desert Fury is Antandra
Drez is a member of Bearfolk Wellson's Squad
The inherent Durri nature? Cowardice
Golus - The Bladestorm is the head of the Centaurs
Granit... was with which faction... before joining the Maulers? Wilders
The hero known as The Fantaical is Kren
Khasos - The Unruly was once a Slave
Kren's right wrist has a concussive grenade launcher named Lady
Kren’s Model 53 Multi-function Hand Cannon is called Hot Stuff
Where is The Land of the Exiles? Maulers and Lightbearers
The hero known as The Maniacal Mage is Thali
Which... desert city welcomes everyone and is illuminated by a marshland?’ Canter
NOT involved in the Great Mithril Caravan Heist? Drez
“Quicksand Claws” hideout is rumored to be the Demonic Sand Castle
The hero known as The Quicksand Recluse is Drez
Safiya - The Daughter of the Desert is the Queen of the Sphinxes
Satrana has what role in the Temple of the Seers? Flame Weaver
For generations The Sapera have lived near the Bone Glades
Which hero is a Mauler Scout? Alaro
The hero known as The Serpent Charmer is Thesku
Skreg's mount is an Ironjaw Beast
Skriath - The Wise One isa Falkin
Skriath - The Wise One’s loyal elite military force is the Blood Guard
The last Sphinx Queen was killed in a Rebellion
Once a member of the “Steel Fang” Artillery Division? Kren
The hero known as The Strongheart is Saveas
Temple Knights who stray from their duties... what punishment awaits them? Exile
Thali - Maniacal Mage rescued WHO through a prison heist? Kren
Thesku - The Serpent Charmer has raised Four Snakes
The hero known as The Unruly is Khasos
Warek's brother was killed by a Centaur (Golus)
The hero known as The WIse One is Skriath
Mauler Shamans used to adhere to... Voodoo should only be used for what? Ritual and Prayer
Vurk - The Devious is A Durri
Vurk's big brother is Skreg
Zorn is the name of a (Alaro's) Dummy
Not a mauler - Dreaf
Mauler role associated with Wisdom? Shaman
Which of these do the Maulers hold sacred? The Temple Ruins
Which of these brings the greatest disgrace to Maulers? Battlefield Desertion
Which of these do the Maulers live by? Survival of the Fittest
Which Mauler tribe is at the top of hierarchy owing to its unrivaled strength? Bearfolk

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