Battle of Blood & Warrior’s Glory Exchange Event

We are going to have a series of events during the Summer festival in AFK Arena: Battle of Blood and Exchange Event Warrior’s Glory!

Keep visiting this page to stay updated and to get all the valuable rewards from this event!

Battle of Blood & Warrior’s Glory Exchange Event Summary:

GetBeastly Pendants Beastly Pendants from the event Battle of Blood, which lasts for 12 days, and use them to exchange for rewards from the event Warrior’s Glory, which lasts for 14 days.

Battle of Blood

  • After 12 days, free-to-play players need to complete all quests to get 540 Beastly Pendants in total.
  • Every day, players need to do 3 battles and win at least 1 battle to get all daily rewards.
  • At the beginning of the battle, each player will receive 10 random cards. Choose 5 from 10 to start the battle. There are 3 turns to draft cards: 2/2/1. Heroes in the battle will be at level 300, ascended tier, equipping non-faction T2 gears, 9 mythic furniture, level 60 Elder Tree buff, SI level 30.
  • Spar with friends also counts towards the quests.

How to get Beastly Pendants Beastly Pendants?

  • Battle of Blood: 540 Beastly Pendants at max.
  • $1 deal: 18 Beastly Pendants per day.
  • $5 deal: 38 Beastly Pendants per day.

Free players can get 540 Beastly Pendants at max.

If you spend $1 every day, you can get 792 Beastly Pendants in 14 days.

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Best Rewards to Exchange in Warrior’s Glory?

  1. 8xred chest 20 Red Emblem Chests = 520 Beastly Pendants.
  2. 5x Artifact Chest Artifact Fragment Chest + 5x red chest 20 Red Emblem Chests = 525 Beastly Pendants.
  3. premium factions CHAD Hero + 1xred chest 20 Red Emblem Chest = 515 Beastly Pendants.
  4. Chest of Wishes Rare Hero Chests for new Players (don’t have any mythic hero yet):

If you spend $1 every day on daily chest

  1. 11xred chest Red Emblem Chest
  2. 5x Artifact Chest Artifact Fragment Chest + 8x red chest 20 Red Emblem Chests
  3. premium factions CHAD Hero+ 4xred chest Red Sigil Chest

Quick Tips:

  • Isabella is very underrated. She is currently one of the best heroes in Battle of Blood.
  • Ezio Ezio can 1 vs 5 in many matches.
  • flora Flora is crazy good in almost all teams.
  • Mauler Invade teams with Skreg + Antandra or Skreg + tidus Tidus are the best teams in BoB.
  • tidus Tidus can solo almost all teams that don’t have Flora.
  •  Skreg+Dimensional EzioPrince of Persia is a great combo.
  • Estrilda, Ulmus, and Lucius are pretty useful here as both team heroes have the same level.

Credits: YULONG9999 + otterswimm

battle of blood rewards

Battle of Blood Guide

Battle of Blood is a PvP mode using Martial Rating and drafted heroes that are scaled to level 300, +30 signature, 3/9 furniture, and no elder tree.

Players go through 3 draft phases, picking 2-2-1 heroes from a total pool of 10 and subsequently fights the team your opponent has drafted.

You only need to do 3 battles and have 1 victory every day for the Beastly Pendants event currency but have unlimited attempts at it.

battle of blood main menu

Once the daily reward is exhausted, you can continue playing for the leaderboard position which gives no additional rewards aside from bragging rights.

Here is the best heroes tier list you want to pick during this specific draft event.

Battle of Blood Specific Tier List
Old List – Update coming soon…

Battle of Blood Rules

1. When entering the event for the first time, players will be given a differing number of initial points, which is based upon the player’s current campaign progress.

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2. During this event, players will make use of heroes drawn from a uniform hero pool. Heroes from this pool cannot be affected by players in any way.

battle of blood

3. All heroes used are level 300, Ascended tier heroes.

4. By default, all heroes are equipped with unenhanced Mythic T2 gear that does not receive factional gear bonuses.

5. All heroes are equipped with a level 30 Signature Item by default.

6. All heroes are equipped with 9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture and 6 pieces of Legendary Furniture by default.

7. All heroes have level 60 Elder Tree attributes and abilities by default.

8. Heroes do not make use of any Artifact attribute bonuses or Union Attribute Bonuse.s

9. Players can choose to fight competitively against similarly ranked players or spar with their guildmates and friends.

10. At the start of battles, both players shall be allocated 10 random, unique heroes.

11. When preparing for battles, players shall choose 5 desired heroes out of 10 for their formations. The preparation phase is split into 3 stages, during the first stage players will choose 2 heroes, for the second stage another 2 heroes shall be chosen and in the third stage, 1 final hero will be chosen to finalize the formation.

battle of blood 2

12. During the battle preparation phase, heroes selected for battles shall appear on the left side of the battlefield. However, once a battle begins, a player’s heroes may enter from the right side of the battlefield as a result of the system’s matchmaking process.

13. Valiant Merits can be acquired by completing Battle of Blood quests, and can then be used to unlock Warrior’s Way rewards.

spare with friends

14. Sparring with friends and guildmates does not affect a player’s leaderboard points and does not grant any rewards.

15. If the battle timer reaches zero without a definitive winner, the side with the most surviving heroes still on the battlefield will claim victory. If the number of heroes on either side is equal, the side with the highest combined percentage of health remaining will claim victory.

fortune chest battle of blood

16. Players that obtain a top 1000 rank (across all servers) on the Battle of Blood leaderboard shall win a Fortune Chest that contains a large amount of Hero Essence. Rewards for the Battle of Blood will be calculated twice during the event. Guilds can obtain a maximum of one Fortune Chest each time rewards are calculated. If multiple guild members reach the criteria to obtain a Fortune Chest, the Fortune Chest will be based upon the member with the highest rank.

Battle of Blood Quests

Daily Quests:

Quest Rewards
Complete 1 Battle 50 Valiant Mert
Complete 3 Battles 50 Valiant Mert
Achieve 1 Victory 50 Valiant Mert


Challenge Rewards
Complete 10 Battles 100 Valiant Mert
Complete 20 Battles 100 Valiant Mert
Achieve 10 Victories 100 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Lightbearers to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Maulers to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Wilders to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Graveborns to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Hypogeans to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Celestials to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Use 10 Dimensionals to Defeat an Opponent 50 Valiant Mert
Achieve a 2-Win Streak 50 Valiant Mert
Achieve a 3-Win Streak 50 Valiant Mert
Complete 5 Spars 50 Valiant Mert

Warrior’s Glory

Here is where you can exchange the earned Beastly Pendants Beastly Pendants for various event rewards!

What are the best Rewards to Get?

  1. red chest Red Emblems: The gold standard for event rewards and the re-source most players would lack. Players should always prioritize this unless during “flipping tile” events
  2.   Twins: Excellent for all the contents in AFK Arena. Best AFK Arena hero!
  3. Chest of Wishes Rares: Slightly better value than faction emblems but the impact of blue fooder is debatable on players’ progression past saturation (5 heroes).
  4. amplifying emblems Gold Emblems: Same value as the previous event which is also the best value. However, can be bought with gold from the store, and store pacing for obtaining gold emblems is decent so not a priority pick in events
  5. flora Flora: basically like picking Ezizh but much worse. Refer to Ezizh’s description, That said, 1/4th of a Flora is still 5700 diamonds, which is better than 3000 PoE Coins valued at 1200-2123 Diamonds.
  6. poe coin Poe Coins: Even with better rates, 3000 POE coins are still worth 1200 to 2123 diamonds at the expense of 20 faction emblems which is worth 3000 diamonds. Not worth it.
  7. Twisted Essense: Same value as always and valuable for spenders with complete signature items looking to compete in Legends’ Championship. Most regular players shouldn’t consider this

Don’t buy:

  • primordial emblems Silver emblems: You should never pick up silver emblems as they can be purchased with gold and are paced much better than gold/faction emblems even without going out of your way for these
  • reset scroll afk arena Reset Scrolls: Not only are you not actually getting anything tangible, but there’s also no guarantee it’s going to be the faction you need. Not worth it


1. Players may exchange Beastly Pendants for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).

2. Players can acquire lots of Beastly Pendants from the Battle of Blood event.

3. Players must possess at least 1 Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem items for activating or enhancing Signature Items.

4. Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.

5. Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking the Oak Inn feature.

6. Event items can be exchanged for Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 25-60.

7. Event items can be exchanged for Mythic Variety Chests after completing Stage 23-60.

8. Event items can be exchanged for Dura’s Artifact Fragment Choice Chests after completing stages 13-40.

9. Once a player has completed Stage 16-40 they may exchange Reset Scrolls in this event. Reset Scrolls can be used to reset the factional bonuses of Mythic tier or higher gear.

10. Excess Beastly Pendant will be recalled for 24k Gold Coins per pendant once the event has concluded.


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