Shadow Invasions

Shadow invasions is a one stick shooter, your hero aims their shots automatically at the closest enemy. You can access it by going to peaks of time > wondrous pouch once you have cleared stage 9-40.

There are 16 stages plus an endless high score mode. You can get up to three stars per stage, and you only need 45 stars to claim all rewards, 1500 diamonds and 10 scrolls. You also get 1100 diamonds and some gold and xp for clearing all the stages. Check the star requirements before you enter a stage, most are keeping your hp above a certain % but stages 10-16 require you to max skills.

Each hero has different stats, basic attack, and hero passive ability. As you level up you can choose new active skills and passives. You can get 1-4 extra active skill slots and 1-4 extra passive slots, depending on the stage. Skills are activated automatically to deal damage and sometimes status effects. Your basic attack, skills and passives can all be leveled to lvl 5.

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Enemies drop a blue gem when killed that gives you xp when you get near it. Mage enemies and barrels can drop purple xp gems that give much more xp. Collecting enough gems will let you level up and choose a new ability or upgrade and existing one, and increasing the power of the hero passive of your hero.

A new Side Quest has also been added for each hero.


Hogan: 1/5 trash. Need to be close to enemies to hit them, but gets cleave. Hero passive increases hp which is useless. Slow but has more hp, armor and healing.

Mirael: 5/5 broken. Fireballs deal good damage but no cleave. Luckily their last upgrade fills the map with bouncing fireballs which delete everything. Crazy damage scaling on her hero passive.

Ira: 2/5 meh. Arrows pierce but often seem to target a lone enemy instead of a packed crowd. Movement speed scaling hero passive doesn’t seem very impactful.

Wu Kong: 2/5 meh. Lacks much attack mechanisms and only has his massive baton falling on enemies which can take some time. Scaling hero does help.

daimonDaimon: 3/5 ok. Relies on Sticky to roam over to defeat packs of enemy, which can be very slow. But Stichy gets other abilities as Daimon is improved.

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As you can see Mirael is by far the best hero to use. Here are some tips that also helpe:

  1. The start of the stage can be a struggle but it really gets better afterwards. Gain dps quickly, so you can level quickly, so you can snowball in power and easily clear the stage.

  2. Always upgrade your hero’s basic attack to lvl 5 asap. The huge damage increase lets you effectively clear mobs for xp and give you room to move. If you don’t get it to lvl5 by the time you are lvl8-9, consider just restarting the stage.

  3. You can’t pick up every xp gem. Focus on killing big packs of enemies and move to collect dense pockets of gems.

  4. Try out the different skills and see what you like. You unlock new skills as you go through the stages. Shotgun and ice spikes are pretty useless, but lightning bolt, flame shield, and magic sword are pretty useful.

  5. For the passive slots, pick the skill cd and damage ones. More damage = more xp = more damage. Xp gain passive seems really undertuned and useless.

  6. Move around the map to find barrels. They drop purple xp gems or useful items. They are: green hp restore potion, green lantern which collects all gems, bomb which blows up nearby enemies.

  7. Don’t get trapped! Always keep moving and try to leave yourself an escape route. Aim your auto attacks by moving closer to mobs you want to target.

  8. You can upgrade skills to lvl 6 with certain conditions: the skill must be lvl 5 and you must have the corresponding passive. When you choose your skill after leveling up, some options will have text at the bottom saying “Ascension Requirement for:” with a symbol for a skill. To get that skill to lvl 6 you first have to take that specific passive. Then when you defeat an elite enemy (boss) and open the chest, it will upgrade a skill to lvl 6. It’s worth rushing skills to 5 before the boss to get this. If you are close to being able to upgrade a skill to 6 as you kill a boss, leave the chest on the ground until you meet the requirements, then open the chest.

  9. Endless mode: You have 4 skill and passive slots. It’s easy to level all skills and passives to max, so be sure you have the ascension requirement passives for the skills you take. You can find Wrizz wandering around, kill him for a boss chest. Enemy density increases greatly ~12 minutes in, so take lots of aoe skills. My current best score is 300k!

Ascension requirements:

  • Lightning bolt: Strength Stone

  • Flying Blade: Experience Stone

  • Shotgun: Raku’s Bow

  • Flame Shield: Cooldown Stone

  • Magical Swords: Guardian Stone

  • Ice Spikes: Magnetic Stone

Short Video Guide:


Hope this was helpful! If you have any other tips and strategies please suggest them in the comments down below. Good luck!


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